Did Christ Die For All Mankind – Part 2 (The Gospel of Ruth)

Did Christ Die For All Mankind – Part 2 (The Gospel of Ruth)

hey what’s up everybody it is Dante
Fortson here what did Christ die for all mankind
part 2 the Gospel of Ruth so I took a poll which is still open for anybody
that wants to take it and I asked how many people had heard the gospel
preached from the Book of Ruth and the majority of you said you had not heard
the gospel preached from the Book of Ruth so I figured I’d go ahead and do
that today and show you the full gospel from the Book of Ruth and also take you
through a couple of other Old Testament books so before we do that make sure you
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with second Peter 2:10 I did a to 1 through 10 I did I’m not gonna read the
whole ten verses but just the first verse I’m not gonna get into the whole verses for several reasons but anyway
let me just read this first before I get ahead of myself but there were also
false prophets among the people just as there will be false prophets among you
they will secretly introduced of heresies even denying the sovereign
Lord who bought them bringing Swift destruction on themselves
so this is the King James Version that you used to mostly cuz I kind of wanted
to be more clear it says in the King James Version it says privily shall
bring in damnable heresies but this is kind of a more straightforward
translation secretly introduce destructive heresies the word is a
little bit stronger than destructive of course in the King James but the reason
I use this verse right here is because there are a lot of false teachers and I
don’t believe that all false teachers have malicious intent I think some false
teachers have been misled by people who have false and falsely taught them and
then they take that teaching and then they falsely teach it to others and
again I don’t believe it’s always intentional I believe that the source of
it who is the enemy is intentional about it and so the reason I often talk about
spiritual warfare in these studies when I say hey we’re in a war we’re in a war
because this is an ongoing spiritual warfare now the thing about being in a
wars you have to be honest with yourself you can lie to yourself if you want to
and you will be beaten however when you are honest with yourself you can take
the steps to correct your weaknesses and one of the weaknesses our people have is
that we jump from doctrine to doctrine to doctrine instead of taking the time
to sit back and just read for ourselves what the book has to say and take time
to really meditate on on what’s being said and the lessons that are being
taught so one example of this is a lot of us including myself came out of
Eurocentric Christianity but I actually had started to back away from your
eccentric Christianity in my teens all around when I was 15 and I started to
notice that the pastor I went to a kojic church at the time Church of God in
church of God in Christ the pastor would teach that angels were
sexless and genderless and hermaphrodites these are the words he
would use and I remember thinking like wait a minute hermaphrodite means you
have both sex organs and genderless means you don’t have a sex and these
can’t be the same these can
it can’t both be right and so that made me start to question his teaching and so
from there I kind of began my own journey into really reading the Bible
for myself and stepping away from church now being a black teenager who had a
black mother and black grandparents heavily involved in the church I wasn’t
allowed to just stop going however mentally I had checked out and
had decided I was gonna do my own research I would listen to the pastor
take in the message and then go home and research acts 17:11 so the reason I’m
bringing you this study is after the last study there were a lot of comments
and the comments were different but they all were at the root the same problem
some people wanted to know why I was teaching the Gentiles can be saved why I
was teaching to anybody but Israel can be saved why did I say Ruth was a
Moabite and not an Israelite so all of that kind of ties together and this is
why I keep saying that everybody who teaches is not called to teach a lot of
our people have jumped from your eccentric Christian doctrine to camp
doctrine instead of taking time reading the Bible and sitting back and
meditating on its words to learn what’s the truth and what’s not the truth
before they get dragged into doctrine so understand spiritual warfare doesn’t end
just because you woke up to the fact that Christ is black and just because
you welcome to the fact that we are Israel no spiritual warfare just begins
there you’re getting closer to the front lines so as you get closer to the front
lines the battle becomes more intense for your salvation so when you’re out in
the world you’re out in the world enjoying it so think of it this guy as
this concept America America is at war constantly with somebody and yet here
those of us who live here in the mainland
we have probably never seen war unless we join the military
we’re over here party we’re out in the world all the wars going on out there
and then one day you wake up and you say wait there’s good there’s evil there’s
God there’s a devil let me figure this thing out let me
figure out which religion is the religion of the correct religion some
people choose Islam some people choose Christianity some people choose Buddhism
people choose all sorts of things but understand that’s a level of awakening
even if they’re wrong in their choice they have awakened to the fact that
there are higher powers and a specific higher power in most cases so they
recognize that something else is out there so now at that point you’re no
longer partying you’re like okay I’m thinking about joining the military and
when you join when you pick which military to join there is doctrine meant
to give you enough truth to put you near the full awakening but also to keep you
far enough away so that you don’t really wake up you get into that space between
sleep and being awake I call it sleepwalking even though you’re I don’t
know what the scientific term is between sleep and awake but it’s where the real
world will start to blend with your dream world as you’re waking up just for
a few moments and that’s the case a lot of people are walking around in and so
you jump out of your own centric Christianity and the devil is not done
he’s like okay well just in case he has a plan b c d e f g all the way through Z
he has this thing planned so if you’re eccentric Christianity brought you close
to the truth it was like okay yeah you believe in the Bible you believe in God
but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna trick you into believing he’s white I’m gonna
get you to worship a white Jesus so you’re not worshiping the real deal but
all the other stuff is there so you have the little lie so then you wake up you
say Christ is black and the Israelites is black and this part is a lie and he
was like yeah but remember when you were Christian you believed you could be
saved even though you didn’t know you’re Israel you believed you could have
salvation but now that you’re Israel I want you to teach that nobody else has
salvation I want you to teach that only you have salvation and so you end up
with errors like Israelite only salvation because people will have read
the Old Testament and barely read the New Testament at all and so when they
can’t wreck Syal the Old Testament in the New
Testament what they do is like the blind leading the blind they start saying well
we’re not gonna accept this part of the old the New Testament because it doesn’t
doesn’t line up with this and we can’t make it make sense the reason they can’t
make it make sense is because a lot of these guys who are Israelite teachers
and I use that word very loosely the lot of these people who come up with camp
doctrine have not been saved that long number one when they were saved they
didn’t take the Bible and sit down and read it for the amount of time that they
needed to before they started teaching doctrine but a lot of these guys what
they do is they come into the knowledge that where Israel they learn a few
Israelite words that they can throw around in conversation and sound like
they’re awoken know what they’re talking about and they just start repeating
doctrine and somebody else told them they go from being Christian everybody
can be saved – well now I’m Israel and nobody else can be saved but me nobody
else can be saved but me don’t teach these other people to be saved and it’s
this whole shift not everybody but a lot and so it ends up being the blind
leading the blind so I know this is a long introduction but I just kind of
want you guys to understand where I’m coming from when I teach this stuff I
have no loyalty to any doctrine I have no loyalty the urban apologetics I have
no loyalty to Eurocentric Christianity I have no loyalty to black Hebrew
Israelite camp doctrine at all any of those I have loyalty to the truth and
the most high so when I teach this stuff is because I want to know the truth I’m
not trying to be misled by any man so therefore when a lot of you post this
doctrine camp doctrine and all this other nonsense on the comments section I
don’t approve it so if you’re wondering why a lot of your comments don’t get
approved when you’re posting is nonsense camp doctrine it’s because not only do I
know it’s false teaching I’m not gonna expose other people to it so again if
you’re stuck on camp doctrine you already have a problem because you’re
approaching the scriptures from how do I make my doctrine make sense that’s the
wrong way to approach the scripture you should be approaching scripture from let
me read scripture for itself and develop my doctrine off of what scripture says
now what some dude told me because he just woke up two years ago and he
a little bit of Hebrew and has barely read the Bible has only read his
favorite parts of the Bible and not the whole thing so let’s talk about a brief
history of the Moabites and the reason we need to talk about the Moabites is
because we’re gonna establish whether or not Ruth was an Israelite or a Moabite
and in order to do that we have to have the history of the Moabites I’m not like
these teachers who just jump in and say well Ruth was a Moabite because of this
this or this or she was an Israelite because this this or this
and skip all of the groundwork now we’re gonna take the time we’re gonna lay the
foundation we’re gonna do the background work and then we’re gonna move forward
