Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt In 3 EASY STEPS! | NO MORE LOWER BACK, HIP & NECK PAIN!

Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt In 3 EASY STEPS! | NO MORE LOWER BACK, HIP & NECK PAIN!

100 comments on “Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt In 3 EASY STEPS! | NO MORE LOWER BACK, HIP & NECK PAIN!

  1. ScottHermanFitness Post author

    This video is PACKED with loads of great information so I will be adding TIME STAMPS below! Be sure to share this video with your friends as I am sure the majority of them could use these tips to either FIX or PREVENT Anterior Pelvic Tilt! Thanks everyone!

    Need ONE-ON-ONE help? Make a post HERE:

    (0:00)- Experiencing pain in these places?
    (0:58)- What Causes Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT)?
    (1:59)- How to determine if YOU have APT.
    (3:32)- Cause & Effect of APT – Upper & Lower Body Pain
    (5:32)- Why is APT so common & affecting so many people?

    (7:06)- STEP 1 – Static Stretching
    (11:16)- STEP 2 – Strengthening The Weak & Dormant Muscles
    (17:11)- Integrating your new foundations in your lifestyle.

    FULL 12 Week AT HOME Workout Program:

  2. Yanis Johnstone Post author

    I've had APT for years and I've had knee and back issues along with it. This is a great video, brilliantly detailed. Thanks.

  3. brandon2932 Post author

    So can we still do ab workouts while doing these APT exercises or do these exercises work out your abs enough?

  4. Sean Thomas Post author

    Definitely what I needed. I been suffering with this problem for years and this seems to be exactly what I needed. I will try this out and post my updates on improvements in a month

  5. im lazy Post author

    if i can have you as a personal trainer that would be amazing. im not fat, im actually slim. my problem is i stick my stomach out a lot and when i eat it makes me look like i have a bear belly. i besides abs work outs i will also do some of these streaches. thank you soo much!

  6. Mai Sai Lee Post author

    Thank you so much for this information! I've been going to the gym for a year to help with my obesity and I've noticed that some exercises causes major lower back pain. I've also noticed that my back is unable to be straight due to the dip in my lower back. I definitely have the issues you listed relating to ATP especially with a kyphosis looking posture which I'm very self conscious about. I'm hoping to correct my posture and feel better at the gym.

  7. Adam Willers Post author

    I've realised I've got this. Been told a number of times I have a nice ass 😂😂

  8. Schtaz Yazan Post author

    You know that people suffering from this cannot do what you said lol
    Hold the glute bridge for 20 secs and do 20 reps . Are you serious ? Can’t do that ……

  9. M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt Post author

    When you say to perform all these stretches and excersises daily once am and once pm, what do you mean? I just tried to do all of it [super tough] and it all takes almost an hour to do the way you describe – lenghts and sets. So when you say to do it twice a day, do you mean to do each excersise for one rep only or something? Or the whole workout twice a day 3-4 times a week [super hardcore]?
    Im asking, because it works – I did this as you describe and really got that gap on lower back to shrink to almost nothing immediately after I was done, which really surprised the hell out of me… But the whole thing was very hard for me to perform, as I have scoliosis since a kid.

  10. The WAH Squad Post author

    I’m a dancer and for a long time I had no idea how to work my turnout. So I dug around and I realized that this is the reason why I’m having such a problem when I dance. This whole time I’ve been doing the wrong stretches and workouts thinking it would help get my hips to turn out more but it actually makes it worse. This really helped a lot thanks

  11. GeXExtremist Post author

    im 21 years old currently, iv been having back pain for close to 10 years and thought it was from picking up something heavy with bad form once when i was at school, since iv started bodybuilding and bulking over the last 4 months, my gut has stuck out like crazy, look fat af, it was only until my mum commented on how my ass and stomach stuck out and how bad my posture was that i looked up why and all along iv had apt, close to 10 years of dealing with very mild back pain everyday and now i know why, going to try this routine out hope it will fix

  12. Jon Dizon Post author

    I strained my back a couple of weeks ago, I tried this regimen today and I feel so much better

  13. Patrick bennett` Post author


  14. Rick Van den Bosch Post author

    Hey guys, I am going to try this now every morning for at least 1 month. I will let you know my progress here. I have been suffering from APT for like 4 years now and have pain on the left side of my lower back. I am in the same shape as Scott.

  15. hellrazor117 Post author

    Supposedly higher anterior tilt in women makes carrying a child in the womb easier and men have evolved to notice this subconsciously.

