Football’s Fumbled Solutions to Its Concussion Problem

Football’s Fumbled Solutions to Its Concussion Problem

In the fall 2015 season 11 high school
students died playing football. What’s perhaps even more disturbing is that
many many more students are having repeated concussions or even sub-concussive hits that might not cause symptoms right away but cumulatively,
over years could end up causing long-term harms. Most of the techniques
that doctors, sports medicine experts and other researchers have proposed to
reduce the risk of concussions and other football-related injuries could be
described as falling into two categories: the first is improving the supervision
of the game. An example of that would be improving coaching techniques such as
teaching heads up tackling. Another category that’s very important is
improving technologies such as improving helmet design but both these strategies
of improving supervision and creating better technologies do not address the
fundamental risks of tackling. Tackle football is one of the most beloved
American sports and there’s a very long tradition of playing football in the
United States but I truly think that in order to best safeguard children’s
health we need to consider ways of playing the sport more safely even if
those ways include some fundamental rule changes and I think removing tackling
which is by far the riskiest aspect of football towards touch football flag
football is a way that children can still enjoy physical activity and the
fun of the sport without having repeated hits to their heads.

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  1. TheFlanker35 Post author

    Anyone who thinks "flag football" is a legitimate type of American football is not qualified to comment on the subject. We care more about basic liberty for kids and adults to play contact, hard-hitting tackle football than the known safety hazards. Obviously, rule changes from time to time can be made to either make the game safer or truer to its fundamentals(sometimes more hits should be allowed when the safety hazards are negligible but the fundamentals are positively changed.) I suggest Bachynski put her efforts elsewhere like low-cost concussion treatment development.


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