from there it’s not just gonna be jump around to all these verses so let’s look
at the history the Moabites according to Scripture so this is Genesis 19 where a
lot and his two daughters have escaped it says in the first born said to the
younger our father is old and there is not a man in the earth to come in unto
us after the manner of all the earth come let us make our father drink wine
and we will lie with him that we may preserve seed of our Father and they
made their father drink wine that night and the firstborn went in and laid with
her father and he perceived not when she laid down nor when she arose and it came
to pass on the morrow that the firstborn said unto the younger behold i lay
yesternight with my father let us make him drink wine
this night also and go thou in and lie with him that he we may preserve seed of
our Father and they made their father drink wine that night also and the
younger arose and lay with him and he perceived not when she laid down and
when she arose thus were both the daughters of lot by
with child by their father and the firstborn bear son and called his name
Moab the same as the father the Moabites unto this day
and the younger she also bare a son and called his name benami and the same as
the father of the ammonites unto our Ammon unto this day so you see the birth
of two nations here you see the Moabites and the ammonites and you’re gonna see
them come up a lot through Scripture but the Moabites and ammonites are born of
incest but they are Hebrews they’re not Israelites they are Hebrews remember
Abraham’s the Hebrew so that means Abraham’s brother was a
Hebrew which means lot his nephew is a Hebrew as well because of Abraham so
Hebrew means his father was a Hebrew so hopefully you guys are following a logic
right there so these guys are Hebrews they are not Israelites but they are he
they’re probably more hebrew than the israelites because as you’ll see the
israelites start to mix and come about a whole different way and not through
incest like the Moabites and ammonites now in the Book of Numbers when they
enter the Promised Land so that was Genesis where the birth of the two
nations the Book of Numbers they enter the Promised Land and this is
interesting because again this is why we need to load another history and the
children of Israel set forward and pitched in the plains of Moab on this
side Jordan by Jericho and balak the son of zippor saw all that Israel had done
to the amur rights and Moab was sore afraid of the people because they were
many and Moab was distressed because of the children of Israel and Moab said
unto the elders of Midian many a nights were descended from Abraham as well that
was one of the other sons that Abraham had that he sent away now shall this
company look up all that around about us as the oxalic atop the grass of the
field and black the son of zippor saw King was king of the Moabites at the
time he sent messengers before unto balaam the son of beor
to pet fuller which is by the river of the land of the children of his people
to call him saying behold there is a people come out from Egypt behold they
cover the face of the earth and they abide over against me come now therefore
I pray thee cursed me this people for they are too mighty for me peradventure
I shall prevail that we may smite them and that I may drive them out of the
land for I wot that or no what if you see that in the Old Testament isn’t
means no for I know that he whom thou blessed is blessed and he whom thou
cursed is cursed so the king of Moab wanted to curse the children of Israel
as they’re coming into the Promised Land out of Egypt or coming toward the
Promised Land out of Egypt Deuteronomy 2 verses 7 through 12 for the Lord thy God
hath blessed thee in all thy works of thy land he knoweth by walking through
his great this great wilderness these 40 years the LORD thy God has been with
thee thou has lacked nothing and when we passed by from our brethren
the children of Esau which dwelt in sere through the way of the plane from ilat’
and from a-z on gaber returned and passed by the way of the wilderness of
Moab we’re gonna come back to Esau and later study and the Lord said unto me
distress not the Moabites neither contend with them in battle for I will
not give thee of their land for possession because I have given are unto
the children of lot for a possession so I’m gonna stop right there you guys can
read the rest read the whole chapter for yourself 2 gets into the Nephilim stuff
which we’re not going to get into and some more stuff about Esau
so it says distress nothing more bites neither contend with them in battle for
I will not give you their land for possession this is important because you
encounter some camps not all camps and I want you guys to understand I’m not
saying all camps some camps teach that the Israelites put the Moabites out of
their land and if they took over the land and started calling themselves by
the names of the more bikes and the Hittites and the amorite sand the king
they they save this because they start with their doctrine which is rooted in
racism and I’m using it as the colloquial sense not the not the
dictionary definition of racism or races so don’t send me a message saying well
black people can’t be racist you know what I mean what I’m saying forget the
semantics of all this stuff they did not start calling themselves the Moabites
the Israelites didn’t start call themselves the more bites and as we’re
gonna see this is the importance of the background before you start to talk
about who is who in the Bible not only did they not start calling themselves
that these people were still around and the Bible makes that 100% clear so in
judges the book of Judges this is where we’re gonna start to head into today’s
lesson even more to show you that a lot of people are lying to you when they
teach the Bible now some of them not intentionally but the fact is if you
have not read the Bible through cover to cover at least 5 to 6 times then there’s
no way you know what’s in it there’s no way you know what’s in it if you
haven’t read it cover-to-cover at least six times I’m telling you I’ve been
reading this book for 22 years now since I was 15 years old been reading this
book and I still find stuff sometimes that I overlooked or stuff that I won’t
say overlooked well I guess it is over looking I read it and it didn’t click at
the time it didn’t you know how people say it rings a bell it didn’t ring the
bell at the time but I’ve read and I’m like oh wait I did see that verse before
but now I’m looking at it again and this is why you can’t have people who read
the Bible one time and sometimes not even one time and they want to be
teachers and they get up there and teach and they start teaching falsely because
they’re teaching based on doctrine somebody else taught them not because
they’ve read it themselves now this is important in judges three judges chapter
3 verse 1 through 7 now these are the nations with the Lord left to prove
Israel by them even as many of Israel had not known all the Wars of Canaan so
right now he’s telling you he left nations there in the king denied area
where they innovated Joshua and Moses and he left nations there to test them
or to prove them only that the generations of the children of Israel
might know to each to teach them war at the least such as before knew nothing
thereof so he wants to teach the people who didn’t know nothing of war the the
Wars of the Canaanites he wanted to leave these nations that have proved
them so that they wouldn’t get soft like back in the day when you’re when you
have a bully at school your mother will make you go fight the
bully and now this is why we have all these these kids they’re getting
cyberbully like they don’t even haven’t like the bullies aren’t even brave
enough to bully you in person like they bully you over the internet and through
text messages and all this other nonsense like we used to have real
bullies that we had to physically confront and our parents would make us
confront them there was no bully culture or whatever you call this stuff you
fight the bully period that’s what it was so the most high left these nations
there to test Israel so that Israel would not get soft
it says namely 5 Lords of the Philistine I’ll say most importantly or namely and
all the Canaanites all of them and we’ll talk about the tribes that make up the
Canaanites later when we get into David and Bathsheba because some people will
say well Bathsheba was an Israelite you’ll notice that’s a recurring theme
if they can’t Lane why these other tribes and people
are being saved in the Old Testament they will come up with this trans trans
tribe ISM well if you think you’re the other tribe and you call yourself the
other tribe with you’re the other tribe it’s the same thing that the Liberals
the Democrats are teaching well if a man wakes up one day and he thinks he’s a
woman he acts like a woman and he takes the right medication he’s a woman again
it’s nonsense so let me continue and not get ahead of myself here says the
sidonians and the Hittites to dwell in Mount Lebanon from mount bowel Hermon
until the entering in of Hamas and they were to prove Israel by them to know
whether they would hearken unto the commandments of the Lord which he
commanded their fathers by the hand of Moses and the children of Israel dwelt
among the Canaanites Hittites and Emirates and parasites and Hittites and
Jeb you sites so when you get one of these false teachers telling you that
that Tamar I’m not Tamar well we’re gonna come back to Tamar I’m getting
ahead of myself on Tamar but Bathsheba was not married to an actual Hittite
they are lying to you right here the Bible says they left the Hittites in the
land they lived among the Hittites so we see you Uriah the Hittite he was a
hittite Hittites come from the line of ham from the children of Heth and we’ll
get into them later too at some point but Bathsheba was not an Israelite
why wouldn’t Israelite be married to an Hittite ask yourself that when they came
into the land by she was already married the Israelites had just gotten land
we’re gonna well the Israelites were in the land but we’re gonna come back to
that I don’t want to get ahead of myself because a lot of this stuff is gonna
happen faster than many of you think when it comes to the timelines you’ll
see that Boaz when we get to Boaz since we’re talking about the Book of Ruth
Boaz his great-grandfather was the brother-in-law of Aaron Moses’s brother
so again I mean I get ahead of myself and they took this is important too and
