3 comments on “Elastic Strain Energy

  1. Aerospace Student Post author

    At 33:31, can anyone explain to me how 0.5P1(v2 – v1) corresponds to the shaded portion of the graph, indicating change in strain energy?

    I'm not clear on this. Thanks in advance!

  2. mrraamsridhar Post author

    Look at it this way:
    We know that the change in strain energy is represented by that small obtuse angled triangle shown shaded. The area of this triangle is:
    (Area of the rectangle formed by P1, V1 and V2) + (Area of right triangle formed by P1 and V1) – (Area of th right triangle formed by P1 and V2)

    This is = P1(V2 – V1) + 0.5P1V1 – 0.5P1V2
    = 0.5P1(V2 – V1)


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