Does stopping minoxidil cause hair loss | HairMD, Pune

Does stopping minoxidil cause hair loss | HairMD, Pune

Hello Friends I am Dr. Dhananjay chavan
Dermatologist and Trichologist at Clearskin And HairMd Pune. The question is people say that once you use
Minoxidil your hair will fall out after you stop using
it. Is it true and why. Dear friends Minoxidil is use for last 30
years for treating hair fall you know there are multiple causes for hair
to lose multiple aetiology why hair fall but most
commonest is androgenetic alopecia or male pattern or
female pattern baldness which is called as in simple word baldness
again important cause is telogen effluvium and alopecia areata
so there are so many causes for hair to fall
question is ask people say that once you use Minoxidil
your hair fall will stop but after stoping Minoxidil
it restart something like that it will depend on
for what type of hair fall you are using Minoxidil if it is for telogen effluvium when stress
or nutritional defeciency or whenever anemia or anything
when you correct then protein diet and other things when you
will give it then after remain the cause of telogen effluvium
hair loss automatically stops and Minoxidil helps there
so once you correct telogen effluvium causes
then if you stop Minoxidil then hair loss may not occur
so it is not true that each and every case of
hair fall after stoping Minoxidil hair loss will again
reccur So it is true in case of pattern baldness
or what we called baldness male pattern or female pattern baldness yes
in male pattern or female pattern baldness the use of Minoxidil
if you stop in majority of patients that patient
may start losing hair after sometime say by using Minoxidil
you are not curing baldness you are postpanding baldness
by using Minoxidil what you are doing you are increasing
the anagen phase or growing phase of that hair
you are increasing the thinner hair to become thick
you are increasing shorten hair you are increasing it’s length
So overall effect of Minoxidil is hair loss is reduced
but you are not curring baldness baldness process is
continuing then if you remove the cover of Minoxidil then automatically your removing
the what is your treating baldness you are not curing so treating
baldness if you are stop treating baldness with Minoxidil
then again hair will start becoming thinned out
hair will start becoming shorten and anagen phase
will be shorten and hair will be go in telogen phase
and hair will be start.After stoping Minoxidil couple of month after stoping Minoxidil again
the same process will start hair loss will start
so in pattern baldness Yes Minoxidil if you stop
then chance of getting hair loss again is more
so it is true but it is true in pattern baldness dear friends if you got any query still any
query then you can write me on mail or you can just
write below this link again to remain updated for
various videos regarding hair problem or hair loss
problem stay updated by subscribing my channel HairMD
Thank You.

100 comments on “Does stopping minoxidil cause hair loss | HairMD, Pune

  1. Aj sulaniya Post author

    dear sir mere i am suffered from hair loss but in my family no one suffer from hair loss my grandfather also have thick hair in age 75 so i want to know if i use minoxidile and after stop using it then again my hair fall ya my storng hair also fall due to minoxidile ? plzz reply

  2. Sadiq Ahmed Post author

    Doctor, make a video on how to differentiate between Androgenetic Alopecia and Telogen effluvium

  3. Manisha Rai Post author

    I am using minoxidil for 3 months . Now I have to stop using minoxidil how can I stop using minoxidil

  4. DeJuan B Post author

    I recently started using it. My case wasn't serious but I nice the corners of my hair line was slightly receding. If I were to stop now it's gonna worsen?

  5. Milad Mohammad Post author

    I have seborrheic dermatitis and that's why My frontal hair decreasing day by day. My age is 20. Should I go for minoxidil?

  6. Nil Roy Post author

    Sir I am now 22,I face a severe problem on hair,many of our family tell me your problem is with family line ,never it will be vanished.sir tell me will my hair come back?????I am in great trouble help me sir.

