Exercise Ball for Core & Back Strengthening (Advanced) – Ask Doctor Jo

Exercise Ball for Core & Back Strengthening (Advanced) – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. So we’ve got
the Swiss Ball again and this is advanced exercises on a swiss ball part 3. So if you’ve
gotten the first basic and you’ve got the next step of the advanced ones down, this
is the one to try that’s super hard, but it’s gonna give you a great core workout and it’s
gonna work your back out. And that’s what you want. You want everything around this
to stay strong, so your back doesn’t hurt all the time. So let’s get going with these,
we’re gonna start off lying down on our backs. Ok, so the first exercise we’re gonna do with
the Swiss Ball is gonna be a simple bridge. And then we’re gonna work our way up from
that. So doing bridge, we’re gonna lie down flat on our back, and we’re gonna put our
legs up on the ball. Now the key with this is you want your back to be flat on the ground,
and you want your neck to be relaxed. You don’t want to be holding your head up because
then your neck muscles are gonna get strained and then you’re gonna end up having some neck
pain. So relax your head down, get your back flat on the floor and what you’re gonna do
is your gonna bridge up. Which is just lifting your hips up off the floor. And you want to
be straight. You don’t want to go super past and put your back is a hyper extension, but
you want to be in a nice straight line going all the way down. Now see how the ball is
moving? You want to keep it nice and still. You’re gonna do a little pause, 3 to 5 seconds,
and then come back down. So you know, just 10 or 15 of those to get you started, and
then work your way up from there. And if that starts getting easy, then you can go to 1
foot. Lift one up, keep one on the ball. And do the same thing. The bridging, try to keep
it straight, don’t go into hyper extension on your back, little pause. Coming up, going
back down. Alright. Then the next one is rolling the ball towards you when you’re in a bridge.
So you’re gonna go up into a bridge and you’re gonna roll the ball up towards you, and then
you’re gonna push it right back out. Now you want to keep the ball in a straight line if
you can. And you want to keep those muscles nice and contracted. Remember, you want to
be breathing while you’re doing it, you want to be able to have a conversation while you’re
doing it. So you’re gonna go up into a bridge, pull it in, push it back out. Now this is
another one that’s working your hamstrings so you can add this into your hamstring strengthening
exercises with the other video of the other strengthening exercises for your hamstrings.
Now again, if that gets easy, you can go to one leg, pull it in, come back out. Now that’s
gonna be pretty hard, so just try a couple, and then build up as you go. Alright, so the
last one we’re gonna do is probably the toughest one. You want to put your arms across the
ball on the ground, we’re gonna roll out again. And you want to get as far as you can to where
your toes are on the ball. That’s gonna make it the hardest for you. So you’re in a plank
position, again you want to be flat like a table top, you don’t want to be dropped down,
you don’t want to be arched up, you want to be very nice and flat. And now what you’re
gonna do is a push up to your elbows. So you’re gonna go down on your elbow, go down on your
elbow. Come back up, and come back up. And then the same thing. Go down, go down. Opposite
arm, Opposite up. Now see I’m at my knees right now, so it’s a little bit easier, but
if I went all the way out to my toes, the ball would be wiggling around much more and
it would be more difficult. So whatever you feel like your level is. You can even start
out closer to your stomach. Go down on your elbow. Come back up. Phew! So there you have
it. Those are some advanced Swiss Ball exercises. I think I’m actually sweating a little bit,
and hopefully you are, too. If you want to check out some more exercise, stretching videos,
even some educational videos, please go check out AskDoctorJo.com. And remember, be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

7 comments on “Exercise Ball for Core & Back Strengthening (Advanced) – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. AskDoctorJo Post author

    We did!! We hope you all did too!! I actually think any of the water exercises would be okay, just let pain be your guide. I have some isometric exercises in the knee and legs section on my website! It's the second one down. Even though it says knee, it also helps the hip area too! Hopefully those will help!!

  2. tim david Post author

    wow! this exercise is great! killed my hamstrings! my back feels great and loose too! will be doing this alot

  3. Pankaj Goyal Post author

    my right thie and hip are more muscular and fattier than the left one how to balance them

  4. Pankaj Goyal Post author

    thank you for replying man but its way too much dominating when I sit straight I could feel the left part going down please suggest something to reduce the gap

  5. Nick Riggio Post author

    Incredible info from Dr. Jo….I am posting a video of yours daily on my Timeline. Your great work and expertise must be seen by many. They are great and meaningful.

  6. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Purchase a Swiss ball like the one used in this video here: https://amzn.to/2YcJJL5 (affiliate link)


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