they took their daughters to be their wives and gave their daughters to their
sons and serve their gods so we know the people in the land we
know that they’re exchanging daughters and sons they’re intermarrying so don’t
ever let these people tell you that Israel didn’t marry outside of Israel
that’s a lie they were on one hand tell you the Israel got punished because they
didn’t believe the laws and the commandments and then they will tell you
that the laws in the commandments said he couldn’t mix with these people so
they obeyed him and didn’t do it that’s a lie right here in the book of Judges
it tells you that these people were still around and that they were
intermarrying with these people and the children of Israel did evil in the sight
of the Lord and forgot the Lord their God and serve Balaam and the groves the
groves is where they would go worship false gods Balaam is usually a plural
term for God’s Lords other other false gods used in the Bible a summary of them
I guess collectively so they were marrying these people and it had nothing
to do with their race or ethnicity that it was forbidden because as I pointed
out the children of lot were Hebrews however they weren’t allowed to mix with
them or what’s supposed to mix with them because they worshiped other gods and
they would get Israel would always get lured into worshipping other gods and
you can look at us now and see how many of us have different religions that we
believe African spiritualism Kemet Islam Christianity black Hebrew Israelite I
mean we have all kind of different gods and religions that we follow so now
further in the book of Judges and eat her this is Judges chapter 3 26 31 and
eat Hut escaped while they tarried and pass beyond the quarry’s and escaped
unto Seir wrath and it came to pass when he was come that he blew a trumpet in
the mount of ephraim and the children of israel went down with him from the mount
and he before them and he said unto them follow after me for the lord hath
delivered your enemies the more bites into your hand and they went down after
him and took the Fords of the Jordan toward Moab and suffered not a man to
pass over and they slew of Moab at that time about ten thousand men all lusty
and all men of valor and there escaped and not a man so Moab was subdued that
day under the hand of Israel and the land had rest four score years eighty
years and to him was Shamgar the son of an ass
which slew of the Philistines 600 men with the Knox goat and he also delivered
Israel now understand Moab was bigger than 10,000 people they slew in Moab
10,000 men not all the men 10,000 men but what does that mean it means the
women of Moab the majority of the women I’m not gonna say the majority a lot of
the women in Moab did not have men this is important because it sets up the
story of Ruth 10,000 men of Moab were slain and that means that there are a
lot of women who are not going to have men and again this is in the days of the
judges the book of Judges so I always like this right here come on man it’s
not rocket surgery like people make this out to be a difficult thing to do to
rightly divide scripture or rightly teach scripture and it’s really not all
you have to do is put in the effort and read and not start teaching before you
have read the whole book the problem is people don’t read the whole book they
want a shortcut it oh I want to be a teacher of the Bible so let me get these
few verses down let me learn these few Hebrew words so I could toss them out
there let me learn the jargon so I know what I’m talking about and they haven’t
put in the time with the most high they haven’t put in the time with his word
and to really understand the scriptures so let’s talk about it was Ruth an
Israelite or a Moabite it’s a simple question with a simple answer
the Bible says 14 times that Ruth is a Moabite and not an Israelite so anybody
teaching the you that Ruth is an Israelite is false teaching you period
and I’m about to show you all 14 times in the Bible that it says Ruth is not an
Israelite and the reason I’m going through the effort is so one that you
can understand then that these people are false teaching you and you can be
armed against it but number two is to show you that certain people don’t like
to just read the Bible they don’t like the words of the Bible so what they’ll
try to do is they’ll try to change those words completely and say well I know the
Bible says the Ruth was a Moabite but that’s because
the people of Israel went down into Moab and they started calling themselves and
Moabites because they were living as more bites and they were basically trans
tribal this they don’t say the word trans tribal but that’s that’s the word
I’m using these people thought this and so therefore they were this and that’s
not correct God is not the author of confusion god is not gonna tell you
Israel Israel Israel and then name Moab but really means Israel and then take
the Hittites but really means Israel and then tell you Gentiles but really means
Israel God is not the author confusion all these people are not Israelites
it’s Israel not doing what they’re supposed to do it’s Israel marrying all
these other people but we see the gospel of redemption throughout the Old
Testament so mentioned number one we’ve not being
an Israelite says now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled stop did
we just read and judges that these people were in the land that they were
marrying among these other people first and most important mention this happened
in the days of the judges which we just learned the more bites were still around
the Israelites had not wiped out the more bites they just killed ten thousand
men so you have a bunch of women who are manless in Moab so now in the days of
when the judges ruled that there was a famine in the land and a certain man of
Bethlehem Judah went to sojourn in the sojourn in the country of Moab he and
his wife and his two sons and the name of the man was Ali Malik and the name of
his wife Naomi and the name of his son two sons Milan and Chile on f4 thights
of Bethlehem Judah and they came into the country of Moab and continued there
so surgit sojourn we learned last time in part one if you not watch part one
please watch part one before you finish this sojourn means to stay temporarily
now that’s gonna be a ten-year stay as we’re gonna see but they came there to
Moab to stay temporarily and he had two sons and Ali Malik Naomi’s husband died
and she was left in her two sons so now she’s a widow and she has two sons and
they took them wives of the of Moab so here we go what did they take
wives of the women of Moab why because in the days of the judges which this
this takes place in the days of the judges they slew ten thousand of the men
so there are a bunch of women in Moab that needed men so they took two of the
women of Moab the name of one was Orpah and the name of the other was Ruth and
they dwelled there about ten years as you see ten years so they took women of
Moab that is a hundred percent clear they this happened during the days of
the judges this is why it’s important to read all the books of the Bible because
had anybody just read the book of Judges then it wouldn’t be so much confusion
behind whether or not Ruth is a Moabite or an Israelite it says and they dwell
there about ten years and Malin and chilli on died also both of them and the
woman was left of her two husbands and two sons and her husband so now she’s
husband listen childless and she has her daughters-in-law both of her
daughters-in-law then she arose with her daughters-in-law that she might return
to from the country of Moab for she had heard in the country of Moab notice how
many times they keep saying this how that the Lord had visited his people in
giving them bread so there was a famine which made them leave Bethlehem Judah
and now they’re in Moab now she wants to leave Moab because now they have food in
Bethlehem Judah and she’s a widow and her sons are dead and she wants to
return to her people so let’s continue we have another example that comes out
of here and notice how in the Bible when the Most High I’ve noticed this if you
go to my serpent seed study where I talk about how far out of the way the Bible
goes to let you know that Cain is the son of Adam and not the son of Satan
it’s almost as if the Bible anticipates certain false doctrines that will be
impactful to the body and this being one of them there are
over and over and over and over and over again it makes it clear that this woman
Ruth is not an Israelite so we see how many times mo AB is mentioned we see
that this takes place on the time of the judges we see that they took wives from
the women Moab it doesn’t say they took Israelite
wives or Israelites to call themselves more bikes it says they took wives are
the women of Moab God is not the Ostler confusion that is
straightforward anybody telling you that Ruth was not a Moabite is a false
teacher or anybody telling you that Ruth was an Israelite is a false teacher so
mentioned number two and they lifted up their voice and wept again and Orpah
kissed her mother-in-law but roof clave Ruth clave unto her and she said behold
my sister-in-law has gone back unto her people and unto her God’s returned thou
after thy sister-in-law so Naomi is trying to get Ruth and Orpah to leave
her and Ruth stays or believes but she says thy sister-in-law has gone back
unto her people we know that Naomi’s an Israelite we know that the Bible tells
us that they took these two women from Moab which is why Naomi is saying she
went back to her people you should do the same
now what if she’s if Ruth was an Israelite why would she tell Ruth to go
back to her people when Naomi’s an Israelite going back to
Judah Bethlehem Judah it doesn’t make sense and Ruth said entreat me not to
leave thee or return from following after thee for whither thou goest I will
go and where thou lodgest I will Lodge thy people shall be my people and thy
God my god so she’s saying your people aren’t my
people but I’m gonna stay with you and they’re gonna become my people why would
she say that if she’s an Israelite why would she say your God is gonna become
my God if she’s actually an Israelite she wasn’t an Israelite where thou Dyess
will I die and there will I be buried the Lord do so to me and more also if
aught but death Part V and me she is dedicating herself to Naomi saying
wherever you go I’m gonna go forever and when she saw that she was steadfastly
minded to go with her then she left speaking up unto her so Naomi stop
trying to get her leave when she realized she wasn’t going anywhere