  7. Talent creation nd imagination widdd vlogs Post author

    Sir mujhe dengue hua tha 3 mahine phle usk baad mere Baal bhut girte the 400+ strand loss hota tha .. lekn front k hair mere nhi girte the . Minoxidil lgane k bd improvement hua thoda pr aage ka Baal bhut jyada girne lga? . Maine bhu k dermatologist se consult Kiya to vo continue 2 mahine tk lgane ko bole .. fir v mere aage k Baal jhdne ruk nhi rhe. . M female 21 yr old

  8. Samuel Polina Post author

    Dear sir,
    Is 10% minoxidil more powerful than the 5% . Is it preferable to use 10% instead of 5% ? Are there any side effects by using 10% ? By using which % minoxidil I will get good results, please let me know.


  9. aakanksha bali Post author

    Sir, I delivered baby 1.5 yr back from Dec 2018 I m suffering from extreme hairfall…n I have a deficiencies of Vitamin B12 Vitamin D and iron….n I'm using Chekfall Minoxidil I want to leave that medicine…pls suggest when I would stop this Minoxidil….I m taking supplements of iron n Vitamin…..pls advise?

  10. Renu Yadav Post author

    Sir i m not suffering from pattern baldness and no other such things but i have hairfall…sometimes it becomes normal and sometimes not…my doctor recommend me minoxidil…can it permanently cure my hairloss problem….plz plz plz tell me

  11. sanchit goel Post author

    Sorry I am 25 and I have male pattern baldness, doctor told me to use finasteride and minoxidil for lifetine, so should I start using it or should I avoid it and let may hair fall naturally…reply fast….

  12. Fadi Razak Post author

    Hello sir, I'm currently having telogen effluvium because of stressful last two months, currently i'm taking minoxidil, will my hair fall again after I stop using it?

  13. keshavan iyer Post author

    Doctor I'm facing alopecia areata in my beard. Large patches are coming in my beard. I had thick beard now follicles are disappearing..!! What should I do in such a situation? Can I use minoxidil for facial hair growth?

  14. DEEPAK RAVI Post author

    Sir please help me
    Maine minoxidil 3 months use kiya or hair fall bahut hi jyda go gya. Or ab baal bta nhi aa rahe h ki nhi .kya baal aa sakte h phir se ya kabhi nhi aayenge .
    Or kuchh lag bhi raha h ki baal aa rahe h to wo baby hair jaisa lag raha h to hum Kya kare. Please say

  15. Sruthy sruthy Post author

    sir..can I use minoxidial at night and my hair oil and hair mask in the morning before applying mentoxidial at night. will it be good to follow that method.plz reply

  16. killwill priyank Post author

    Sir i am going to use loreal aminexil its a pack of 42 bottles my hair stylist said that apply it …u will get better results ..
    I wanna ask u that is it good or not?

  17. Ashti Prabhu Post author

    Sir, if I apply minoxidil on scalp where hairs are thick, say at the back of the scalp. After stopping the use of minoxidil will that existing thick hair start falling?

  18. vicky kumar Post author

    Hello sir… Maine Dr se consult krke minoxidil start Kiya tha.. saath me unhone multivitamin v Diya h… 1 month to sb achha rha pr 2 month start hote hi mera hair fall bahut hi jayada increase ho gya h.. itna ki Mai comb nhi kr Pati… meri diet v achhi h sir… or Mai sirsasan v krti hoon.. bt kuch effect nhi kr rha h.. Mai minoxidil quit krna chahti hoon… kya Mai kr Sakti hu plz help me sir

  19. GENETICS DANCE HOUSE Post author

    Sir I was applying minoxidil from past 4 months n I got good thick hairs but when I stopped applying it again after 2 months hair fall started. So my question is can I start again to apply minoxidil n get hairs back?

  20. Raisa Singh Post author

    My thin hair is falling out after i stopped using minoxidil. Is it sign for new hair growth or should i use minoxidil again?

  21. JRLE Post author

    my hair fell out using Minoxidil so i stopped using it now i just want my hair how it was before i started using it will those hairs at least grow back?

