Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain

OK everybody, I have a
confession to make. Here it is – I’m really happy that we’re
talking about eye health today because I happen to be blind as
a bat. And yes, I happen to wear glasses most of the time. But no
matter how good or bad your eyes happen to be, experts say:
there’s a new eye problem that affects nearly, listen to this,
70% of adults. And why so many? Well it all has to do with
technology. So here to tell us what it is and how to fix it
is Veneeta Eason from Carl Zeiss Vision and
Dr. Kaplan, doctor of optometry. Welcome, I’m so glad to have you
here. Thanks for having us. Let’s jump right in cause it’s
important. Doctor, what is this condition and what are its
causes? Well, digital eyestrain is a condition that’s basically
caused by interaction with technology. The symptoms the
patients begin to experience are red eyes, dry eyes, headache,
fatigue, and disruption to normal sleep patterns. Now
specifically, the reason that that this happens is that we’re
moving our working distance closer. We normally would read
at 18 to 16 inches. Now with our digital devices, we’re working
at 8 to 10 inches. That creates a lot of demand for our focusing
muscles and like any other muscle, it’s going to fatigue,
and when it fatigues, it’s going to cause headaches, gonna cause
general distress to the visual system. When you concentrate on
anything up close, your blink rate goes down and when your
blink rate goes down your eyes dry out, they become irritated
and red at the end of the day. It seems to affect our sleep
patterns as well. Absolutely, One of the most
interesting facets of this, is the blue light emitted by the
displays on all of these digital devices disrupts the normal
melatonin production in the brain. So it’s important, I
think, for parents to monitor their kids usage of these
devices a couple of hours beforehand so that the kids can
get a good nights sleep. And to practice what they preach cause
I know I do not do that. It seems as if the, you know, our
technology is taking over our lives and also taking over our
eyes. What can we do as far as maybe lifestyle changes, just
common sense things that we can do to sort of get some relief
from digital eyestrain? Well the first thing you wanna do is
remember to take frequent breaks. There’s an old 20-20
adage – every 20 minutes take a 20 second break. You wanna make
sure that you’re blinking and that’s a conscious effort as
you’re working up close. And then there are – there’s a wide
variety of optical solutions to help minimize these effects. Oh,
well that’s good because we’re glad to have you here Veneeta.
You do work for Zeiss. I do. And I know I wear glasses obviously.
So for those of us who do wear glasses. There’s a real solution
that a lot of people don’t know about. And that’s really true.
The issue is digital eyestrain is real and people don’t
associate it with something that they can control. They think
it’s just a natural consequence of what they do with their eyes.
And companies like Zeiss are on the forefront of really
understanding human behavior and being able to create solutions
that take into account what you do on a daily basis. And so,
yes, there are eyeglasses out there that can help you see and
feel better. And within the Zeiss technology we have
something called digital eye technology, that we’ve
integrated into our eyeglasses. And what it does, is it helps
you to do what you naturally do, but feel and see better at the
same time. Now, for those who don’t know who Carl Zeiss is,
who Zeiss is. They are really worldwide leaders in this
industry. But not just for eyeglass wear. Exactly. They
have a history of optics dating back to the 1800’s and when you
think of Zeiss, we are in almost every technology that requires
precision optics. So for example, two-thirds of
microsurgeons use Zeiss equipment. So cool. When you
think of the professional film industry, many of the Academy
Award winning films that you see today were shot with the Zeiss
lens. We even go into Nobel Prize winners. Many of them, and
there’s over 20 of them, have actually used Zeiss microscopes
to help them with their breakthrough. So talk to me. You
you you were very specific. You went in and got our, my vision
specs and you created these specifically for me. What should
people be considering when they are looking for lenses to treat
certain vision problems or digital eyestrain. Not all
lenses are created equal. There’s a wide range of
performance and quality and you really don’t wanna get the
cheapest lenses. I can see there’s sort of like a blueness
in here. Does this have to do with the sort of filtering that
blue light? Well what we designed for you is a lens
called Zeiss Drive Safe and they are designed for two-thirds of
the patients that express concern about driving in low
light conditions. And in that situation, you know, low light,
rain, night, or even with the glare that’s oncoming from
traffic. So we put technology in those lenses to help you see
better and feel better when you’re driving to not be as
anxious. Well let me tell you something Veneeta, I’ve worn
glasses for now, I was calculating 16 years. I’ve worn
these for 4 months and immediately felt the difference.
I had a lot of anxiety driving at night. I have 2 small kids,
which is not acceptable. The glare from the – I just couldn’t
see the light, the fuzz, the aura, all of that. No more, now
I see crisp, clear and what I love most, they’re so
lightweight. They’re beautiful lenses. I thank you so much for
them. They look beautiful on you. So doctor before we go, any
last words of wisdom? Yes, I would say if you’re using a
digital device for more than 2 hours a day make sure you convey
that information to your doctor so they can come up with an
appropriate optical solution. Your eyes are important. And
Veneeta, where can we go for more information? You can go to to learn all about the solutions
that we have and find a Zeiss certified eye care professional
that can help you. Well, I love mine. I am not giving them up.
And you can also log on to for more

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