Exercises for recovering from a Spinal Disc Bulge

Exercises for recovering from a Spinal Disc Bulge

Hi I’m Coby, I’m a UK Osteopath at Soothe
Clinic.Com. in this video I’m going to start the very very big and long job of
addressing spinal disc injury management and what you can do to help get yourself
back to 100% recovery. the good news is that with all forms of disc injury, be it
a prolapse or a herniation or a bulge (which is the same thing) or a simple
annular strain or tear, exercise prescription plays a very large part in
ensuring 100% recovery. the only thing is that the the exercises and the entire
management program is very different for a prolapse than it is for a disc bulge
than it is for a strain or tear. in this video I would like to address disc herniations (disc bulges) so that is where the disc
tears and the the jelly inside moves through that tear without
breaching the surface of the disc and the disc bulges. it may or may not hit a
nerve so you may or may not get pain in the legs or in the arms. I’m just going
to be looking now at the bulges doesn’t matter if they hit a nerve or not but
you do need to know which direction your disc has bulged I’m just going to give
you one a couple of very simple exercises just to get you started and to
get the ball rolling there is absolutely masses more that you can do which I
will try to address in my future videos and also you really need to be under the
care of a manual therapist so the goal with the rehabilitation of a
disc bulge or herniation is to get that disc completely back in position and off
any nerve or structure that it might be hitting this can happen very quickly and
within two weeks you should be able to get that bulge back in position. The
problem that happens is people do the incorrect exercises or they don’t do any exercises
at all or they continue lifting or not taking the correct advice not taking a
break from heavy building work or heavy lifting work so what I’m going to give
you now is just one quick exercise depending on which direction your disc
is bulging will determine which exercise you should do so if your disc has moved
forwards then you need to be doing a forward bend movement that will
encourage the disc to move back into the central position if you do any back
bends that a disk will be bulged out and it will actually aggravate the disc so
that’s why it’s so important that you get a scan and you know exactly which
direction your disc has moved so a very very simple exercise if your disc has
moved forward and you want to push it back into the central position is just
what we call the child posture so you just want to come forward like this and
then just ease yourself forward into this child posture here collapsing your chest
onto your thighs. you can rest here you can also maybe put I don’t have one here but
you can place a cushion under your forehead and just rest there for as long
as you like you will find your low back muscles will likely be in quite a
lot of spasm and this will also help to stretch out those muscles and so will
release that pain that you’re experiencing from that spasm so to come
out of this you need to carry all the weight through your arms so your back
muscles don’t have to do any work at all because they are higher risk of spasm if
you have an active disc bulge so just gently walking your hands towards you, all your body weight through the hands ease yourself up hands
onto the knees and just walk yourself up your legs to a sitting position the goal
being to keep your back muscles completely
relaxed and not having to do any work. a second way to achieve this position and
get immediate actually immediate pain relief often if you can get the disk off
the nerve is to lie on your back and do some simple knee hugs obviously you’ll
be moving a lot slower than I’m moving I realize I’m moving a lot faster then you
will be moving so just lying on your back in this position and just drawing
the knees towards the chest there we go you can also just draw the head up,
although that may place quite a lot of strain through the nerves so best if you
just relax and just draw the knees and you can quite literally stay here as
long as you like. to come out of this position you would need to roll
onto your side nice and slowly place your weight down through your hands and
gently walk yourself up into a sitting position again obviously if you do have
a disc bulge you are presumably avoiding sitting as much as possible so if your
disc has moved backwards and is bulging backwards whether or not it’s hitting a
nerve, you need to take your spine into a back bend so that it pushes the disc
forward and back into the central position so the best way to do this is
doing a position we call the ‘Cobra’ so again moving nice and gently nice and
slowly just bring yourself forward into the all fours position bring yourself
down into a lying position moving nice and slowly with complete control bring
your hands underneath your shoulders as your head faces the floor now you need
to completely relax your feet, your calfs, your thighs and your hips and
pelvis just completely relax your back the one point about this is you will as
I said before have I’m going to come up so I can speak to you properly you will
most likely have quite a lot of spasm in the surrounding muscles in your low back
so when you do this it is possible that you may set off a
slight spasm unfortunately you’ve got a got to do this position this is the only way
the exercise position that will push that disc west into position so what you
can maybe do is just some gentle massage on those muscles before you do this
exercise just to bring that tension levels down just enough so that you can
minimize the chance of spasm or at least reduce the amount of spasm that you get
so coming back to this exercise bring your hands under the shoulders push all
your weight down through the hands relax the back relax relax relax and just push
up and hold there you can hold this for a count of 10 and then release and you
want to do that basically about five or six times at least every two hours to
come out of that we are going to push down through the hands remember all your
weight goes through the hands and arms do all the work your arms push you back
your arms walk you back try not to go into a forward bend
you’ve got to try and get yourself back into a sitting position without putting
too much flexion through your spine obviously another way that you can come
out of this position would be just to lie roll onto your side as such draw
your knees up and then push yourself up relaxing your back muscles pushing
yourself up into a sitting position so that’s just two very simple first aid
exercises that you can do immediately today to start moving that disc back
into position and start getting rid of that a leg pain that you might be
experiencing obviously the complete rehabilitation of your disc requires
a much broader spectrum management plan and a lot more exercises but those
are the basic standard exercises that you need to understand because
one of the inhibitory factors in disc recovery is people doing the wrong
exercises so doing the complete opposite so instead of encouraging that disc back
into position people are actually re-bulging it. so that’s why even though this looks very
simple it’s a crucial key to your 100% recovery and correction
and healing of your disc bulge

