Exercises to Relieve Back Pain | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Exercises to Relieve Back Pain | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Hi, Iím Ashley Borden, with Perfect Form.
There are few in things in life that are more frustrating than a sore back. But we all know
that not everybody has the time or the money to get massages. So, Iím going to show you
some things that you do so that you can never experience pain or aches ever again. So I
have a question: does this position look familiar, up here? Because I cannot even tell you how
many people I work with who feel like their shoulders are up by their ears. Weíre going
to do some exercises today that are going to bring your shoulders down away from your
ears, so you donít feel like youíre up here all day long. But the first thing we have
to do is open up your chest. So weíre going to use a softball, or you can use a weighted
ball this size. I want you to put the ball right were the peck meets the shoulder, so
up in that corner. And youíre going to stay over it with your weight, and youíre going
to bring the arm forward, kind of at a half circle, and back. And the ball might slip
out a little bit, but you got to replace it, but that way you can really open up that chest,
and youíre going to do that 10 times on both sides. And then what I want you to do is open
up right underneath your rib cage. So, if you lie down and you inhale, you can feel
right underneath the rib cage. Put your fingers there. Itís very, very tight. So youíre
going to put the ball underneath one side of the rib cage, okay, and then youíre going
to turn over, and I want you to sit up. So youíre going to sit up, kind of open up those
ribs and let it sink in right underneath that rib cage. And youíre going to do both sides.
So, I put the ball right under the rib cage, and you can kind of move kind of side to side
on it. But youíll feel when the rib cage is here, the ball is going to go right on
the outside of that rib cage. So you can really feel that opening. And again, you donít really
need to put a lot of pressure on it, but this way it can open up the sternum so you feel
like you can sit up higher. And now weíre going to use the roller. And the roller weíre
going to do, start with your lats. And youíre going to start right at the armpit with your
hand covering your ear. Okay, you donít want to keep that neck up in the air, so youíre
neck doesnít feel any tension. And youíre going to rotate forward and back. Okay, you
want to make sure youíre not doing this with your neck, not leading with your neck. You
want to kind of feel like you have a neck brace on. And youíre going to go five times
forward and back, and then move it down 3 positions. So arm pit, move it down, 5 positions,
move it down, back and forth 5 times in that position. And youíre going to do both sides.
So now that weíve opened up the muscles, weíve opened up the back and your chest,
now weíre going to do a little bit more of a deeper stretch, so you can feel your middle
back open and your chest. Youíre going to lie lengthwise on your roller, okay, and you
want to have the belly button pulled in. A lot of times I see people tuck their tailbone
because they feel like they have to have everything touching the roller. I just want lie down,
pull that lower ab in, like when youíre squeezing your p-hole muscle, your pelvic floor. Okay,
youíre going to have your eyes looking up toward the ceiling. Youíre going to bring
your thumbs back, okay. And then youíre going to circle, let them drag all the way on the
ground. So youíre going to bring the arms back, thumbs reach back. I donít want you
to reach back this way with your hands. Thumbs reaching down, so your shoulders stay open.
And then just drag the arms on the ground. And you do that position about 5 times that
way, and then youíre going to circle the other way. Bring it back, thumbs down and
up, again, keeping the belly button in. Circle it around. That feels good. And then bring
it up to the top. Great, so now letís move into the strength part of it. And weíre going
to do a little squat and row. So Iím using a medium to heavy band. Attach to something
that does not move. And weíre really focusing on those lats, so that way it can bring those
shoulders down away from your ears. So you can feel more connected to your lats and your
core. So you want to step out, have your feet about hip width apart. Youíre going to sit
back in your heels. Youíre going to come up, squeeze your glutes and youíre going
to pull. So Iím squeezing my shoulder blades back, pulling my belly in. Sit back, my shoulders
are still down. Iím not up here. Shoulders down and then youíre going to pull. I feel
like Iím trying to squeeze a tree behind my shoulder blades. And forward. And youíre
going to do that about 10 to 15 times. And again, use a ban that feels challenging for
you. And the last one I want to do is a bent over fly. Iím using a lighter weight, but
you can, Iíd say these are 2ís, you can go up to 8, if youíre feeling very strong.
But again, this is not a massive movement where youíre going to need a ton of weight.
Itís more youíre connection. So youíre going to have your feet hip width apart, shoulders
away from your ears. My hands are on a slight angle, okay. And then, my triceps from here,
Iím going to push straight back and squeeze my shoulder blades together, and then bring
it forward. So Iím pushing straight back, squeeze my shoulder blades together. My belly
buttonís in. And forward. If you break your elbow and you squeeze back, youíll use your
trap. So real important that you keep those arms straight, squeezing those lower shoulder
blades together behind you. And that way you can really connect to your back, which will
help bring those shoulders away from your ears. You can feel more upright and more elegant.
And Iím Ashley Borden, with Perfect Form. If you want to see any more of my videos,
you can go to Livestrong Woman. If you have any question or you want to post anything,
go ahead, I will read it, I will respond. And remember, I always want you to connect
to your body.

