Dr. Tan Balance Method Lower Back Pain Treatment Instant Relief

Dr. Tan Balance Method Lower Back Pain Treatment Instant Relief

Immediate lower back relief pain case study
Acupuncture Bob: Hey guys! Today’s video is about a
back pain patient who came in, who is actually a training buddy of mine and he trains Brazilian jiu
jitsu. And he basically got caught in a position that’s called knee on belly which your
opponent puts the knee on your belly and he was trying to slide out.
And what happened is he strained his back and he had pain radiating from his back through the
oblique muscles. What we did was we just drew a line from where
the pain was to his arm and shows the corresponding meridian. His pain was on the side which is
actually the Shao Yang meridian. What we did was we just pin the Shao Yang on his hand. The pain
was pretty much under control within about two or three treatments. So check it out.
Let me know what you think. Patient: Too bad.
Bob: Tell us where your pain is. Patient: At the moment, it’s through this muscle
here and it kind of stops in here. There’s bind with not right next to it and then there°Øs
a cross just above the top of here and wraps it to the front. Its mostly
when I twist or if I try to bend that way. Bob: Okay. How is the pain in 1 to 10 been?
Patient: At least it’s pretty good at the moment but on sharp twist not as bad as it
was but probably like a seven. Bob: Okay. Can you take another deep breath
on? I’m just going to try it again. Tell me where the pain has moved to right now.
Patient: Actually it’s pretty good.

5 comments on “Dr. Tan Balance Method Lower Back Pain Treatment Instant Relief

  1. AcuHeal Post author

    Hi Bob, I have a patient with severe Rt front thigh pain, very consistent. Any suggestions please which points to use? The first 3 sessions I used lingo dibai points on the oposite side but in the fourth sessions, the pain starts to be consistent and nonstop. please help if you can as he is in severe pain nonstop. thanks in advance.

  2. aaron driver Post author

    Nice…. the lung points clears the bladder meridian and the sanjiao clears the gallbladder. Do you find that shaoyang is more of a motion disorder because of the controlling mechanism the shaoyang channel has on the other meridians. and would you have used the jue yin channel to balance the shaoyang if this did not completely reduce the symptoms?

  3. Glenna Silva Post author

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