80 comments on “Exercises for recovering from a Spinal Disc Bulge

  1. usman afzal Post author

    If i am not wrong I think your concept of flexion of spine for forward bulging or herniated disc is completely wrong. Flexion will move disc more forward and extension of spine will push is back. In makenzie or back extension exercise it push dish back in. Flexion is so bad for disk bulging.
    In yoga exercise some exercise involving extension are good and flexion are bad.

  2. Hugh Jarsol Post author

    Your vids are the best on YouTube on this subject. Quality over quantity. PS your very sexy indeed. Beautiful thighs and legs.

  3. SATHEESH V S Post author

    Very informative and well described… thanx for ur great work.. is there any way to find out which way has the disc moved with out the help of mri scan… ie.. by identifying the location of pain or by where it effects ie hands legs ..

  4. aao kabhi haveli pai.... Post author

    hiii …thanks for showing us a great excercises….in ur video u told to avoid sitting ….but if i have proffesion of sittin for long hours….and if i can keep my back straight while sitting….wouldnt it help

  5. Jarriett Moore Post author

    Thanks for the video it's good advice but I've been dealing with a bulging disc for a few years. It's an L5S1 tear/bulge. What's your thoughts on inversion tables? Specialists won't touch me said I'm not bad enough even tho I take otc pain killers every day. Just some advice please. Thank you. Oh yeah mri says it's protruding. So I'm guessing it's moved outward or backwards but I'll double check.

  6. Reesa kenzie Post author

    if my c6 c7 is touching my spinal cord acccording to mri, which exrecises would you suggest , i dont have pain although a little bruise sore feeling yet fleeting, i do have nerve thing going on in lumbar,stenosis,encroaching on nerves as one dr put it but for lumbar i tuck stomach in and squeeze glutes while driving,sitting etc.. but still not sure about c6 c7 area Thank you in advance!!

  7. asif murtaza Post author

    My MRI reads
    Mri report…..l4 l5 diffuse posterior iv disc bulge with lateral inclination causing mild thecal sac indentation and abutting of traversing nerve fibre r>l
    What should I do to recover fast

  8. Mohsin Saleem Post author

    Hi Dr.. Dr how may i contact u?? Is there any mean so that i can share my mri report with you??

  9. Mohsin Saleem Post author

    Circumferential disc bulge at L4 L5 causing bilateral lateral recess narrowing. Right traversing nerve root impingment.
    Circumferential disc bulge at L5 S1 causing left lateral recess narrowing and left traversing and exiting nerve root compression.
    These are my MRI impressions. Please Help me about recovery

  10. Far Q Post author

    i have severe pain starting from left aide of lower back to my hip and my tigh and sometimes the pain goes to my leg, i am sure i have bulging disk, i havnt done MRI which i dont have insurance for, the question is how would i know which direction would be my bulfing disk? i am in too much pain for 4 and half months now, cant walk without pain for 5min, the only time i fo pain free is qhen i sit on the chair and put pressure on the pain spot with and object, ..