  16. cynthia thumati Post author

    Hey I tried ur exercises as I have chronic hip pain. It gave me lot of relief

  17. Matt Murray Post author

    I basically now regret sitting on my bed playing video games for like 3 straight years… sure was fun though

  18. ToonWorld Post author

    I just did this exercise and I feel great. I am going to do these until the APT is fixed, I'll keep you guys updated.
    I spikked starting days 🙁
    Going to start all over again 🙂
    Day 1 finished today ( 12 july ) 🙂
    God, it took 2 and a half hour to do this in 1 go. I will not do this before bed because it's just the first day and i am way tired 🙂

  19. Hobnob Head Post author

    All the Stetches really exposes the problem for me, the Iliopsoas Stretch feels weird and the Lower Back Stretch I can't barley lean forward, like at all, after the full routine, especially in the morning, the pain just goes away for a few hours at least, I'm on day two so I think this is a keeper, thanks Scott

  20. zach bruh Post author

    I had to quit xc bc of my ankles and knees having extreme pain, and i thought it was running on concrete. This clears so much up for me

  21. Aaronasmr 883 Post author

    So what this gonna take another 2 hours out of my days when I’m already working out for an hour

  22. Aaronasmr 883 Post author

    This simply is too much man … I work 8 hour straight every day and can’t just take out my phone every half an hour to check my posture 🙄

  23. Casey Powell Post author

    can the no gap add a glute resistance band to the feet to add resistance to the glutes to get them firing even more so you think?

  24. Ray Tawil Post author

    Thanks for the great video man, you answered all the questions I have in one video, super informative.

  25. Monica Post author

    I'm really excited to start doing this stretching routine. Been suffering from lower back pain for years and never realized it was due to APT. Thank you for the thorough explanation 🙂

  26. Eddie Clark Post author

    I only enjoy 1 thing: playing football and with my apt it makes it hard due to the severe back pain. I am starting this tomorrow I hope this works😭

  27. BLUEDRAGONFLY Post author

    Are you an American trying to sound Australian or an Australian trying to sound American?

  28. ninja Post author

    This is me. best video I've seen. But I dont think ill ever get rid of it. I'm too far gone and have tried everything.

  29. The new reality Post author

    I have had severe APT for months and therefore I ended up having lower back pain. Thus, I am going to do the stretches and the exercises that he talks about every day just after waking up and before going to sleep for the next 30 days, guys. I will see you in one month with my honest thoughts, results and reflections…

  30. Jay Alvarrez Post author

    I need help!! I dont know why but when i perform first stretch my legs shake too much like its really intense doestthatmean that i have really tightened muscles?

  31. Super Star Post author

    Great stuff here. But always cracks me up when someone posts about training methods to build muscle from people that hardly look like they work out. Kudos to u cause ur obviously trying. U seem to have a good education but the muscle isn’t there on you so I certainly would not feel comfortable hiring you or anyone that looks like they just started working out. Respectfully said.

  32. Lilly Caines Post author

    I’ve been struggling with ATP my whole life and I never knew what it was called until today. After googling my weird posture this video came up and I am absolutely shocked by how much I connected to everything you mentioned throughout the video. Just like you mentioned in the video my ATP affected other parts of my body. I ran cross country for 4 years in high school and could never get to my full dorsi flexion without obtaining an ankle injury and I have a severe curve in my neck which is what is probably causing my “unexplainable” migraines. I’m going to try these work outs ASAP! Thank you so much!

  33. Abid Ahmed Post author

    I get bullied in school so I hope this works and how Long does it take to have a normal back ,I get bullied for my fat ass and people laugh and slap it if this works you changed my life in a good way

  34. Rebekah Spencer Post author

    I also have slouched shoulders and a curved upper spine. Should I correct this first or that or both?

  35. Tristan Guilfoyle Post author

    Wow. I never realised APT was a thing but i have it and didnt realise. It has caused me issues before but ill be sure to do these streches and excersises straight away!!

  36. minshum Post author

    Jeff said do the Thomas Test first to see if your hip flexors are tight. You don’t want overly-stretched muscles as you’ll reach the range-of-movement limit on your joints and wreck them. So worth checking first.
    You can still do the other stuff though.

  37. Jade Ruth Post author

    Thank you for this video! I’ve always noticed that no matter what I did, my glutes and hamstrings seemed so weak! I also always seemed to have back issues!

  38. Alf DarkDeadly Post author

    Anyone else find the lunges next to impossible to hold for 60 seconds. Although I feel the burn on my back leg, my front leg in the lunge position just gets to tired holding me up.
    Also this routine takes me over 30 mins. Although I like it I don’t have time morning and night to do it. Just to busy.
    Nevertheless it’s very effective.

  39. Devin Shoi Post author

    I was doing the overhead press today for the first time and i realize the arch in my back was unnatural, to the point that people at the gym were laughing at me. I went home and took a photo from the side and realized i have exactly what you are talking about. This will be a nice addition the my mornings and evenings. And hopefully it improves my incorrect posture as i would like to continue body building with correct form. Thanks Scott!


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