Fix Posture & Build Abs! – Donut Car Seat Cushion Review

Fix Posture & Build Abs! – Donut Car Seat Cushion Review

– Do you have posture or back problems? Today I have a hack for your back. – And a way to work your abs. (coin clink, gentle music) – What the heck are
you holding, Dr. Derek? – I don’t know, but we’re
both doing it together. – (laughs) Welcome, I’m the
YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite. I’m here for you everyday
to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. Also, give everything I test away for free to the amazing subscribers. You guys all know Dr. Derek,
some of you may know me. You may also know that I have back issues, posture issues, low self-esteem, and I desperately need help. – You’re not the only one,
Matt, I’ve had spinal surgery. And, I don’t do a lot of time sitting, but if I did, I would sit
on something like this that takes the pressure off the back. – [Matt] This could change your life. I’ve already been using
this now for about a month, thanks to Dr. Derek. Some of you may recall
that our intern, Cody, was in a near-fatal car crash. He was hit by a drunk driver. He’s using this, and I’m
learning so much from the people around me, including this guy. You’re gonna hear from him with a full, in-depth, unboxing and demo in a moment. The deal I found, which is located right
under the video screen, is the ultimate score, but
before we get to that part, Dr. Derek, please take it away. – [Dr. Derek] Matt, the
key thing is that you’re taking away some of the
energy away from the downward pressure of the seat. All you have to do is sit on this, it will take some of the
pressure on your legs, take some of it off of the lower back, and in no time, within seconds, you’re gonna feel pain relief. Secondly, is, if you sit upright, you’re gonna work a
little bit of your abs. No, it’s not the same
as doing a real workout, but it’s a good place to start. So if you’re just looking to
start a good workout program or if you’re looking to work
your abs as you’re sitting, it’s a great way to do
both at the same time. – So, for someone who’s
never had abs before, that goes to the gym two
to three times a year, but is otherwise against
any type of exertion, this would not only be
the place for me to start, but there’s all of these other bonuses. Are there knock-offs of these items? Is there another item or another product that you would recommend? – [Dr. Derek] There are
100s of these on the market. Some of them flatten like
pancakes, they won’t do any good. They’re not worth anything. They use very cheap foam. Other ones, you can’t take the cover off. So, you can’t possibly
keep it clean or wash it. This does both, and has
a lifetime warranty. – That’s insane. Now, I wanna show you the price. If you expand the video
description box right under us, you’re gonna find the best deal I could possibly find on this item. With a value of about 40 bucks, and this awesome price of
22.99 with free shipping, and that lifetime warranty
Dr. Derek just alluded to, I would consider this the ultimate score. I mean, I know I do a
lot of high-tech 4-in-1s, this is a 3-in-1, that, I mean, at this price, a no-brainer bargain. – All you have to do is sit,
pressure’s off the back, and you start engaging your abs. What’s there not to like?! – You know what’s not to like? If you don’t win this giveaway! ‘Cause this person is
about to get one for free! Using TubeBuddy’s,
random-selection tools to find a subscriber who’s commented
in the last six months, Congratulations goes to Uriel, who wrote ‘Pick me please!!’ There we go, you just got picked. Email support at
for your freebie. You’ve won! Success! Congratulations! – I feel like you just
punched somebody in the back. – No, it was like, it was like, go you! It was like our congratulatory, almost like an arm’s up
rather than a thumb’s up. – Okay, well, we’re gonna keep
the arm off of their back. We don’t want to give them
a thumb’s up or an arm’s up. We wanna take pressure off their back and we wanna work their
abs at the same time. Matt, this is a winner. That’s yours. – Thank you, and if you did not win this, and you want this to be yours, this is a limited-time deal. Just expand that video description box. – To subscribe, click on Matt’s head. (made click noise) – (laughs) I was gonna say,
technically, it’s a donut, but technically, my head is broken. And, if you need help
turning on your notifications or leaving a comment, just click up here. To make sure you didn’t
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100 comments on “Fix Posture & Build Abs! – Donut Car Seat Cushion Review

  1. Tevin Wang Post author

    If I find good deals with you, would you feature it?
    Thanks Matt. You are awesome and you work really hard!!!

  2. toni short Post author

    Matt, how did this work for larger people? It seems like it's only for normal size people, like my hips would definitely hang off, LoL how well would that work for me?

  3. JAN GALVEZ Post author

    wow. going on trip to Family reunion in Aug.. driving from Spokane Wa to Alamosa Co. getting this! thanks!

  4. Buck Buchanan Post author

    Love that congratulatory punch! Might have to ad that move to the dance moving forward!

  5. Debbie Swindell Post author

    Congratulations for the winner! Looks like an awesome product with the Doctors approval

  6. Francine Millican Post author

    Is there a weight/size limit this cushion would be appropriate for? My son is over 6'
    7" & has back issues.

  7. jimsad12 Post author

    With all the operations I have had on my back my posture can not get any straighter. If you see me slouching call my doctor.

  8. CapCru88 Post author

    is there a difference between the black and grey as they are very different in how they look. I just received the black and feel like I need to exchange…

  9. donna ketchman Post author

    So I purchased the donut cushion you advertised on 3/10/17. It was just delivered and it is NOT the same item!!!!

  10. Terrance Mann Post author

    Posture is the key to health…your tie today is the best I have seen you tie it in a long time…keep up the great deals!!!


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