Fast Relief for Back Pain and Spasms

Fast Relief for Back Pain and Spasms

♪ Bob and Brad, the two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists, on the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob.
– In our humble opinion. Today we’re gonna give
you some fast relief for that back pain and spasms. These are some of the
stuff that we have found have worked for our patients and we hope we can pass them on to you. – There you go, Bob.
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– All right! – Say no more, let’s get on with the– – Let’s get, start with the show. – There you go. Bob, as you and I know
from back pain ourselves as well as, you know,
hundreds or thousands of patients over the last
20 and 30 years for us, the first thing you wanna
do is get them comfortable and see if you can relax the muscles and get that pain to
come down very quickly. And posture is one of
the key issues with it. And the next thing, you could either apply some heat to it or cold to it,
depending on the situation. – Yeah, the whole thing
is, the reason a back pain, a back is spasming, it’s trying to splint and support, so you don’t bend the back. – Right, it’s a natural
mechanism for the body to protect itself. – Yeah, and it’s usually
trying to protect itself from going into a bad position. So a lotta times if you put
it into a good position, a lotta times that’s gonna calm it down. – Sure, you bet. So the first thing is, also with this we’re gonna talk about,
briefly, if you have pain going down the leg that’s
gonna change things. For the most part we’re
talkin’ about that pain that’s in the back, it’s
central in the back, maybe in the buttock a little bit. But if you got pain running down the leg that puts it in a different category. – That’s more sciatica
and you should probably check out some of our sciatica videos. – There you go. So the first thing is, find
a position that you can get it to relax, and
you can do this either in a seated chair, depending on the chair, or laying down, we’re
gonna cover all three of those positions.
– Sure. – So if you’re in a chair
now, personally what I do is I use a recliner and my
recliner obviously reclines, but I absolutely must have lumbar support, because most furniture
and recliners do not have enough lumbar support right here. – No, and you’re sinking
in and you’re going into that rounded out
position and generally, with most people, the
rounded out position, that slumped position–
– Yeah. – Is the one that may
be causing your pain. So we wanna get you, I’m gonna show ’em on here for this one. – Oh, go ahead, Bob, show ’em the anatomy. – Yeah, again, so the
bones are the strongest, this is the vertebrae, it’s
standing up just like Brad right now, facing this
way, and generally the back is the strongest when you
have a slight curve in, slight curve out, slight curve in. So the more you can get
your spine in that position, generally the better it’s gonna be and the less pain it’s gonna have. The bad position, generally, is this. – Right. You’re slouched.
– The slumped position. So if you’re in a recliner that’s soft and you’re sinking in like this, you’re gonna be in that
rounded out position. You wanna be in that S-curve.
– Right. – And that’s why you use a lumbar support. And also by reclining
you’re actually taking some of the weight off the spine. – Right, yep, exactly. So you can use a towel roll like this for that lumbar support right in here. You could use a throw pillow,
I have a lot of my patients– – [Bob] That’s what I use, is
a throw pillow all the time. – If it’s not too big,
if the size is right. Typically a head pillow gets too big. But sometimes I’ve had people
have success with those. You know, you can
purchase lumbar supports, like this is a memory foam one. But what I’m gonna say then,
when you get that position and you find the back pain is relieving, then, depending on what
you respond better to, you may know already if you
use a cold pack or a hot pack. – You’ve been using, well,
you use both, don’t you, Brad? – I do. If I have a real severe back
pain and it just happened because I did something
silly, like I was out workin’ too hard and bending
and lifting and I knew I shouldn’t have been doin’
it, then I’ll use a cold pack. But if I’ve just got tight
muscles and they’re spasming and they just feel tight, then
I’m gonna go to a hot pack. – Sure.
– Okay. And when I do use hot packs,
what I use is the Thermotex. – Yeah, Thermotex is infrared heat. – Right. – Or infrared rays, I don’t
really get what you call ’em. But the reason why we
like the Thermotex, and Brad and I both use this,
I just have it in my chair every night, especially when
it’s cold like this now, 27 below in my area, 29 below
in your area this morning? – Whatever, it’s freezin’
water pretty quick. – I actually sat on mine this morning. (Brad laughing)
I did, I was, we’re havin’ our floors done so I had to
eat my cereal watchin’ TV, and I put the Thermotex
on even for that little bit. So you can actually even leave it on. But the reason why we like the Thermotechs over regular heat, I’m just gonna show you this demonstration real quick. Regular heat only penetrates
a minimal amount here, just like a millimeter or two. – [Brad] And when he says regular heat, that’s a standard hot
pack, a convection hot pack technically and it just
heats up by contact. Infrared is sending out the infrared rays that are like the sun puts
out and it goes much deeper. – It goes much deeper,
two point three six? – [Brad] Two point three six. – Two point three six
inches and so you can see, that penetrates down and
that’s starting to get into the spine.
– Right. – And into the joints of the spine. – Right, the muscles
in your back, you know, you’ve got some fairly– – Yeah, you’ve got some thick muscles. – Right.
– Bands of muscles. So that’s why we use that. I should rap you on the knuckles like the old nuns used to do. – Bob, why, Bob? Why, once again? Anyways, seriously, take your hot pack, whatever you’re using,
hot pack or cold pack, and put it back and use that physically as part of the lumbar
support, so that is giving the physical comfort and