so they – so they – went until they came to Bethlehem and it came to pass
when they were come to Bethlehem that all the city was moved about them and
they said is this Naomi they recognized her so again we see the Bible going out
of its way to tell you that Ruth and Naomi are not of the same people Ruth is
a Moabite Naomi’s an Israelite mentioned number three this is Ruth chapter 1
verse 20 through 22 and she said unto them call me not Naomi call me Mara for
the Almighty had dealt with very bitterly with me
mara the word Mar usually means bad Mar mall different versions of that that I
guess it prefix usually mean bad and she said that the Lord is built don’t
bitterly with me I went out full and the Lord hath brought me home empty and they
I was gonna say empty again but the Lord has brought me home empty when they call
ye when why then call ye me Naomi seeing the Lord had testified against me and
the almighty hath afflicted me so Naomi returned and ruth the moabite us ruth
the what the Moabite us her daughter-in-law with her which returned
out of the country of Moab and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley
harvest so it caused her a Moabite us again in references the country of Moab
is going out of its way to let you know this woman is not an Israelite they
didn’t call her an Israelite they called her a Moabite as’ so for those of you
still under the teaching of these these some of the camps that teach this non
sister Ruth was an Israelite asked him one by one everything I’m pointing out
asked them to explain each one and all they will be able to do is say oh well
she was really an Israelite well she was really an Israelite well she was really
an Israelite they have to keep telling you the Bible’s lying over and over and
over again when it’s telling you she’s a Moabite she came out of the country of
Moab at Moab they took women of the children of Matar they they took the
women of Moab to life we’re gonna see they’re gonna keep saying it a bunch of
different ways which is also interesting it says it in multiple ways that she was
not an Israelite so mentioned number four and five and Naomi had a kinsman
what Ruth doesn’t have a kinsman we’re gonna talk about a route that
technically is routes kinsman be by marriage but it specifically tell you
Naomi had the kinsman this is not one of the mentions I’m referring to but Naomi
had a kinsman if her husband a mighty man of wealth of the family of Ali Malek
and his name was Boaz go do the research on the lineage of Boaz not coming
forward to David but going back to the brother-in-law of Aaron you will see
that the line that Boaz is from was actually placed over the children of
Judah when they did the census in the Book of Numbers so if you go back and
chase that line you’ll see that so he that’s why he’s a mighty man of wealth
and he has a family name from the family of Alima Alima Alima lek so Naomi
married into wealth and a notable name this is why she’s gonna have land to
sell when she comes back you know see her trying to sell her land so she has
land because she married into a family with a notable name because these people
come from a long line of important people throughout scripture and you’ll
see that the line was chosen way back in the Book of Numbers
the David would come from it just hadn’t been clarified yet it starts to get
clarified as you work your way through the Bible says I’m Ruth the more by this
said unto Naomi let me now go to the field and glean
ears of corn after him and whose sight I shall find Grace and she said unto her
go my daughter that’s gonna be important later on and she went and came and
gleaned in the field after the Reapers and her heap was too light on it and her
hat was too light on part of the field belonging unto Boaz who was other
kindred of alle mullet and behold Boaz came from Bethlehem and said unto the
Reapers the Lord be with you and they answered him the Lord blessed thee then
said Boaz unto his servant that was set over the Reapers whose damsel is this so
he’s asking his Israelite Reapers who is this this is how the Israelites
responded and the servant that was set over the reapers answer to said it is
the Moabite ish woman or the more abide his damsel that came back with Naomi out
of the country of Moab so they call her bite they’re not calling her Israelite
then think about this if she’s an Israelite and she looks like all the
other Israelite women and yet they’re just calling themselves Moabites and I
walk up to you or she walks up to you you don’t know if she’s a Moabite or not
you don’t know she calls herself a Moabite if you know her from anybody
else just like if Israelite woman to Israelite women walk up to me right now
and they’re both is rights I don’t know if one identifies herself as a native
Aboriginal or more or any of the other stuff that PR people tend to identify
themselves as I don’t know any of that and yet they looked at her gleaning in
the field says she’s a motorbike how did they know she’s a Moabite because she
did not look like the Israelite women and I’m gonna get back to that because
Ruth is going to say herself that she does not look like the Israelite women
so this is mentioned number four or five ruth the moabite is said unto Naomi and
then down there at verse six they call her a Moabite ish damsel so again I told
you there are 14 of these so this is mentioned number six seven eight nine
and ten four you get five mentions within a four verse section of her not
being an Israelite then she fell on her face and bowed herself to the ground and
said unto him why have I found grace and 9ice that thou should just take
knowledge of me seeing I am a stranger we went over that word stranger in part
one she’s a stranger because she’s not of his people she came from Moab over to
Bethlehem verse 11 and Boaz answers said unto her it has fully been showed me all
that thou has done die unto thy mother-in-law since the death of thy
husband and how thou hast left thy father and thy mother and the land of
thy Nativity the land of thy nativity nativity means where she was born she
was born in Moab that’s the land of her Nativity she was born there and art come
unto a people which thou knewest not heretofore so you were born in Moab that
you don’t even know us before hid this because she’s not an Israelite says come
to a people which thou knewest not here for she didn’t know them so if she’s an
Israelite why wouldn’t she know her own people if they were only calling
themselves Israelites or only calling themselves more bytes as some of y’all
teach why didn’t she know her own people let’s continue the Lord recompense I
work in a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel under whose wings
thou art come to trust why because those the most high was not her God Naomi said
go back to your people in your gods her people were in Israel and her God was
not the most high he was not the lord of Israel she came to trust the Lord God of
Israel because that was not her God because they were not her people then
she said let me find favor in thy sight my lord for thou has comforted me and
for thou has spoken friendly unto thine handmaid though I be
not like unto one of thine hand maidens so she’s not like the other women out
there the other women out there Israelites cuz they’re gleaning the
field in their gleaning because that’s something that was established in the
law but people who had nothing so she doesn’t look like the rest of his hand
mades I’m not like them thank you for being comforting thank you for being
kind because I don’t even look like these people so understand it if she was
Israelite she would have blended right in so we keep going and her
mother-in-law said to her where hast thou gleaned today and where Rada Stough
blessed be he that did take knowledge of thee and she showed her mother-in-law
with whom she had brought and said the man’s name Adam and his name with whom I
brought today is Boaz and Naomi said unto her daughter-in-law blessed be the
Lord blessed be he of the Lord who hath not left his kindness to be living and
to the dead let me read that again it was net not left off his kindness to
the living and to the dead and Naomi said unto her the man is near of kin
unto us one of our next kinsman so here comes the kinsman redeemer and ruth the
moabite is not the israelite said he said unto me also thou shall keep fast
by my young men until they have ended my harvest and Naomi said unto Ruth her
daughter-in-law it is good my daughter that thou go out with his maidens that
they meet thee not in any other field so she kept fast by the maidens of Boaz to
glean unto the end of the barley harvest and the wheat harvest and dwelt with her
mother-in-law so Ruth is there living with her mother-in-law she is called a
Moabite as’ again so like I said the Bible keeps going out his way cuz I want
you to get the point that this woman is not an Israelite and there’s a reason we
come back to all this when I break down the gospel in the Book of Ruth there’s a
reason and it makes it adamant that she’s a Moabite and wants to keep
telling you she’s not an Israelite and anybody teaching you that she’s an
Israelite should not be teaching this book period they need to go sit down
they need to read and learn the history they need to make sure they have read
every single word of every single page of this book before they get out there
teaching and if you have not done it again you can lie to everybody else but
you and the Most High know if you’ve not read this book all the way through and
if you’ve not read this book all the way through at least more than once you
should not be teaching this book period so mention number 12 then went Boaz up
to the gate and set him down there and behold a kinsman of whom boy fate came
by until whom he said hosts such a one turn
aside sit down here and he turned aside and sat down and he took ten minute the
elders of the city and said sit ye down here and they sat down and he said unto
the kinsman nale kinsman Naomi that has come again out of the country of Moab
sell at the parcel of land which was our brother at Lima Lex and I thought to
advertise these saying by before the inhabitants before the elders of my
people if that will redeem it and before the elders of my people if that will
redeem it redeem it but if that will not redeem it then tell me that I may know
for there is none to redeem it besides me so there’s no other redeemer besides
him that’s gonna be important gonna come back to that so there’s there’s an elder
redeemer and then there’s him and then that’s it and he says and I am after Dee