  22. Bhushan Masram Post author

    Dr Meri madat kijiye 18 saal ka hu muje hair loss nahi tha par hogaya muje thodasa thinning ka problem tha or receding hairline ka thoda problem tha Maine apne dermatologist ko dikhaya un hone muje minoxidil 2 percent recommend Kiya maine isey use kiya ise mere hair heathy long thode thick bhi hogaye or thode hair bhi agaye par iska sabse bada disadvantage ye hai ki ise teji say weight gain hota hai pehele Mera weight 74 tha ab Mera weight 94 hai minoxidil 2 percent se weight gain bohot teji se badtha hai may ise kaise chodu without losing hair please help me Dr may bhot badi problem may fas gaya hu please help me Dr madat kijiye may minoxidil 2 percent kaise chodu without losing hair please reply

  23. NAUGHTY beauty Post author

    helo sir…my husband used 1 year…day time redensyl.ngt tm hare 10 minoxidil…so he can use continually? minoxidil give chest pain ? plss reply me sir

  24. Desi Thug Life Post author

    I have male pattern baldness and started using minoxidil from 2 weeks.. I want to stop minoxidil .. Is it too late to stop????please replyyy

  25. Stefaniia Dz Post author

    Hello Doctor,

    I am a 25 year old female of Latin American Decent.

    I started using a product called Keranique which uses 2% Minoxidil. I saw it advertised on an infomercial and promised to stop hair fall and produce thicker hair. Looking back on it now, I probably did not need the product as I already had very beautiful thick normal hair, but I was experiencing some hair loss due to stress, so I thought this would help. I used the shampoo and conditioner for about 2-3 weeks and realized that my hair was starting to fall out more than usual. I stopped it completely and went back to my regular shampoos. The hair loss continued for all of April and I am now well into May and still seeing significant hair shed and thinning in the hair line. I was also low on iron at the time and doing a vegetarian diet with no supplements.

    These are the active steps I am tacking to recover from my hair loss:
    – Taking 2,500 mcg of biotin per day
    – Taking an Iron supplement
    – Eating a balanced diet
    – Washing my hair with natural shampoos
    – getting my scalp cleansed every other week
    -trying to get good sleep (although it has been difficult with all the hair loss)

    My question to you is: When using Minoxidil in shampoo and conditioner for a short period of time, will the hair return back to what it was before I started to use the Minoxidil?

  26. Abhijeet Singh Post author

    Sir i have stop using minoxidil after using it for 4 months..does my hair recover as it was before using minox

  27. Manish Gurjar Post author

    Sir i use minoxidil 5% before 1 month but sir hair fall not stopped and more hairfall continue…???

  28. Syed Hashmat Post author

    I am suffering from pattern baldness, I am using minoxidil for 4 months and doctor prescribed me to take priorin capsule. My question is if I stop using minoxidil will these capsules help me to stop hair fall after stopping minoxidil?

  29. Sparsh Daliya Post author

    Sir mai 6 month se minoxidil mintop use kr rha but its not get me any result hair fall same as before i wanna to stop minoxidil but some people say it would increase the hair fall during stoped it pls tel me what I do sr

  30. Digvijay Rana Post author

    Ok That means there is no need to waste money on minoxidil in receding hairline case .let it remain the receding hairline goes on increasing, am I right doctor please reply?

  31. ananya Mukherjee Post author

    After i started minoxidil 5% I losing hair more than before around 1 mnth..I loss upto 100 hairs everyday..what should i do now??

  32. PINKPATI Post author

    I stope minoxidil now from last 5-6 days hair loss start..what I do again start using minoxidil..? Pls reply or after some days it wl cure automatically so no need for minoxidil

  33. Aniket Pratyush Post author

    Sir, I had been using LogiHair serum and Minoxidil solution. But now want to stop using minoxidil after using it for a month. Should I continue the use of logiHair Serum after stopping use of minoxidil? Does LogiHair serum help in preventing hair loss?

  34. Adnan Faysal Post author

    I have natural beard, I started minoxidil for filling the beard gaps, If I stop minoxidil will it effects my natural beard also?.. I'm a bit tensed?…Help me plz ?

