Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: The Cobra

Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: The Cobra

To further stretch the back muscles the cobra
is another great exercise. It’s incorporated in Yoga quite often and it’s a great exercise
to really get a great stretch going in your abdomen and also in your lower back. So I’ll
demonstrate how the cobra looks. First we want to sit with our legs straight back and
our arms here. And what we’re going to do we’re just going to lift up on our arms until
they’re straight and really keep, keep your pelvis on the mat and then you’re raising
up. And so you’ll feel this stretch and then you’re going to come back down and then we’ll
do it again. We’ll do a series of ten cobras. Stretch it out and you’re going to hold it
at the top for a few seconds. I’ll say anywhere between fifteen to thirty seconds and release
it. And you can feel the stretch getting deeper and deeper the more your back is warmed up
and the more you’re doing this. Make sure you’re breathing through it, getting lots
of oxygen down to the muscles. And that’s how you do a cobra to reduce lower
back pain.

12 comments on “Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: The Cobra

  1. westboundNinja1 Post author

    This s kinda like one of the workouts i did in the military.. the shit works people do it every day!!!!!
    Is it me or is this lady really beautiful????

  2. Mohammed Rehman Post author

    This is the best excercise that i have ever come across for lower back pain.Thankyou for posting this awesome video.

  3. Instafit AJ Post author

    How is this stretching your lower back???? Surely bending FORWARDS stretches the lower back – this is just compressing it? Please correct me if I'm wrong

  4. Ashwin Rao Post author

    Hi there, i tried to do the cobra but i have a doubt, do i put my weight of my pelvis? because i don't know where to put and it ends up my balls aching in pain. Thanks!

  5. markymark RN Post author

    To the individual that was inquiring if this was compressing the spine. Yes and no. if you have a bulging disk at the level of L4 or L5 protruding outward, this will aid in correcting the problem temporally. I've should always consult a MD or pt for a proper assessment. Hope this helps.


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