  11. jose rizal Post author

    im having pain in my lower back and going to both calf and feet, i got it from adjustment by a chiropractor and i dont know where the disc bulge, when im doing cobra posture i feel a little relief but after a while the symptoms on my feet keep coming back but when i do child posture i also finding relief that is why im confused, what do you think i should do? thank you

  12. wasim kadiri Post author

    Hi there
    Nice informative video
    How can I send you my MRI reports.
    I'm having problem right sight

  13. Sha H Post author

    Hi Coby, is circumfrencial disc bulge im lower back any different to posterior one ? Is there a method to heal it ?
    Thanks in advance

  14. Aasiya Tamboli Post author

    Hi i have degenrative disc bulge .. and i have pain in my left leg .. i have tried everything ..please let me know what to do

  15. jai hind MR Post author

    In India Karnataka State Shimoga there is treatment for this problem.dr Nagaraj heggede cost is too less hardly 500 to 700 one time medicine.no doctor fees.its ayurvedic.i have taken treatment I am 💯 percent fine.during treatment bed rest required.

  16. mark rutter Post author

    I have three herniated discs one to the right in middle of shoulder blades one to the left just below had spinal fusion l1-l5 also herniated disc l5 going to the right also had a c l reconstruction on rt knee so no chance of me getting on my knees also had distal bicepe reconstruction also im a mess please help in agony daily for last 8 & 1/2 years had nine m.r.i. scans i now feel like a sausage roll in the microwave

  17. Son Won Post author

    I have a very large disc herniation backwards at L5S1 causing much pain in left buttocks and thighs and also sciatica nerve sensations down to my left calf and heel. My doc suggest surgery but I want to exhaust all therapies first.
    When I do cobra pose, it aggravates my situation. Doing child pose, soothes it. It’s been said, if it hurts, then it’s bad, so should I continue with cobra pose? Will the pain get less over time if I persist?

  18. Chris Stokes Post author

    Hi cobi I started using your exercises three months ago every day and left you a review and you asked if you could use my comments for advertising. I'm back from the injections now and had little to no improvement and ive been told by my specialist today im as good as I'm ever going to be sadly. I've bulged the bottom two left of my spine and I'm at very very high risk to operate where my nerves are located. I'm now going to try these exercises tomorrow and see if these help me as much as your leg and sciatica ones do (which I've passed around Facebook and social media, friends and anybody who has back issues) thank you for the response months back and your support throughout with your videos. Thank you very much. Chris

  19. hamid erfani Post author

    hi,i hope you have a great health. i have done disc surgery 11 months ago , and now what kind of exercises can i do? already i was footballer and after how many months recovery i can play football? or i dont play football because of my spin surgery ?
    thank you

  20. Purnima Sethi Post author

    Hey Coby…cheers for ur nice work. I HV sciatica pain in both legs…m.r.i scan says it's herination of discs at l4-l5 n l5 s1. It's been 6 months…am in pain…went to many therapist..accupunture…. physiotherapy…no relief..please guide..

  21. Daniel D92 Post author

    I really liked this video, I had seen lots and lots of videos with many different excercises, but any of them consider the direction of the bulge. I´m 26 and have been with this curse for 5 months I have a bulging disc. I have tried Chriropactor, accupunture, physical terapy, stetches. The thing that change my pain from my low back to my left calf was physical therapy, but after 3 weeks pain on my left calf never stopped, I decided to visit another doctor in a spine clinic and when they tell you to do some movements he had the wonderful idea of telling me while being standing to try to touch my feet, after that day I´ve been having again a lot of pain on my low back and leg. I´m back again to physical therapy but doesn´t seem to be working now. I don´t know what to do anymore, I´m still considering ozone therapy, inversion table, drx 9000, I being doing some exersices but no improvement at all.