  35. Fun Tv Post author

    Sir i m using minoxidil for 1 year first it works bt now it stop and my hair fall start again in more amount plz help me

  36. Sai Charan Post author

    Iam using minoxidil for 25 days
    When apply minoxidil and leave it of 1 week by applying without hair wash after 4hr
    And I started falling my hair
    Please replay

  37. Omar Faruque Post author

    Sir i have sebborheic dermatitis in scalp and my hair become thin,, Dermatologist gave me 5% minoxidil.. Iam confused sir Is it ok to use in sebborheic dermatitis scalp please reply sir?

  38. Upendra Shukla Post author

    Hello sir.. I m using moff f 10% solution from last one month,and my hair hall becomes approx 5 time more increase(during treatment it's more than 100, before it wall 10 to 15) during time session…so what should I do???
    My dermatologist said it's a mechanism of starting hair fall is normal

  39. Learn Adventure Post author

    Sir does quiting minoxodil accelerate hair loss or just go into actual condition of hair if the hair loss is generic?

  40. Ali khan Post author

    Sir mare hair fall ho rahe han. Genetic kisi ko nahe g family history m or Dr na mujhe minoxidil diya h. Kiya ya sach h jab minoxidil lagane stop karnge tab jo bat pahla the wo bhi jhar jae ge or jo new hair honge wo bhi jhar jae gi

  41. V zero Post author

    Sir I am using minoxidil 2% for a month now and yesterday I didn't applied minoxidil for some reason.. today when i was applying my hair fall allot.. my whole hand was covered in hair it was 10x more hair fall than normal .. why this happened? Plz reply sir

  42. Shravan p.v Post author

    Hi sir i am experiencing tellogen effluvium due to stress. In my family no one had baldness. I am using minoxidel Since , 1 and half year. My hair never stopped falling . So 5 months back i started taking multivitamin will the minoxidel. And it worked for me. So I thought the problem is cured and and I stopped both multivitamin and minoxidel . So 1 month back I experienced some hair shedding. So I restarted minoxidel. After restarting I lost almost 30 percent of the hair. Now my scalpe is clearly visible. 2 days onwords I stopped using minoxidel but I am taking multivitamin. Now my hair fall decreased. Sir my doubt is should I continue minoxidel or to stop minoxidel. Please help me sir.

  43. Jyoti Bharti Post author

    Mai 3 months se minoxdil use kr rhe but mere hair fall km nhe hue,1months se or v hair fall ho rhe,mai minoxdil chhorna chahte hun ,kya kru

  44. Genius Balance Post author

    Sir i am a foreigners, i cant get here any dermatologist,my uncle and also their family have also baldness record,so i alredy ordered minoxidil foam 5%,,can i use it without any dermatologist permission?

  45. Metal Jesus Post author

    Hi I am 20 years old with a thick full head of hair but I recently started using minoxidil rather for my facial hair. I have been using it for about a month now and haven’t seen scalp hair thinning and have been getting results for my beard but I feel I may go off of minoxidil soon due to traveling over country do you think I may experience hair loss in my facial/scalp hair?

  46. Sudha sb Post author

    Sir my hair is falling more and more by past 4 months starting i don't take more care but it causes serious issue .At present my hair was very thin ? i consult doctor one month back they suggest minoxidil unfortunately i use more than 1ml(2or2.5ml) their is no stock near to me so i stoop using for 2 weeks hair fall increase more than previous days before using of minoxidil . So sir please tell me a suggestion please sir

  47. ABHIJIT HALDER Post author

    Sir, i use morr F 5% for last 8th month. It was wonderful result but last two months agin hair fall start, what can i do.

  48. Sp Araria Post author

    Sir I am using derma roller with minoxidil but since a month my hair has become half of what is was.there has been a tremendous hair should I stop using minoxidil and only use roller once a week?

