Dr. William Stiers | Neuropsychology

Dr. William Stiers | Neuropsychology

>>Hi, I’m Dr. William Stiers. I’m an Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins
University School of Medicine. I’m a Rehabilitation Psychologist and Neuropsychologist and I work in the Department of Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation. I do a couple of things there. I treat patients with
stroke and brain tumor and traumatic brain injury, concussion, those types of brain-based events, and we really work with people to regain independent functioning, to be able to return to normal activities, school and work activities,
independent living. I also direct the training
program for our division. We train rehabilitation
psychologists and neuropsychologists to be the next generation of leaders. My research has to do
with studying outcomes of training programs, so how do we measure how well we do when we’re training people and how do we measure the
competencies of those people who graduate from our training programs. I really enjoy the work that I do. We see people oftentimes
at one of the lowest points in their lives when they’ve
had something really bad happen to them, they’re unable to
take care of themselves, they’re unable to live
independently at home, and sometimes people ask
me if that’s depressing. It’s not, it’s very exciting. We’re seeing people who
are really motivated and striving to get better. We’re able to make a
difference in people’s lives. We’re able to really
take some pride and joy with them in their accomplishments, and we really focus on
what the strengths are and what they’re gonna be
able to do, and it’s very, it’s a very exciting and
very upbeat atmosphere to be able to do this kind of work. No matter what happens to people and no matter what
difficulties come along, everybody has the ability to get better and I’m excited to be a part of that.

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  1. Mara Angeline Post author

    After years of working in advertising, I finally made the decision to pursue a career in Neuropsychology. <3 I can't wait.

  2. Annie James Post author

    I’m currently working towards training in cognitive neuropsychology! I hope I can work with rehabilitation as well! Thank you so much for the video


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