and he said I will redeem it so the elder first is our Redeemer then said
Boaz what day thou biased the field of the hand of Naomi thou must buy it also
of ruth the moabite as’ she’s called a Moabite as the wife of the dead to raise
up a name the dead raised up the name of the dead
upon his inheritance so Ruth is called a Moabite us again now this is gonna be
important because after after he tells the elder redeemer that he has to redeem
Ruth the Moabitess the elder redeemer says no I have an Israelite inheritance
that I don’t want to jeopardize so if Ruth is a Israelite how would him
redeeming Ruth jeopardizes Israelite inheritance but we’re gonna come back to
that so we have to keep going because again some people are going to what what
do they what do they call that the tents up they clam up they get defensive they
shut down because now their doctrine is starting to come under scrutiny and
instead of backing off and say hey maybe I did learn a false doctrine maybe I was
deceived again like I was in Eurocentric Christianity except for this time I was
deceived by somebody that looked like me so the deception was more convincing but
instead of doing that many people what they do is they get defensive and they
try to well what about this one and what about this they try to start finding
ways to justify or anything they can grasp on to to relieve the mental
anguish or panic of realizing that they’ve been falsely taught again so
let’s look at mentioned 13 and 14 ish and I’ll tell you why I call it 14 ish
when we get to and Boaz said unto the elders and unto all the people ye are
witnesses this day that I have bought all that was a Lima Lex and all that was
Chileans and mylon’s of the hand of Naomi so she
sold everything the sons stuff the husband’s stuff everything naomi had an
inheritance naomi was good Ruth had nothing moreover ruth the moabite us the
wife of milan have i purchased to be my wife to raise up the name of the dead
upon his inheritance that the name of the dead be not cut off from among his
brethren and from the gate of his place ye are witnesses this day and all the
people that were in the gate in the elder said we are witnesses this is
where we come to 14 ish the Lord make the woman
that is coming to dine house like Rachel and like Leah which to did build the
house of Israel and do that worthily in Ephrata and be famous in Bethlehem
Rachel and Leah now the Lord make the woman that came into thine house like
Rachel and like Leah why would they say that because Rachel and Leah were not
Israelites they were Syrians if you go back and read Genesis Laban was the
brother of Rebecca who Isaac had married so Isaac has Esau and Ishmael let me
back I’m sorry Isaac has Esau and Jacob and so Jacob goes and marries Rachel and
Leah so Rachel and Leah are the brother of Laban I’m sorry the daughters of
Laban Jacob’s uncle is Laban in his Syrian and we talked about the Syrians
coming from Assyria I’m sorry sometimes keeping track all these names the words
get mixed up as they come out but the Assyrians or the Syrians are
from the line of Shem so they are shemites but as we looked at the
evidence from 1910 they were Negros they had negroid features so we have to
understand that these people were not Hebrews like Abraham’s nor Abraham’s a
Hebrew and it comes down to the comes down through the line they were Syrians
Abraham was a Hebrew they were both from the line of Shem Rachel and Leah we’re
not Israelites that’s my point Rachel me we’re not Israelites this is
why they mentioned cuz Ruth is not an Israelite she’s a more by being brought
into the house she’s being brought into the house of Boaz so they saying hey
she’s not one of us but let her be like the other the other two they were not
they weren’t us it says which did build the house of Israel you have to have
women to help build out say Israel because Jacob aka Israel had 12 sons and
one daughter Dinah there are no Israelites yet except for those 12 they
have to have women from somewhere meaning the women
have to come from non-israelite places to start off the Israelite line so it
says and all the people in the gate it says and let thy house be like the house
of fir is why are they mentioned fir is whom tame our bear unto Judah of the sea
which the Lord shall give thee of this young woman and I know a lot of people
say well Tamar’s an Israelite again like I told you it’s a recurring thing
Tamar’s an Israelite no Tamar is not an Israelite and I did a study on this why
I did not think Tamar was Israelite because if you read the actual story
Judah is living in the land of Canaan among the Canaanites and he takes his
first wife as a Canaanite he has three sons by a Canaanite woman and then it
says he takes a woman where would he take that woman from the land he was in
wet land was he in he was in Atlanta Canaan that one was Tamar and Judah ends
up getting her pregnant and then she has fur s but again a lot of these lot of
these so-called teachers aren’t doing the background they are just spouting
off stuff based on their doctrine oh well it doesn’t fit why would they why
would he marry a Moabite they weren’t allowed to married a Moabitess because
this rule was disobedient that’s why they would marry a Moabite or a hittite
or any of these other i’ts that they married they were not Israelites they
were disobedient so they did this and whether you like it or not they were
accepted into the congregation when they did it in many cases they’ll say the
notable ones that we know of they were accepted into the congregation because
there’s going to be a pattern some people say there’s only Israelite
salvation we’ll come back to that so let’s talk about mention number 14 ish
and as I was saying Isaac right here this is Genesis 25 and these are
generations Isaac Abraham’s son Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac was 40 years old
when he took Rebekah wife Rebekah – wife the daughter of Beth you of the Sirian
of paddan-aram and his sister to labor the Laban the
Syrian now they did not name Rebekah in in their song but Rebekah was a Syrian
she’s the daughter of Beth field Assyrian so if they’re starting to
Israelite line here you have a Hebrew mixed with a Syrian who gives birth to
the Esau and Jacob to the to the patriarch
of the Israelites Israel Jacob and Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife because
she was barren and this is where it goes on to talk about the two nations
struggling inside her now Genesis 38 right here we have the story of Judah
and it came to pass at that time that Judah went down from his brethren and
turned into a certain nobility whose name was Huayra and Judah saw their a
daughter of a certain Canaanite whose name was Shura and he took her and went
in unto her and she conceived and bare a son and called his name earth maybe he’s
in he’s in Canaan and she conceived again and bare a son and she called his name
Onan and yet again conceived and bare a son and called his name’s Ella and he
was at Jessup when he bare when she bare him and Judah took a wife for her his
firstborn whose name was Tamar he’s in Canaan taking women he took one for
himself he took one for his firstborn son so it makes sense that she’s a
Canaanite if they’re living in Canaan and there’s only 13 Israelites right now
the twelve boys and Dinah it’s just to me basic common sense and a reading of
the text straight for without trying to twist the text to fit your false
doctrine if you have to keep twisting the text to say well these weren’t
really mobile bikes they were Israelites and he was really saying we’re
Israelites but they wrote it as Hittites and these are not really Gentiles these
are Israelites that were trans Gentile they mentally thought it and started to
act like it and so they were Gentile none of this stuff makes sense because
they’re trying to twist the text to fit their false doctrine and I don’t care
who gets mad about it you can get mad about it all you want to I don’t care
how much you respect the person they taught you this they taught you a lie
period Ruth was a Moabite not an Israelite so
where does this idea originate from that Ruth was even in Israelite and so I
googled it and of course Wikipedia comes up and it’s interesting cuz wikipedia
says the following I’m reading up here where the blue highlight is both the
Genesis Rabbah and the Talmud state – Tamar was an
Israelite and that Judah ended up marrying her and
further and had further sexual liaisons with her as a result so again I just
explained to you why she’s not an Israelite because there was no such
thing as Israelites outside of the 13 people 14 if you count Jacob you had the
12 sons and you had Dinah the daughter what Israelites how was she an Israelite
how is this possible somebody explained to me in the comments dropped the verses
in the Bible where it’s possible for Tamar to be an Israelite when there were
only 12 sons and Dinah at this point is anyway we’re gonna continue so let’s
talk about what the Bible says let’s talk about what the Bible says now Genesis 38 then he asked the men of that
place now when I talk about what the Bible
says I mean let me be clear right here where it says that Judah ended up
marrying her and had further sexual liaisons with her as a result now it
says tomorrow’s Israelite and Judah married her and had further sexual
relations with her as a result we’re not gonna read the whole seven verses jump
down to this Genesis 38:21 we’re gonna jump down to 25 it says when she was
brought forth she sent to her father-in-law saying by the man who’s
these are mi with child and she said discern I pray thee whose are these the
Signet and the bracelet and a staff remember that’s what Judah gave her to
promise her he was gonna pay her for sex there’s a whole prostitute situation
Judah was out walking she pretended to be a prostitute they negotiated their
price he said hey I’m gonna pay this much this is the stuff I’m gonna give
you and when you bring it back you bring back my stuff I’ll pay you she brings it
back and he says and Judah acknowledged them and said she has been more
righteous than I because that I gave her not my son my son Shella or shelling my
son and he knew her again no more so he did not have
with her again ever again meaning they probably did not get married but what is
the Talmud say she’s an Israelite and the Judah ended up marrying her and had
further sexual liaisons with her as a result even though the Bible says she
was not an Israelite and he knew her again he had he didn’t have sex with her
again anymore after this because that was his daughter-in-law and so as a
