Dinamed CBD by Dinafem, our first high pure therapeutic CBD marijuana strain in 4k

Dinamed CBD by Dinafem, our first high pure therapeutic CBD  marijuana strain in 4k

In this video we´ll meet our unique Dinamed CBD. Hello everyone, This is Jásminka, from Dinafem Seeds. And I´m proud to introduce you our first
strain 100% therapeutic. She was the winner of the 1st prize in the
“Flower” category at the CBD-Rich Cup, held in Cadiz in 2016. Dinamed CBD is a Sativa-dominant plant. During the last stage of the flowering, her
leaves acquire beautiful purplish hues. She is a nice producer, and she only needs
some 60 days to complete the flowering stage. Her aroma is sweet and fruity; and her taste:
orangey. But let´s talk about the main issue of this
strain: her high levels of CBD. This strain should be consumed for therapeutic
effects, because research shows that CBd is, among others: An effective muscle tension reliever. Perfect for easing spasticity in patients
with sclerosis. And a strong anticonvulsant. Furthermore, CBD is effective in the treatment
of stress, nausea or even mental disorders. Did you like our Dinamed CBD? Then get more information at our website
and leave your comments below. Thanks for having the Dinafem girls and remember
that we´ll be waiting for you on our social media. See you there.

24 comments on “Dinamed CBD by Dinafem, our first high pure therapeutic CBD marijuana strain in 4k

  1. Aexoero V Post author

    fucking laws that keep a plant illegal. the earth is illegal? we should do something about it but instead we keep our mouths shut and swallow the crap of the leading class.

  2. TheMidoriDreams Post author

    Hello dear Madame or Sir at Dinafem Seeds, this strain in an autoflowering version would be perfect! Could you imagine to breed such a strain? thx for your answer

  3. Mercent Post author

    Hola amigos de Dinafem, me gustaría saber si deprenda un olor fuerte cuando está floreciendo. ¿Y tambien cuáles ceps de Dinafem tienen un olor suave (cuando están creciendo) y un gran cantidad de CBD? ¡Muchas gracias!

  4. lejoe48 Post author

    Precioso video..Como me gustaría probarla..En Suiza ya se está vendiendo esta variedad en paquetitos de 7 gramos..En Italia es parecido..¿Por qué en España no se ha conseguido siquiera subir el nivel legal del THC al 1%, como allí? La industria..la veo floja y demasiado concentrada en la venta de semillas…Ni siquiera se explota el límite legal actual de THC en plantas (Creo que el 0'3%) para vender flores de calidad..Yo sinceramente, estoy cansado de cultivar y, además, hoy solo me interesan estas variedades no psicoactivas.

  5. I Got GamePlay Post author

    Hello, im in love watching this strain <3 i have a question, im very interessed to buy this strain seeds but
    is the taste similar to that of normal thc plants? or is it very different? I thank you in advance.
    and thank u for ur hard work 🙂


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