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Hey guys Dr. Ray Marquez here your local
chiropractor Back Pain Relief Center Vineland Back Pain Relief Center, Myrtle
Beach Dr. Ray TV. Had a bunch of patients today had a really
good day so a bunch of more people, two new patients two separate cases and one
of them had some neck pain so I know last night on our live cast our
broadcast we were talking about my neck pain and the tingling in my hands. I
want to talk more about it because obviously I’m dealing with it right now
so I’ll let you guys know how it’s going but there’s an awful lot of people more
and more. I’m seeing more and more neck pain neck pain. I probably see a neck
pain patient new one every single day. Years ago and I’ve been doing this for a
good 18 to 20 years and years ago almost all my patients were back patients and
there was a time when the only thing I would advertise is low back pain and now
it’s starting to make that shift where more and more people have neck pain and
I truly believe that has a lot to do with our technology, with the way our
society is going and how we’re living. Meaning we’re all looking down on our
phones more of our jobs require time on our laptops on computers we’re looking
forward, more people are driving, more and more to different places and it’s
putting a lot of strain on our lower neck because our mechanics or our
posture is being thrown off. I mean our heads are moving forward. It seems like
every single patient we have including myself it’s being the lower cervical
pain or pain kind of the base of their neck a lot of women are coming in and
they’re kind of getting worried about a little bit of a hump there that’s
starting to be pronounced because their necks have moved forward. So let’s talk
about what’s going on in that area and these are kind of pretty much the same
on everyone when the mechanics get thrown off and our head moves forward
abnormal pressure gets put on the lower cervical spine Our head, it’s almost like
a bowling ball and it weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. Mine might be a little bigger but
10 to 12 pounds and gravity should be pushing down on it right through our
shoulders our body should support the weight of our head. When we’re on our cellphones all the time or when we’re on our computers or
we’re driving around or we sleep in the recliner with our head push forward that
head moves forward and when that head moves forward because of gravity pushing
down on it it puts more stress on the lower cervical spine. So imagine this is
my shoulders and kind of my neck if it moves forward, okay that pivot point is
at the bottom that’s the base of our neck and we have a bowling ball over
here pushing down on it and I think I’ve read somewhere that for every inch
forward in front of the center of gravity we add 10 pounds of weight to
our head because gravity is pushing down on it. What happens is that
compresses the joints at the base of our neck. Because of abnormal sustained
pressure, a couple things happen. Number one the disc where the shock absorbers
in between them begin to thin out they begin to degenerate because we’re pushing
on them all day long. We’re putting a lot of pressure on them and as they thin out
they can bulge herniate protrude all these big words for the displacement of
that disc or the movement of that disc. Then that can lead to some arthritis, some degeneration and all that kind of stuff. The next thing that
happens so we have degeneration of the disc and we have pressure on or
compression of the joint that has all of its problems that it’s associated with. Now we have these muscles or trapezius muscles the big muscles on our shoulders
that connect from our shoulders to the base of her neck down to our mid-back. Their job is to hold your head up and now that it’s trying to hold your head
up all day long it gets overused. It’s kind of like if I’m in a gym and I’m
doing bicep curls and I’m doing them and I never stop. What would happen? Biceps
would get tired they would spasm and then they would finally lock up. That’s
why a lot of patients are complaining of tight muscles on their shoulders they’ll
get trigger points or muscle knots, you can push on one spot and that spot can cause
you pain there or can refer pain up to your head or sometimes it shoots a
little bit of pain down your arm or towards your shoulder blades. Also we get
the next one at the base of our head because that’s where the trapezius hooks
into that starts to knot up or get tight and then we can also feel some pain
mid-back t12 kind of just really low your
where your bra strap would be. Those muscles tighten up all because that back
or that trapezius muscles is overworked. That tightens up because it’s overworked
and it further compresses the joints in the neck making more degeneration and
dysfunction of those lower cervical joints, compressing the discs affecting
the nerves. When it stays like that long enough and you continue to overuse it,
they call it repetitive stress syndrome. It can further irritate the discs it
gets more inflamed, now the disc gets closer to a nerve, the nerve sends a
signal down the arms, we get tingling in the fingers, our hands fall asleep. Some
patients like myself will just feel pain in these two fingers and thumb and their
index finger they’ll just feel pain there. Other people will feel on the
outside depending on what nerve is being involved. That’s a ridicular symptoms or
neurological symptom that means that that problem is just a little more
complex and it’s been there a little while. So can you see how we can have
this big mess all because of our posture. All because our heads that move forward
our technology is forcing us that way and we’re starting to induce a
repetitive stress like disorder to our own necks. Here’s a problem. None of it is
gonna kill you so when you’re it head’s forward, it’s not like anyone ever notices
and it’s not causing you all kind of discomfort and you could be doing it for
years before you have a problem. And you’re like what my head’s forward and
you don’t realize it’s happening because it’s not like my head goes forward I
feel immediate pain. You will towards the end when it starts affecting those
discs, but the beginning you don’t feel it. That’s why it kind of sneaks up on us
and it’s a difficult thing to catch. So with mine my head’s been forward because you
know I bend over patients all day, and look at my computer all day, and
like a knucklehead I do judo and Jiu Jitsu and I get all these young guys
trying to crank my neck and I get some rotational problems in there and I feel
more pain. So my neck was feeling just a little better. I went to jiu-jitsu last
night we’re working on these new trokes where it bends your head down, I knew I
shouldn’t have been doing it, I did it anyway and my neck started to hurt. But what I
did as soon as I got home, as I got home I iced and my neck and my upper back. I got a big oversized ice pack, I rolled it up,
I put out the bass my neck I leaned back in my chair I did it for 20 minutes and
that got the inflammation down and I was able to sleep through the night my hands
didn’t fall asleep. I got into the office today got adjusted decompressed that
spine did some physiotherapy meaning we put
some electric stim on it somebody’s decompressing it, getting inflammation
down, getting the range of motion back. That’s what chiropractors do with these
lower cervical problems. That’s what I’m doing on myself
and I think that’s what will help. So I go over all this hoping that I can help
someone out there if someone has these issues tingling in the fingers pain in
the face their neck they notice that abnormal posture stop it and see me
we’ll get you fixed up or get to a chiropractor who’s close to you. If you
have questions you can just shoot me a message on facebook I’ll respond to
everyone. If you’re down in Myrtle Beach and you want to go to our website it’s
MyrtleBeachWalkinChiro.com again that’s MyrtleBeachWalkinChiro.com.
If you’re up here in New Jersey you can go to BackPainRC.com, BackPainRC.com. You can email us through there leave comments watch them stuff that we
do. I respond to any of them if you’re trying to get a hold of me you can reach
me through either site it’ll all get to me. Alright so tingling in their hands absolutely can come from the neck I’ll keep everyone updated on how I’m doing
if you have questions or comments please make sure you get ahold of me. Alright everyone I hope all is well it’s time for me to go grab something to eat
and I’ll see everyone tomorrow in the office. you

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