result of this Union for res is born and for residents of being the line of the
Messiah which we’re gonna see that Boaz is from the line of Judah this is what
we’re talking about the line of Judah so this white tells our to be like Tamar
who helped build the house of Israel Tamar was a Canaanite Rachel and Leah
were Assyrians or Syrians they were not Israelites it was not possible for
either of them any the three to be Israelites because of the time frame
Israelites didn’t exist as a nation yet they existed as 13 people 14 if you
count Jacob 15 if you count the wives but again they’re not they’re Syrian
they’re a Syrian Syrians we know that so now the reason I’ve been using this
picture on the right for those of you who have been paying attention to it as
I was doing this study on the bullfights I ran across this interesting thing
right here the 5th year celebration of the Aboriginal Moabite nation so I’ve
tried to do some research their website is down they have a Facebook page it
look like it hasn’t been updated in a while and it looked like the last thing
I found was from 2015 which was their fifth anniversary or whatever the
celebration I have not found any other information I thought I just thought it
would be interesting to look into these people who identify themselves as
Aboriginal Moabites I had never heard that before and I thought it was an
interesting thing because I’ve heard they have original natives I’ve heard
people say that I’ve heard people identify as Kim it people identify as
Israel all kinds of different stuff but I never heard of anybody in modern day
identifying as an Aboriginal Moabite so if you have any information on the
Aboriginal Moabite movement please share the link in the comments so I promised
you the Gospel of Ruth full of cording to the Book of Ruth now
let me drop a disclaimer here a lot of the stuff that I’m gonna show you is
interesting however I will say this it’s good for teaching people out of the Old
Testament and showing some of the viewpoints whether you believe it or not
is not salvation based it’s not instrumental to your salvation you could
take it you could leave it I just think it’s interesting to point these things
out to give you more of an arsenal than dealing with people who swear by the Old
Testament and don’t look at the new because there are two problems that we
face in Eurocentric Christianity which most of us came out of there’s an
emphasis on the New Testament while the Old Testament is largely ignored however
the opposite is true when many of us come into the knowledge of who we are
those that get involved with the camp’s often have more of an emphasis on the
Old Testament and tend not to go into the New Testament as much as they should
and that’s a problem because they’re supposed to be imbalanced they work
together the problem is the the Christian euro centric Christians I want
to be clear about that Eurocentric Christianity tries to find ways to not
have to adhere to things in the Old Testament and the Israelites many of
them the camps try to find ways to not incorporate the Oh the New Testaments of
the Old Testament because they don’t want anybody to be saved except for
Israel it comes from a position of hate and we’ll talk about that as we go
through this study we’ll talk about the the Pharisees and the Sadducees which a
lot of these camps are nothing more than modern day Pharisees and Sadducees we
talk about their error of not wanting the Gentiles to be saved that’s in the
Bible the era of them telling the Gentiles and teaching law keeping among
the Gentiles that’s an error – and we’ll talk about the fact that they claim that
mentally if you’re if you’re mentally a Gentile living like a Gentile you’re a
Gentile and yet it contradicts the fact that many of us had a Gentile mentality
when we were in the Eurocentric Christian Church and we were living like
Gentiles because that’s what we learn earned from Eurocentric Christianity and
yet they tell us we got to keep the law in the book of Acts says the opposite
now according to them if we’re if the Gentiles are Israelites then we we
follow the laws in the book of Acts when we follow what the book of Acts says
we’re gonna come back to that because I don’t want to get sidetracked into all
of that and I want to further explain myself so if that sounded confusing just
wait till we get to it I’m gonna I’m gonna explain it in full in a more
coherent way so let’s get to the Gospel of Ruth so the need for a redeemer Ruth
and Naomi Naomi sons are dead the husband is dead she’s no longer in
her country but she has land that she can sell and and make a living
Ruth on the other hand has nothing her husband is dead she’s not an Israelite
so she has no inheritance because remember drama Naomi goes and she sells
the land from her sons and her husband and they both need somebody to redeem
them that’s why they keep referring to Boaz is the kinsman redeemer now we find
this concept the need for redeemer in Ephesians 2:11 wherefore our to 11 to 13
wherefore remember that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh again we’re
gonna come back to that not mentally but in the flesh who are called
uncircumcision by that which is called circumcision in flesh made by hands that
at the time you were without Christ being aliens from the Commonwealth of
Israel and strangers from the Covenant of promise having no hope and without
God in the world but now in Christ Jesus you have some ye who sometimes were far
off are made nigh by the blood of Christ so we see this echoed in Ruth and Naomi
story Ruth time pass without Christ or without a redeemer being aliens from the
Commonwealth of Israel she said she’s a stranger from Israel and strangers from
the covenants a promise so she was a stranger to Israel having no hope she
had no husband she had no inheritance and without God in the world I remember
she said your God is gonna become my God she didn’t have God
so we see this echoed the need for the Redeemer in the Book of Ruth then we get
to another part that echoes the gospel a woman shares the gospel and I know a lot
of these camps out there and like women shouldn’t teach and women shouldn’t do
this and yet they ignore all the examples of those times women do teach
and do prophesy and do share the gospel so we see that Naomi shares the gospel
with Ruth and the gospel is the good news and what was the good news for Ruth
there was a redeemer in Bethlehem from the tribe of Judah and you may find
grace in his sight I repeat that for you there’s a redeemer in Bethlehem from the
tribe of Judah and you may find grace in his sight and that echoes the fact that
women were the first ones to share the gospel of a redeemer a risen Redeemer
Christ now when Jesus was risen early the first
day of the week he appeared first to Mary Magdalene out of whom he had cast
Seven Devils and she went and told them that had been with him as they mourned
and wept who Mary Magdalene a woman went first and delivered the good news the
gospel that Christ is resurrected and they when they had heard he was alive
and had been seen of her believed not why did they believe her because she was
a woman after that he appeared in another form unto two of them as they
walked and went into the country and they went and told it unto the residue
neither believed they them afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they said it
meat and upbraided with him with their unbelief and hardened hardness of heart
because they believed not them which has seen him after he was risen and he said
unto them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature so
we see that just like in the story of the resurrection
where a woman was the first one to deliver the good news in the Book of
Ruth Naomi a woman delivers her the good news of a redeemer in Israel or
investment ham from the tribe of Judah crisis for the tribe of Judah
so now we see faith without works is dead we see that lesson taught here
because Ruth has faith in what Naomi’s saying she said okay fine your people
gonna become my people and your God is gonna become my god I’m gonna believe
everything you’re saying and I’m gonna go with you she didn’t just have faith
that this was what it was and she stayed in our own country was like I believe it
I believe it no she’s like I’m leaving my father and
my mother I’m going to go what did Christ say unless a man is ready to
leave his father and his mother you got to give up everything go she left all
her own people and went so faith without works is dead this this coincides what
James said now believe us that there’s one God this James 2:19 through 26 now
to us well The Devil’s also believe and tremble but will thou know o vain man
that faith without works is dead was not Abraham our Father justified by works
when he had offered Isaac his son upon the author see us now how faith wrought
his with his works and by works was faith made perfect and the scripture was
fulfilled which saith abraham believed god and was imputed to him for
righteousness and he was called the friend of God you see then how that
works of a man is justified and not by faith only likewise also was not Rahab
the harlot justified by works when she have received the message and had sent
them out another way as for the body without the Spirit is dead so faith
without works is dead also now I know a lot of people say this contradicts some
of the other stuff in the Bible and that works don’t own you earn you salvation
and yes that’s true in a sense works has nothing to do with salvation
per se but sometimes taking action will lead you to the right way for your
blessing to occur so when abraham believed god that was one thing but then
abraham took action and went where God told him to go he walked in his belief
he offered Isaac up as God taught him because he had faith he said I’m just
gonna do what you say do because I have faith that whatever you tell me to do
he’s gonna work it out in the end and so that same faith Ruth had she said all
right there’s a rich in Israel in Bethlehem for the tribe of
Judah this is what you’re telling me I believe it I’m going with you
so Ruth steps out on faith let’s talk about salvation for grace I’ll point out
to you before that they mentioned that she might find grace so she was looking
for somebody to show her some grace and so Ruth says that she found grace in the
eyes of Boaz reading the whole book is only four chapters the Book of Ruth is
four chapters so for those of you who think it’s a long book to read you could
actually probably read this book two or three times in the time that you’re even
