Dr Serene: Muscular Back pain

Dr Serene: Muscular Back pain

Hello. I’m Dr. Serene Lim. I’m an Australian
complementary GP and today, I want to talk to you about back pain. I’ve had back pain
for quite some time and I’m really glad it’s gone but I know a lot of people still
suffer from it and I couldn’t find someone to help me so I researched it and I found
some excellent exercises that I hope will help you as well.
Firstly, you have to understand that you need to look after your back. Swimming is great
because it really strengthens the back muscles and I want to show you two particular exercises
to release them. There are muscles called the psoas and the
iliacus forming the major group in front of your backbone and this is one of the biggest
muscles in your body and you’ll find that you use them a lot without realizing it and
often, it goes into spasm. Sometimes, when psoas muscles go into spasm, they cause more
than back pain because this muscle actually moves around in your tummy area and it actually
moves the whole bowel area so if it goes into spasm, you can get a bit of constipation as
well. Sometimes, the pain is referred meaning although
it’s in your back, you can actually have pain going to the front of your thigh. No
problem there but the pain is actually from your tummy muscles. When your iliopsoas muscles
are in spasm and you have back pain, I’ll show you how to locate the trigger points
to show that. Locate the belly button and one thumb’s breadth
away, press that point there. It might be very tender if this psoas muscle is in spasm.
There’s another tender point as well which I will show you. Part of the pelvis is raised.
When you dip your hands just there, you will find it’s going to be very tender if the
muscle is in spasm. So I want to show you a great psoas release.
Bend the knees 100 degrees just past the vertical. Cross the ankles and bend towards the area
that’s painful just 10 degrees. Leave it here for about four minutes.
There’s another tiny little muscle in your lower back called the quadratus lumborum and
that is one muscle that very few people treat and I’ll show you how to treat it. Bend
the knees and then 90 degrees and lift up. Keep this position for about four minutes.
There’s a piriformis muscle which is really the buttock area. A lot of people exercise
and relax it and it’s quite well known. If the left buttock is in pain or the lower
back, you want to bend the left knee and put it over like this and then raise it up and
use your hands to help you. Keep this position for about five minutes.

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