Do This for 20 Seconds, And Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Do This for 20 Seconds, And Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Are you sitting down? Chances are, you’ve been sitting here watching
videos on your computer for about an hour. While this feels natural most of the time,
it can do a lot of harm to your back and neck. You can help relieve this stress by doing
easy exercises at home. In fact, you can do them right now! Don’t forget to click the subscribe button
and turn on notifications to join us on the Bright Side of life! There are 5 great stretches you can do to
improve the flexibility and overall health of your back and neck. Let’s start with one of the most effective
moves out there: 5. The Wall Stretch Find a wall in your house that you can put
your weight on. Face the wall, and place both of your hands
flat on it with your arms extended and slightly bent. Start to bend down and arch your back, pushing
your butt out. Keep your legs sturdy and straight with a
slight bend at the knee. As you push your butt out, push gently against
the wall you’re leaning on. Push slowly as you arch your back and push
your butt out, taking deep breaths as you do so. Feel that stretch in your lower back? That means you’re doing it right. Ahh, doesn’t that feel wonderful? So why is this stretch so incredibly effective
when it comes to relieving pressure on your lower back? It’s because when you sit in an office chair
or on a couch, you compress your spine, especially closer to the bottom of your back. This compression causes stress on your muscles
and nerves, causing aches in your lower back. To decompress your spine, you need to stretch
it out without straining it, which is exactly what this exercise does. It also stretches out your abdominal muscles,
which are usually crunched together from long-term sitting. The key to the stretch is the outward arch
motion you make with your lower half, known as the anterior pelvic tilt. When you pull your pelvic muscles downward
as you arch your back, you give your lumbar region a good stretch. As you push on the wall, you’re stretching
out your spine, which gives your nerves and muscles in the lower back area serious relief. To top it all off, it prevents the body from
having problems standing properly after having your muscles, discs, and nerves scrunched
together in a chair all day. 4. The Pelvic Tilt Here’s another stretch you can do at home
to ease pressure off your lumbar spine while also strengthening your core muscles — a
key component in preventing lower back pain. Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent
and the flats of your feet pressed against the floor. You can place your hands behind your head
or have them relaxed by your sides. Tighten your abdominal muscles while gently
pressing the small of your back into the floor (as if you were getting ready to do a sit-up). Hold this muscle contraction for 10 seconds. Repeat it up to 20 times or for as long as
you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to breathe in and out as you
do these. This stretch engages your abdominal muscles,
which is really important when relieving lower back pain. The stronger your core muscles are, the better
they are at supporting your spine and keeping it strong, making it less likely to feel stress
as it compresses in your everyday life. If you suffer from lower back pain, strengthening
your core is an excellent way to remedy the situation. 3. Lumbar Extension Presses Can’t get enough of those lower back stretches? Then you’ll love this move! Lie on your stomach with your palms flat on
the floor on either side of your head. Slowly lift your upper torso off the floor
while pushing off with your arms. Don’t forget to keep your pelvis and upper
thighs pressed down against the floor. Lift your upper body as far as you can — ideally,
you should be propped up from the stomach up, similar to a sphinx. Hold the lift for 10 seconds, and then slowly
lower yourself back down. Do these 10 times. As you do them more, you can increase the
hold for up to 30 seconds. Just do whatever you feel most comfortable
with. This lumbar extension press is particularly
effective for people who suffer from disc herniation, which is often caused by excessive
sitting. It stretches out the lower back in a direction
that you can’t necessarily do standing up and can provide great relief to your lumbar
spine. However, if you happen to have stenosis or
fractures in your vertebrae, it’s best to consult your doctor before performing this
stretch. 2. Behind-the-Back Neck Stretch If you stare tensely at a computer screen
for many hours at a time, this stretch can do wonders for your neck! Stand up with legs hip-width apart, and keep
your arms down at your sides. Reach behind your back, and hold your left
wrist with your right hand. With your right hand, pull the left arm gently,
slowly pulling it away from your body. If you’re comfortable with this stretch,
take it a step further by slowly lowering your right ear toward your shoulder. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, and then
do the same thing on the opposite side. This stretch is wonderful for relieving tension
in the sides of your neck as well as your upper back. If it’s hard for you to do at first, don’t
be discouraged! You just have to work on your flexibility. Try doing this move every day. Over time, you’ll see that you’ll be able
to do it with more and more ease. 1. The Seated Heart Opener This stretch targets the front of the neck,
chest, and shoulders — a triple whammy, if you will. Sit with your knees and calves pressed on
the floor, just like how little kids sit on the floor at story time! Lean back while placing your palms flat on
the floor just behind you. Your fingertips should be pointing away from
your body. Now begin to arch your back. Be sure to do this slowly as you push your
hips into your heels. If you’re comfortable, bend your head back,
stretching your neck and the front of your chest. Hold this pose for 30 seconds before returning
to a relaxed posture. This stretch gives your neck a front stretch,
which a lot of neck stretches fail to do. It should extend your neck’s flexibility
a bit so that it doesn’t feel as tense throughout the day. The fact that it stretches out your chest
is great for taking deep breaths and finding a moment to relax in the day, especially if
you spend most of your days hunched forward over a desk! If you can find just 10 minutes in your day
to do these stretches, you’ll probably feel less stress on your lower and upper back and
neck. If you feel stiff at first, don’t worry! Over time, your flexibility should improve,
and you’ll be able to perform them more easily. However, if you feel any kind of sharp pain
or discomfort, consult a doctor or physical therapist to make sure you don’t have any
underlying problems you don’t know about. Before you move on to another awesome Bright
Side video after this one ends, try out some of these relieving stretches! You can thank me later. What other back or neck stretches do you do
to help relieve muscle and nerve tension? Share your knowledge in the comment section
so we can all benefit! Don’t forget to give this video a like,
share it with your friends, and click subscribe! Stay on the Bright Side!

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  1. Super Kyle Post author

    Warning: Kissing back pain goodbye puts an enormous amount of stress on your back when twisting around to kiss it.

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  3. freshcisco Post author

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  5. Saday Ghosh Post author

    Nice but you have to give the proper acknowledgement to yoga because you used two of the very famous poses of yoga one cobra pose and a version of camel pose and you telling us like Sphinx which is wrong info…

  6. Frankie Post author

    0:51 I really wish my female colleagues would do more of that wall stretching, god it hurts to see them in pain otherwise 😉

  7. Fukushima Daiichi Post author

    I thumbs downed this because at 0:52 another camera angle would have been better.

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    ha ha . muslims do it at least 20 times a day . I believe this the reason for a high production rate for muslims 🙄

  9. Gray Filtered Post author

    First of's not that easy , second – if you still work at the office be sure your spine will turn into a pretzel whether you like it or not.

  10. Nuno Pereira Post author

    So i tried this at my job and everyone started to laugh when i farted on the 3rd exercise…the first 2 farts they were ok with it. I couldn't go on and my back still hurts…any advise?!?

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    Please just go and pray 5times a day then you good, islam made things easy but why some can’t see it ?

  12. Sharing Lungs Post author

    That girl needs to work on her office setup first. The monitor is too low for her eye line which is putting pressure on her neck as she looks down. She should lower her seat so her feet is flat on the ground and providing support. She should also ditch the high heels when working. It’s damaging her lower legs and lower back. Stretch all you want but you need to correct that seating posture/office setup or she’ll always be in pain.

  13. Soon Forgot Post author

    If she bends like that at my place, I'm certainly going to do it for more than 20 seconds. Giggity

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