listening to this study it a–probably taking less time than that to read the
book two or three times but we have salvation by grace so what happens
Boaz looks out he sees her and she finds grace in his sight and that grace is
gonna later on lead to him saving her salvation he’s the Redeemer he saves her
out of situation after she finds grace in his sight that echoes Noah what
happened Noah found grace in the eyes of God so but I’m gonna come from Ephesians
two and four but God who is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he
loved us even when we were dead in sins he quickened us together with Christ by
grace are ye saved and hath raised us up together and made us sit together in
heavenly places in Christ Jesus that in the ages to come he might show the
exceeding riches of His grace and his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus
for by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is a gift
of God not of works lest any man should boast now notice in the story of Ruth
that Boaz is a man of wealth from means he’s a redeemer associated with wealth and here we see
the word riches mentioned with Christ twice
says he has rich in mercy that’s not money but it goes down here riches of
His grace it keeps mentioning riches right again
some of these are loosely tied in but you start to see the gospel formulate in
the Book of Ruth so didn’t you have something like a baptism where after
Ruth has been gleaning in the field and she’s found grace in Boaz a sight and
she has faith and all of this stuff that naomi has told her what does Naomi tell
her to do she says go wash and prepare yourself and to me it seems symbolic of
baptism and you’ll see why in a second so she has faith she stepped out on
faith and went to find this redeemer in Bethlehem from the tribe of Judah so
that she could find grace in his sight and hopefully be saved from her
situation where she needs a redeemer and then Naomi tells her hey go wash or
baptize mark 613 and they went and told it unto the residue neither believed
they them afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat and upbraided
them with their unbelief and hardness of heart because they believed not which
them has which believe not them which had seen him after he was risen and he
said unto them go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature
he that believeth then his baptized shall be saved but he that believeth not
shall be damned so whoever believes in his baptized so
Ruth believe Naomi about the Savior and Bethlehem from the line of Judah Naomi
told her took a wash and lay at his feet submit yourself unto the Redeemer this
is what Naomi told her go wash or be baptized and submit yourself to the
Redeemer so she goes in and lays at his feet uncovers his feet and lays at the
Redeemers feet and knows I’m not calling boi as the Redeemer the Bible calls Boaz
the Redeemer the kinsman redeemer and I believe those words are used on purpose
because of what I’m showing you but he giveth more grace as James 4:6 through
eleven but he giveth more grace wherefore he say if God resisteth the
proud grace unto the humble submit yourselves
therefore to God resist the devil he will flee from you draw nigh to God and
He will draw nigh to you cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts
you double-minded so what did she do she was cleansed first be afflicted and
mourn and weep let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to
heaviness humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up
speak not evil to one another brethren he that speaketh evil of his brother and
judges his brother speak of the evil of the law and judges the law but if they
if thou edge the law thou art not a doer of the law but a judge we’ll come back
to all of that too because Esau is called the brother of Israel in the
Bible so all of y’all out there saying you know Esau like all these people eat
of mites and they’re going to hell because they’re eat of mites and you out
there preaching your brother to hell and you showing hatred for your brother ezal
Esau for those who believe are your brother Esau he just speaking evil of
his brother and judges his brother speaketh evil of law and judges the law
but if not judges law thou or not a doer of the law but a judge we’ll come back
to that we’ll finish point out all the hypocrisy
of the lawkeepers later on but here we see Ruth washing herself or being
baptized and then submitting to the Redeemer because she had found grace the
eleven gathered witnesses and so after Boaz arises in the morning kind of like
how Christ rose early in the morning and then as we just read he rose early in
the morning and gathered the eleven that’s what Christ did he rose early in
the morning he gathered the eleven so what if Boaz do if you read the story he
rose early in the morning and gathered eleven he gathered 10 min of the city
ten elders and then he gathered the other person that was supposed to redeem
or that was ahead of him to redeem so you have the ten elders plus thousand
equals eleven he rose and gathered eleven just like Christ did and we said
that imma read from Matthew this time I think the other one was from mark
he says saying say ye this is my Matthew 28:13 through twenty saying say he has
decide was came by night and stole him away
while he slept that’s the end of the the conspiracy to tell them the the the
guards came up with that they spread to say that Christ had not resurrected and
if this comes to the governor’s ears we will persuade him and secure you so they
took the money and did as they were taught and this saying is commonly
reported among the Jews until this day then the eleven disciples went away into
Galilee into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them now notice they came to a
place where he appointed them the same thing in the story of Boaz the eleven
came to a place he picked the place for them to come sit down and he picked the
place everybody would meet just like Christ and they saw him and worshiped
him but some doubted and Jesus said came and spake unto them
saying all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth how did he get
permission he had to get permission from the Father the power had to be given to
him all power was given to him what was Boaz doing when he sat down he had to
ask for permission to redeem because if the other guy wanted to redeem her first
and the land first he could have but when he didn’t all the power to redeem
had been given to Boaz and I’m not talking about salvation I hope you guys
get that I’m not talking about Boaz had the power to save Ruth’s soul to heaven
I’m just giving you the parallels here so once Boaz got permission all power
had been given to him to redeem Ruth and the land and Jesus said and came and
spake unto them saying all power is given unto me in heaven and earth go ye
therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father
the Son and the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have
commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the world so
he says go teach all nations and we cover that in part one go teach those
people are not Israelites go teach all of them because I’m gonna redeem them to
because all power is given to me to redeem so what is Boaz do he sits there
among the eleven and he says this is what it is and his elder says no you
redeem and he says I’m going to redeem them so now that I have all power to
redeem I’m going to redeem this non-israelite
I’m going to redeem Ruth the Moabitess hopefully y’all following along here the
reason that the older redeemer will not redeem the land is because Boaz is you
have to take this non-israelite with it and he says I have my own inheritance
that I don’t want to jeopardize by taking somebody who’s not an Israelite
under my roof I have an Israelite inheritance Israel’s my inheritance Andy
we’ll come back to that I’m gonna get back ahead of myself excuse me
so right here in Isaiah 19 22 to 20 to 25 it says then the Lord shall smite
Egypt and he shall smite and heal it and they shall return even to the Lord and
he shall entreat them and shall heal them wait a minute the Egyptians are
getting healed they’re not Israelites and in that day shall there be a highway
out of Egypt to Assyria and the Syrians should come into Egypt and the Egyptian
into Assyria and the Egyptians saw serve with the Assyrians in that day show
Israel be the third with Egypt and with the Syria even a blessing in the midst
of the land whom the Lord of Hosts shall bless saying blessed is Egypt my people
wait a minute who Egypt my people why is he calling non-israelites his people I
thought only Israel was saved and Assyria the work of my hands and Israel
mine inheritance so the Most High has an Israelite inheritance he also refers to
Egypt who are not Israelites as his people here first he refers to Assyria
who are not Israelites the work of his hands remember they are shemites
but they’re not Israelites and Egyptians are ham i’ts
but I thought the camps were teaching an Israelite only salvation in here they
saying Israel will be 1/3 1/3 shall serve the Israel I’m sorry Egyptians and
Assyrians will serve in the land and it says in that day shall Israel be a third
with Egypt and with the Syria even a blessing in the midst of the land this
is why I keep telling you a lot of these people have not read the Bible and yet
they’re over here trying to teach all doctrine and Scripture
they haven’t gone through this book then there’s a non Israelite inheritance
mentioned in the Book of Ruth the non-israelite inheritance is ruth the
moabite the non-israelite she has to be redeemed which is the whole reason Naomi
took her to Bethlehem to find the redeemer from the tribe of Judah so he
could redeem her and the land the non Israelite and the land this is important
because this is gonna take us to another portion of the Old Testament in Psalms 2
verses 5 through 12 then shall he speak unto them in his wrath and vex them in
his sore displeasure yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion
this right here is important verses 7 onward I will declare the decree the
Lord has sent unto me thou art my son this day have I begotten thee most
people recognize this as a prophecy of the Messiah the son of God this day have
I begotten thee why would the Lord say unto thee why would the Lord say unto
him you are my son this day have I begotten thee remember Christ is the
first begotten of the Father he’s not the only son of the Father he’s the
first begotten Son and why I say that because you have a whole rank of angels