then you’re adding the heat. – So you have this and then
you have the Thermotechs over the top, or this and
the cold pack over the top. – Right, as a matter of fact
I actually just use this because it offers enough support. – It’s enough lumbar support for you? – Right, yep.
– Gotcha. – And then I don’t need to have
the, there’s the cold pack. – The cushion. – If you’re using the
cold pack you definitely need a cold pack that doesn’t freeze hard. When it comes outta the
freezer it needs to be pliable. And do not put it directly on your skin, make sure you have at
least a layer of clothing. – We actually have a video
on how to make a cold pack. – Yep.
– Very inexpensive. If you wanna just go look
up Bob and Brad cold pack. – Yep, and it’s just, you
know, rubbing alcohol, and some freezer bags and some tap water. This time of year when it was
29 below I don’t even wanna put this on my back
right now, but I’m gonna. (Bob laughing)
I’m gonna sacrifice it for the viewers, thank
you for that million, I’m gonna enjoy this cold pack right now. – [Bob] There you go. – There you go, now that’s
in the seated position. Oftentimes people can find
better relief laying down. – [Bob] Right. – So we’re gonna show you
a few tricks that we’ve learned over the years. Now in your bed. – You can take pillows. – Yeah, show ’em the pillow trick, Bob. – You can show pillows and
put ’em underneath the– – Oh, I had that other
pillow here for you. – Yeah, you need quite
a few, that’s the thing. – For my head, Bob, I want a
pillow for my head. (laughing) – Okay, there, there. – Oh, there it goes. So this will typically
be better than nothing, but we’ve found that this leg
wedge does a tremendous job of relieving pressure.
– I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used
this and people just love it. – Yep. – The other thing, this is
totally off on a different story, but tangent, I have a
patient who’s got lymphedema in his legs and this just works
so well to put his legs up and then he does his
ankle pumps like this. – Yep, sure. – Just pumps that fluid right outta there. – I’ve had this work
for knee pain, hip pain, back pain, the whole works. And then you take your hot pack, you know, you put it under there first
so you don’t have to go through this gyration,
especially when you got a a mic wire.
– You’re getting your mic wire there.
– You’re probably not gonna have a mic wire when you’re at home. And then your cold pack can go under there or your hot pack. – You wanna be a little
careful if you’re laying on a hot pack because you can get burned. – Sure.
– Because you’re compressing, there’s not as much blood flow there. Thermotechs less likely,
because of that radiant heat, I mean that infrared heat,
it just doesn’t get as– – Right, it’s not as intense. There’s only one level,
it’s not like the convection where you usually have three levels. And if you fall asleep
on this, you don’t wanna fall asleep on either– – No, do not fall asleep on either one. – They recommend 45
minutes on the infrared because it goes much deeper. On the convection, typically
20 to 30 minutes maximum. – Right. – Cold packs, you can fall
asleep with a cold pack because they just warm up. – Yeah, they tend to warm up. – Right, so it’s not, you know, again, not directly on your skin. – Generally you wanna cold
pack for about 20 minutes anyway and by then it’s warming up anyway. – I have fallen asleep
with a cold pack on. – Have you?
– Yep, and then, in bed I’ve done it, I just take it out, put it on the floor, the next morning throw it in the freezer again. It’s just a cycle, Bob. – Yeah. – The world is a cycle, cyclical and– – That’s right, it’s all
learning how to manage your back pain sometimes,
especially if you got kind of a chronic situation. So the other point, Brad,
you can actually try layin’ down, can I have the pillows– – Oh yeah. You know, I used to
have success with laying on my stomach, years ago,
and then as my spondylolysis progressed, it’s the
worst thing I could do. – Yeah, would not be
good for spondylolysis, but for a lot of back issues this actually is gonna feel good. You can start with a
couple pillows like this and just lay down like
this and then you can have another pillow here.
– Sure. – And just work your way– – I’m gonna put the cold pack on you– – Oh, thanks.
– So you get to have some of that today. – Oh, appreciate that, Brad. (Brad laughing) Oh, that wakes me up. – There you go.
– But eventually you can go, work your way to the point where you take maybe one pillow out. And then, you know, lay
like that for a bit. And then you actually could
take another pillow out and lay like that and
even on just regular old typical back pain, after
a while you might even lay like this in the prone prop. – Sure.
– We call it. And it starts moving the
back into that arch position and a lotta times that
helps calm things down. – And along with that
you can put the hot pack, just leave it on there
while you’re doing this, as well as the, or the cold pack, whichever you respond better to. You know, that’s a big question, Bob. People say do I use heat or do I use cold? And I’ve had people that
don’t respond well to cold no matter what.
– Right, exactly. – And then–
– Especially if there’s arthritis in there,
arthritis typically the cold doesn’t feel good. – But one way or another, if it is acute, really sore and tender to the touch, where it’s like, oh, feels
like it’s all swollen, that’s when I’m gonna
say back off on the heat, lean towards the cold. – Yeah, especially for the
first, like, 24 to 36 hours. – Yep, right.
– ‘Cause there’s swelling in your back, just like
if you injure a joint. – Sure. – You sprain your ankle,
you can definitely get swelling in your back too. – There you go. – All right, well I hope we covered it and remember, Brad and I
can fix just about anything. – Except for– – A broken heart. – But we’re workin’ on that. – Yep. If you’ve ever, I ask you,
d’you ever break a heart? – Bah, Bob, how can you
ask me those things? This is, we don’t do things from the neck up here.
– Thanks for watchin’.

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