Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Hip & Knee Strengthening for Arthritis Pain Relief

Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Hip & Knee Strengthening for Arthritis Pain Relief

Hi! My name is Monica and the next exercise
that I am going to show you for arthritis are actually going to be for the muscles to
strengthen around your hip and your knee area. These next few you can actually do with ankle
weights if you want to. You can buy these from Target or Wal-Mart or sporting good stores
if you want a little bit more resistance. These are great ways to do exercises that
are non-weightbearing, meaning that you aren’t going to have to be standing and putting weight
on the joints that are painful while you are doing these. First one I will have you guys
do is, I am just turning to the side so that you can see better, go ahead and lie back
down either on your elbows or all the way back whatever is comfortable for you and you
are just going to be lifting your leg off the ground right like this, so nice and slow.
You can see my heels only coming about a foot off the ground; you don’t have to go up
all the way. When I first start out you can see my quad is getting nice and tight so these
muscles right in the front are nice and tight and then I lift up. You can hold 3-5 seconds
if you want to or just come up and down.

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