  49. Anjali Meghani Post author

    Sir please do reply
    Sir if I have pattern baldness or two time this happened with me as I stopped using minoxidil my hair fall starts and by the time it becomes severe
    So in this condition what should I do
    How can I stop using minoxidil after sufficient hair growth on my head
    Please do reply …..
    What to do in such condition

  50. Tehseen Fatma Post author

    A woman i know had been prescribed 5% min minidoxil. But her hair loss was not natural or because of any kind of hormonal issues. The hairloss is because someone spilt toxic bleach on her hair. That caused the complete hair loss from the crown of her head. She visited the doctor snd was given 5% minioxidil. Even 7 years after the incident, she has scanty hair on the crown of her head.

    Now she wants to try some herbsl remedies to regrow hair and eventually come of minioxidil. Bhe is very concerned about the possibility of hair fall after stopping minioxil because as it is she has scanty hair.

    In her case, will stopping lead to hairfall, as the damage was because of external trauma, mot internal hormonal issues?

  51. olgakasciara Post author

    Hello sir! I would like to ask a question. I have some bald spots at my head and asked my dermatologist about it. I told him that I've heard stories of people that used minoxidil and if i could use it. I am female. He told me yeah sure. He didn't even look up how many different types of minoxidil there are ( the 2% and the 5%). I mean, how could i have known? Anyway I have been using the 5%minoxidil for around two months when i noticed unwanted facial hair on my cheeks. I am totally freaked out. I stopped applying minoxidil, but i am concerned if my face will return to normal. Thank you in advance.

  52. Rahul Phukan Post author

    my hair is thinning a and i am having hairloss..since 2yrs and i can 2 see my scalp yeaars back my hair was very thick..ia thia androgenetic aloepecia

  53. sd 13789 Post author

    I have extreme itchy scalp and I have started losing hair at the same time. almost bald now but I still have hair on top. I wonder if It is common symptom of men baldness

  54. Aditya pratap Post author

    ye duniya ka sabse bada jhoota doctor hai doston iski kisi bat par bharosha mat karna
    cause of his advice menoxidix i got compleate baldness
    in his first video where he suggested to use menoxidil he dosent mention anywhere what will happen after sttoping this why ?
    friends please avoid it consult any dermatologists then start any treatment he ìs here only pramote himself and his hospital and earn money from youtube by suscribes

  55. erm ye Post author

    Hi, I use minox liquid in all area of scalp but now I use foam and im not using in every area on scalp will this cause hairfall?

  56. BLack gaming Post author

    i stopped minoxidii after 15 days use.. and shedding start…how much time shedding occur…is it harmfull

  57. Vangelis KT Post author

    I'm 22 and noticed that my hair is getting weaker and it starts to fall in some places. It's not too much cause I noticed it fast and already went to doctor without people even noticing it, I just felt it because I had so much hair 1-2 years ago and now I have less hair and my hairline is getting a bit backwards. Doctor told me to get minoxidil for 2 months and then he'll check me again. I already see the hair going back to the state it was before 1-2 years it's getting fuller and really can't see no difference from before the hairloss start.

    What will happen when I stop minoxidil? Will my hair start falling again or maybe I should use minoxidil once in a while (ex. every 2 days or 3?). My hair at the moment are in perfect shape again, but will I maintain that perfect state after stopping minoxidil? (I used it for 1,5 month now)

  58. Kanchan Akad Post author

    Hello Sir,
    I used mintop from 1 month. I used it in high quantity so i am getting hair on my face. please advice what i need to do.

  59. Rocky Handsome Post author

    I used mintop minoxidil for 9 months with no any effects but after visiting other doc he suggested me kera FM and after 1 month of using kera FM my heart beat was not normal , my heart was beating faster , it's 3-4 days of not using minoxidil, my heart beat is little normal not fully, plz tell me what to do, I don't want to loose my hairs , I am having pattern baldness , I don't want to use minoxidil again but I also don't want to loose my hairs , plzzzzz reply plzzzzz , I beg u

  60. AMIT KUMAR SINGH Post author

    Sir ek baat jaroorr bataiye plz.. Minoxidil chhora sirf 2-3months uske baad bahot jyada baaL girgaye ab fir se start karliya jhhare hai woh fir se Minoxidil lagane se wapas aajayenge na
    3baar mujhe typhoid v ho chuka hai..also I m suffering from MPB


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