Fit Hairstylist has low back and neck pain from working all day and intense exercising

Fit Hairstylist has low back and neck pain from working all day and intense exercising

(relaxing music) – Hey there, I’m Dr. Eric Smith from Optimal Health Chiropractic right next to the Willis
Tower in downtown Chicago, and today I have Tara with me. She’s a patient here at the practice and she’s a hair stylist. So, I see a lot of people that work on different patients or clients that have to work a lot over the patients, and she does that. She works very well in terms of the ergonomics and such of making sure she gets her arms up and staying up straight but a lot of times she has to get over her clients. Maybe a child or somebody who’s smaller or anything like that. So we work a lot with
her on her upper back but also her low back
is a little sore today. So I’m gonna show you how we adjust here in the practice. Tara, I’ll go ahead and have you lay face down for me please. So some of you that work a lot with your hands and such like that and are working on patients, I see a lot of dentists and other manual practitioners as well as chiropractors. So if you have some
pains in you upper back or neck or even your low back, these are some things we look for. So, right there I can see her legs are off a little bit, showing a little bit of a pelvic twist in here. Little sore in there? – Mm-hmm. – She’s pretty tight through
her middle back here. This is her Thoracic
area, so a lot of times when people have to bend over you start to get stuck in this position and what we want to do
is create and increase what we call your on thoracic extension or your ability to do this. We’re not working your low back to extend like this,
we don’t want you stuck like here and having to do this, we want you to be able to do this. So I’m gonna work on
that with her as well. So I’ve worked on her before, so I did her exam prior to this video and know the areas that we need to address and work on today. So, we’re gonna get right into a few different adjustments here. (table adjusting) Okay, so this is just a
easy thoracic adjustment. Go ahead and take a nice deep breath for me please? Good. All the way out, good. Just relax for me, good. If you’d like to come in here so you can see the adjustment
a little bit closer. Great. Good. Very good. So let’s fix up this low back, go ahead lay on your right side and face me if you would please. (table adjusting) And keep your leg just like that and I’m gonna pull your arm out. Nice. Just relax for me. So I’m gonna adjust her low
back by just pulling her side. Just relax. Good. Very good. Good job. Let’s lay on the other side here. So I said it was gonna be a, feel the same to the patient but it’s a little bit different for we have going on on this side of her spine. Perfect. On your back. How’d that feel on the low back? – Really good. – So a lot of times we
get a lot of tension in their lower part of the neck into their upper back
which is creating a lot of the tension such that you feel with headaches and other issues there. So I like to start at the lower part of the neck, get that nice and loose. Very good. Very good. And I test to see. Little tight there still. And tighter there. So we’re gonna adjust the
upper part of her neck. Pick your, or put your chin up toward me. Good, and let that relax now. Good job. And now just relax. Good. All right. So we want to get this upper part of her back adjusted and get some more extension in her spine. So I’m gonna have you scoot down the table just a little bit for me please. And grab your arms. Nice little hug, here. So what I like to do is get right behind the spine and I just roll them back over the hand, little long pause. Good. Awesome. Let me let me help you sit up and swing your legs over that way. Good. And now go ahead and face, turn and move your neck around. Go front to back. – I can move. – Good, feel a little bit looser? – Yeah, a lot. – Okay, great. So, that’s a typical
type of adjustment here. Everybody is different, so
the way that we actually treat in our practice is
not very cookie-cutter. It’s very set up and our
programs and rehabilitation that we do after the adjustment is all dictated by your personal issues as well as the things we’re trying to fix. So, if you feel like you want more of a personal touch and the care that you need specifically
for your condition, feel free to contact us. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments below, thank you.

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