17 comments on “Exercises to Relieve Back Pain | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

  1. ashleybordenfitness Post author

    my shorts are Lulu Lemon and my top is Colosseum Brand! 🙂 glad you enjoy the videos!

  2. Rosie Iglesias Post author

    what if you don't have a lat foam roller? whatelse could I use? If there's nothing else that could be used where could I get one of those rollers? I'm in Canada, so is there anywhere here I could get one?

  3. Dawn Davis Post author

    I tried that pec stretch with the ball and ended up with a pinched nerve, the ball slid as she said and it was around my pit area, my thumb and forefinger are still numb, I'm hoping it just goes away so that I don't have to go to the chiropractor, but I would beware, there are a lot of tendons and nerves in that area around the shoulder joint and you can easily cause an impingement.

  4. ashleybordenfitness Post author

    Crossfit45 I'm so sorry to hear about your issue with the ball on your chest! I have been doing the chest massage with clients for years and that's the first time I have heard of that issue…
    I also use a softer ball (Gymnic red ball 1000grams) and it is way more forgiving on your tissue If u r very tight or sensitive around your pecs. Thank u for your feedback and again, hope u feel better!

  5. Debbies21 Post author

    Excellent video and for me timely, did yard work and the stretches were just the ticket. Do you have any stretches for tight traps. That is an issue for me

  6. Debbies21 Post author

    Excellent video. I love the stretches. Do you have any exercises for tight traps & wear can I get a foam roller and how do I know which one to get

  7. ashleybordenfitness Post author

    Tight Traps can also mean tight lats, mid upper back and chest. Remember: pain sight isnt necessarily pain source. I would start with the black foam roller + the **RED GYMNIC MEDBALL 2.5 lbs for your chest roll out (both available on amazon) **the soft ball is more advanced and can be too deep for some people to start! Thank u for watching 🙂

  8. Annette Papa Post author

    Hi Ashley, trainer from Toronto again, thanks for the ball/ribs to help open chest. So very very helpful. My wheels have been spinning and I am wondering if you are planning on coming to Toronto any time?

  9. ashleybordenfitness Post author

    Hi Thank you for your feedback! I am not scheduled to come to Toronto, but we could certainly discuss! Email me from my website! 🙂 Happy to hear your thoughts…

  10. Daya Muthu Post author

    hi ashley…how are ya? Question. My wife has back problems, preventing her from doing those intense workouts. Are there any workouts for women with back problems? Some simple ones she can do at home..She's 39.

  11. ashleybordenfitness Post author

    i would need to know what specific back issues she is having before i can accurately answer

  12. Diona Lim Post author

    Hi Ashley, I have a question. I have a small discomfort on my lower right of my back that get relieved when I pull my leg close to my chest and pull that sometimes gives a popping sound like popping a joint. Also my left hip joint pops or gets locked when I do certain exercises, like say lying down and raising both legs up and down, sometimes my right hip would get jammed. Could you suggest an exercise I could do to ease these? Thanks.


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