  22. Roberto Casilli Post author

    Hey love your video i have a 6mm left paracentral bulge in L4/5 what excersise could you please advise for me to do as this video only covered disc bulge forward and back?? Thanks again

  23. Pants Post author

    I have 2 disc bulges in lower back. When they would spasm before, it would take weeks to recover. Now, I can recover in 3-4 days. The 3 key components are 1. The cobra pose above, 2. Hot water bottle to relax the back spasm, and 3. Ibuprofen. WIth those 3 elements regularly after the injury, I am recovering much faster. The thing I didn't realize was that my back was tight to protect the bulge and I felt like I needed to stretch, but that stretch was making it worse, not better. So remember, a tight back doesn't always mean to stretch. JUst follow the advice in this video. Thanks!

  24. Purnima Sethi Post author

    Hello Coby…can I share my m.r.i report with u. I HV disc herination at l4-l5 n l5-s1. Sewere sciatica pain in both the legs.

  25. Muddassir Malik Post author

    Will u help me to get my disc bulge reduced or corrected. My posture us distracted. I cant walk normally.

  26. Syed Abdul Basit Post author

    I have L4-L5 stenosis … May I do this or not and please give advise what I do because I don't want to operate stenosis am only 30 year old and I search that stenosis is not cureable am very upset…

  27. Moj Masti Post author

    @Soothe Clinic  dear plz tell me how i get know that my disc is forward or backward? My mom hav problm of l4, l5 disc

  28. Dr Cathirithamby P Thiagarajah Post author

    This is directly from a qualified professional. Therefore a bible version. The presentation was professional as well. I am a qualified health educator so I am entitled to comment on the presentation. Well done. I suffered a lot of problems including loss of balance and difficulty in walking, from disc bulge and still suffering and I also developed foot drop. This is because the GP was slow to diagnose the problem. How unfortunate I was as I did not come across your presentation earlier.

  29. Hebah Lazreg Post author

    Thank u for all the information you give to the public.i really need your help .my mri reads as folow l5s1 right paracentral disc protrusion filling the lateral recess and l4l5 left lateral disc protrusion .is my bulges backwards or forward my mri didnt state which direction its bulges thank u

  30. Julian Ganacias Post author

    Goodday soothe
    This ia my Mri result, it doesn't show if it's anterior or posterior, how will I know?
    L5-S1 narrowed disc height, disc desiccation and asymmetric disc bulge to the left causing mild spinal canal narrowing, left lateral recess effacement and mild to moderate left neural canal narrowing. There is compression of the left descending nerve root. Scierotic changes(modic III) In the apposing endplates.

  31. Goldy Post author

    Thanks.,I’ve had a disc issue for 4 months now and have tried stretching ,yoga & core exercises.My back has gotten stronger but noticed my discs were still bulging as I had pain when pressing on the area.Doing the McKenzie Method you show has helped the disc to return to its original position.My question is when can I return to doing some stretching,as I don’t want the disc to pop out again but still enjoy stretching.

  32. rajputanaunplugged Post author

    This is really a #GREAT great great video for ppl suffering from spasm.. What I liked about her is that she actually showed how to get in and out of the position.. that is truly commendable.. have seen tons of videos but I see that these guys have delivered it quite effectively and i.e understanding the real situation.

  33. Don Z Dryver Post author

    A bulging disc is not the same as a herniated disc. You should not use the terms interchangeably. A disc bulge can indeed retract and repair itself to some degree. When the bulge ruptures and the disc fluid squeezes out it is now a herniated disc and that fluid will never go back where it came from. Smaller herniations can be absorbed but most often they require surgery to remove the fluid and get the pressure off the nerves.

  34. VIKASH KUMAR Post author

    Mam thanku so much ..it really worked for me . would you like to give some stretching for cervical spondolysis

  35. toot915 Post author

    Hi Coby. My MRI has confirmed I have a rearward bulging disc at L5 S1. I have had really bad pain all down the right leg to my foot. It had eased lately.
    I found your video after my MRI result so have started the Cobra position. This has increased the pain/numbness down the leg. Is this normal? should I carry on with the Cobra? Thanks.


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