Doug Baldwin on NFL Concussion Protocol (HBO)

Doug Baldwin on NFL Concussion Protocol (HBO)

You got nailed last week
by Calvin Pryor. -Mm-hmm.
-SIMMONS: They got
a 37 yard pass. Did you go through the
concussion protocol for that? What’s it like to go through
the concussion protocol? Yeah, I mean they took me
to the side line make sure I was still
cognitively still there… JOEL MCHALE: You did scream
“I am the Batman” right? (LAUGHTER) -No, I did not.
-Okay. It was Spider-Man, but… (LAUGHTER) Yeah, you know, they take you to the protocol
and what not. So, it was the normal thing,
but… Is it a good protocol?
What would you change about it? See how you set me up here? (LAUGHTER) I’m curious. Is it effective? Like, could you have faked
your way back into the game? -Could I have?
-Yeah. Yes. Did I? No. But I could have. Yes. I think there are a number
of players who do that and I think it’s relatively
known around the league. even the officials know
that it’s not an exact science. And guys…
We know the protocol. So, if you’re cognitively
there somewhat you can cheat the system, and… honestly I don’t know what’s
a better way to do it. You know… We’re waiting for that. We’re waiting
for that information and we still don’t know truly how to relieve these issues
with concussions. I mean obviously technology’s
coming out to try to… to fix this problem,
but I don’t think we’ll ever… like you said, I don’t think
we’ll ever fix these issues.

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  1. Riley Ashby Post author

    I can't watch these anymore because of the laughs. They are so cheap. I like the conversations but the loud laughs make the videos so so bad


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