Disc Problem with no Answers Until Coming to Back Pain Relief Center Myrtle Beach

Disc Problem with no Answers Until Coming to Back Pain Relief Center Myrtle Beach

Hey guys, it’s Dr Ray Marquez here at Back Pain Relief Center. This is our Friday edition of Dr Ray TV. We got Ryan here who’s been a great patient and Ryan was feeling bad. Tell them how you were feeling. Herniated C6 C7, neuropathy, MRI, and this guy has pretty much changed my life! So what’s happened with him, is he had this disc problem here and lots of people get it, especially body builders and people like that. They can degenerate that disc over the years and once you pinch that nerve you send some pain going down that arm down through the back, up through the head and all kinds of places. And it’s really scary because it stops you from doing things and the pain’s so bad it’s kind of hard to believe it’s coming from a joint in the neck so he went to a bunch of specialists and wasn’t getting a clear answer, and he came to see us and my goal there was to decompress that joint get the inflammation down in addition to some appropriate medication from the neurosurgeon and with the two working together, he been getting to feel better, we’re getting him back training and we’re starting to get there. Just going to go over a couple of things that we did, and then adjust him. So the first thing I need to do, we need to loosen these muscles up. He’s got a lot on it. I go harder on him than I do on anyone, so if you’re saying “hey, he’s pushing on him pretty hard” or “adjusting very hard”, well he’s a big dude and there’s a lot to move, so. The first thing we do is loosen this tone in the muscle, so pressure comes off of that joint. What I’m doing is I’m putting pressure on these trigger points and these knots here, and we get him to go through a range of motions and it loosens that muscle up. So we can decompress the joint. You might be asking, why are you moving his arm, if it’s his neck that’s the problem? Well, these muscles here are lifting that arm, and if we can loosen this, we can loosen that. One of the things I notice with Ryan as we’ve gone through this in the past weeks, is when we originally started doing it, when this arm would move, kind of everything tightened up and moved together, and now we’re actually getting some better range of motion in his shoulder and when we focus on the neck, and all these other things are working better. So can you tell them what led to all of this? Why did we have a bad neck? And this goes for all you young guys like him out there that want to throw some weight around in the gym. Squatted 805lbs power lifted with my head in the wrong position… Head in the wrong position. So look, hey, I’m with you guys out there. If you guys are a trainer or training and you’re working hard and you want to power lift, I’m all for it, but if you’re going to do that stuff, make sure you get in and see me so we stop it from getting here. Because think about Ryan and why he was training like that we would avoid so many things. It’s all good now because we’re clearing this up, and I keep on telling him and I’m not sure if he believes me, but I think we can get him right back to training just as hard as he was training. So we’re going to do some more muscle work and what do is the trapziod muscle connects his head, up to his shoulder, and all the way down to his mid back. That big muscle is tight, it will inhibit his range of motion in his neck so you see me working down here in order to loosen everything up top. We find some trigger points in there and put some pressure on it. So what I’m doing is putting a lot of pressure on his back while I’m doing these. You probably feel a little discomfort in there. And this is the one that gets everyone. Everyone, whether you lift weights or not, everyone gets a lot of tone up here or trigger point. So next we’re going to do a cervical manipulation and I’m going to decompress those points to increase our range of motion. It’s not appropriate for everyone, Ryan responds very well to it. So if you’re afraid of getting your neck cracked, we don’t do it on everyone. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you there are other things we can do. I put some pressure right on the joint there, and I’m going to flex him over. Now we’re going to do some upper thoracic maniputlations. So next we move on to using some instruments. We call it a prong adjuster or something, I’m not sure what it is. What I do is vibrate all his joints in order to try to realign them and they break up any adhesions that may have formed. We also treat Ryan’s lower back and you can imagine if he was lifting all that weight, we don’t know what’s happened to his lower back and I’m sure there’s some issue there so we’re going to prevent that from causing any trouble. So now we’re going to do a lumbar manipulation. Again, the manipulation is to decompress the joints, regain some range of motion. So look everyone out there, if I can adjust him, I can adjust you, alright! This last one is a mid thoracic manipulation, it just works well on big guys. – How’s it fee? – Good Thanks for watching, if you have any questions, just message us. All about Ryan, just making sure he gets back in the gym. Couple of announcements, we’re moving our Murrells Inlet location over to Myrtle Beach over by Dick Pond Road over near Target. I’m going to be sending out emails and in the post and all that. And our new website is going to be https://myrtlebeachwalkinchiro.com Alright, everyone have a great week, we’ll talk to you soon.

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    What are the keys to being a very good side posture adjuster? Even for big guys such as in this video it appears quite low force. Thanks for your input.


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