Do You Suffer from WIMS (Web-Induced Medical Stress)?

Do You Suffer from WIMS (Web-Induced Medical Stress)?

Title Card: “Do you or someone you know suffer from WIMS (Web-Induced Medical Stress)?” Interior: [A woman sits at her desk in her living room with her laptop open. The woman looks calm and begins to type.] [A message suddenly pops out of the computer screen. The woman frowns.] Computer: “Sitting too many hours a day increases your risk of death!” [The woman looks startled and jumps up anxiously.] Computer: “Standing up too quickly causes dizziness in 2,176 survey participants.” [She looks confused and a question mark appears over her head. She leans back awkwardly.] Computer: “Bright light disrupts your sleep, increasing your risk of disease!” [She turns off the lamp and the room goes dark.] Computer: “Bad lighting increases your risk of household falls by 345%.” [She turns on the light and leans forward to begin typing. She clears her throat.] Computer: “OMG! Throat-clearing can be an early sign of 69,798 horrible diseases!” [The woman looks panicked and starts sweating.] Computer: “Calm down IMMEDIATELY! Stress can worsen life-threatening health conditions!” [The woman groans and shakes her fists. Then she drops her head in despair. The computer fills the screen with messages.] [Computer pops up bubble messages of spam health and medical information.] [The bubbles disappear as the woman shuts down the lid on her laptop. She gasps for breath.] Title card: “Health information doesn’t have to be confusing or scary.” [The same woman is at her desk typing on her laptop.] Insert of screen: “ easy to use, reliable, practical. No ads. No hype.” [The woman smiles.] Insert of screen: “Are you ready to take charge of your health? 1. Get tips to help you sleep better. 2. Try these easy ways to manage stress. 3. Find the screening tests you need this year.” [The woman’s smile gets bigger.] Title card: Image of the logo and slogan “Live well. Learn how.” [A mouse arrow moves over the logo and clicks.]

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  1. Gary Morin Post author

    Are there audio-descriptions for this video? How do blind and vision-impaired users access this video?


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