called the sons of God Adam is also called the son of God Adam was a created
son the angels were created son Christ was born he was the only begotten Son so
there’s a difference and there’s also adopted sons those who are adopted into
the family because they come to Christ later on we’re getting to that as we
continue down to salvation so there’s three classifications of sons
there’s the adopted there are those that are created which is why we call it born
again we become a new creation and there was the one that was physically born the
only begotten of the Father so anyway thou art my son this day have I begotten
thee now this is important to ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for
thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession
ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance and the
uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession
what did Boaz goat asked for he asked for permission to redeem the heathen the
non Israelite and her land the land at Naomi was selling he wanted to redeem
the non Israelite and the land what did the Most High tell the son to do ask of
me and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost
parts of the earth for thy possession Boaz had to get permission to redeem the
heathen and the earth for his possession the land for his possession anything
that goes on to say thou shalt break them in with a rod of iron dashed and
pieces like a Potter’s vessel you guys can read that whole chapter for yourself
but I just want to show you that you have all of this gospel in there and
it’s not done so graft it into the Redeemer and you can go read the entire
chapter it’s like multiple times as mentioned but about grafting but
understand that now that Ruth has been redeemed she is now grafted in and for
those who don’t know what grafted men means again read all these chapters for
yourself grafted in means that there is a tree and Paul gets into the wild olive
branches and the natural branches so there’s a tree and a tree has natural
branches so let’s just say an olive tree like they used in the in the Bible or
and so there’s an olive branch which is the natural branch of the olive tree and
then there are the wild olives which are not part of this natural branch Ruth was
not part of this because she was a Moabite and so what happens is when you
graph something you break off a branch from say the wild tree and then you you
basically scrape off the bark so you could reveal a little bit of the inside
of the tree and then you attach the branch to the tree and usually success
you’ve secured it some kind of way a lot of people use duct tape or some kind of
tape that I’m not a I’m not a professional farmer or anything like
that or a botanist but they could probably explain what they use to secure
it a lot better than I could but they secure the branch to the tree and what
happens is the the branch starts to grow into them
main tree and so then when it grows into the main tree when the main tree sucks
up the nutrient nutrients and water it feeds it to that branch that has been
grafted on and so now the main tree becomes a life support or life
sustaining system for that branch that was grafted in from another tree and so
now that branch does not die and so we see the same thing happened with Ruth
she needed a redeemer she had nothing she couldn’t sell that land and her
husband was dead she had no means to take care of herself and she was out in
the field gleaming because that was something for poor people to do Ruth had
nothing and Naomi had nothing until she could sell her land and beer it have the
land redeem so she becomes grafted into the Redeemer and I just broke that off
broke that down for you in Romans on how you break off the branch and graft to
another Romans 11 17 through 23 and if some of the branches be broken off and
thou being a wild olive tree were grafted among them and with them
partakers to the root and fatness of the olive tree boast not against the
branches but if thou boast thou barest not the root but the root be that will
save in the branches were broken off that I might be grafted in well because
of unbelief they were broken off and thou standest by faith be not
high-minded but fear he’s talking to the non Israelites who have been grafted in
like a don’t start boasting about these people being broke off well let me let
me continue cuz I’m gonna come back to that this is gonna be a message for the
Eurocentric Christian minded people that may be listening to this it says well
because of unbelief they were broken off and thou standest by faith be not
high-minded but fear for if God spared not the natural branches take heed lest
he spare he also spare not thee behold therefore the goodness is submit
goodness and severity of God on them which fell severity but toward thee
goodness if thou continue in his goodness otherwise thou also shall be
cut off and they also if they abide not still in unbelief shall be graffed in
for God is able to graft them in again so understand you people who who are
under Eurocentric Christianity or call yourself Christians now let me be
clear that everybody that is a white Christian is not under Eurocentric
Christianity there are a lot of white Christians who do believe in a black
Israel they do believe in a black Messiah and they act accordingly and
worship accordingly now don’t don’t get it twisted not all white people believe
in a way Jesus because they a lot of them believe that or they know that it
just doesn’t make sense however don’t let the fact that you were grafted in go
to your head to where you boast and say hey well they’re broken off and I’m just
gonna wile out and do whatever I want to said take heed lest he also spare not
thee because he cut off the natural branches for disobedience and disbelief
so again don’t get prideful even those who are in Eurocentric Christianity is
full of a lot of pride like Israel doesn’t matter no more God got rid of
Israel it’s about us now no it’s not it’s about those who have faith and
humble themselves before God boasts not against the branches but if thou boast
our bears the root but thou bears not the root but the root D thou will say
then the branches were broken off that I might be grafted in because of
unbelieving this is for of God spared not the natural branches take heed lest
he spare not D understand that though salvation is for everyone do not boast
about the fact that Israel was cut off do not celebrate Israel being cut off
because there is an awakening happening it says also if they abide not still an
unbelief shall be graffed in and again for God is able to graft them in again
so what’s happening right now is I believe there’s being a grafting in
again of Israelites we’re coming to the belief in the true Messiah so again you
you non-israelites that believe in the Messiah and I would include people who
don’t care about his race as well I would say that to me that is a honest
position if you say you know what I really don’t care if he’s black white or
other I’m gonna worship in it anyway and then there are the people who say
you know what I acknowledge he’s black and I’m gonna worship Him anyway I
believe those people are included as true believers if I’m wrong show me I’m
wrong there’s those people are not included as true believers but I believe
those people are true including true believers but my whole point of this
message is don’t let that go to your head because you are saved God knows the
heart he knows if you really what you really feel about true Israel if you are
seeing the Israelites awakened and that is bothering you because there are a lot
a lot of people call themselves Christian who don’t necessarily believe
in the Israelites awakening right now if that bothers you and you are trying to
hinder the awakening again you might be one of those branches that get gets cut
off urban apologists you call yourself Christians you say you believe and you
don’t care about his race okay fine however why are you trying to stop
people from coming into the knowledge of the truth why are you taking up a fight
against the natural branches that are being regretted in so again for God
spared not the natural branches take heed lest he spare unless he also spare
not D I’m gonna stop it right there because we have a lot more to cover when
it comes to salvation the problem is people aren’t doing these in-depth
studies like they need to people seem to think you can teach salvation in one
sitting when you can’t the entire book the gospel is about salvation the entire
book is about salvation not just of Israel but of all mankind
and for those of you who are not understanding where I’m going with this
because you are still under the camp doctrine of Israelite only salvation
just keep listening I’m gonna keep showing you examples over and over and
over and over again of the gospel in the Old Testament of non-israelites
being saved in the Old Testament or being redeemed in the Old Testament
I’m going to show you all those examples of people they tell you isrealites and
i’ma show you why they could not be Israelites when they try to use this to
explain away their false doctrine based on the belief that only Israel can be
saved this is important because this is a level of spiritual warfare here it
gets you close to the truth it brings you a little closer to the truth and at
the same time set you far enough away so you stop asking the questions and this
is gonna be important in the long run when we get into the study the Gentiles
the reason I have not done the study on the Gentiles yet is because there’s a
lot of groundwork that needs to be laid and sometimes it’s kind of hard to
figure out what should go first so I’m ordering it to the best of my ability so
that everything builds on the thing before it that I taught so it doesn’t
just become a confusing jumble so if you do not watch part one yet go back and
watch part one if you want to watch part two again I would suggest watching part
two again and taking notes and then going to your Bible and reading every
single thing in your Bible for yourself don’t take my word for it read the words
for yourself in their entirety so if you have not bought religion in relationship
grab a copy it’s a great read black Hebrew Awakening it’s a great read if
you want to know your history both of those are available at Barnes & Noble
and on amazon.com and as always if you like the message subscribe if you want
to hear the next message subscribe and click the notifications bell so you get
notified when the next part comes out or when I put out any video really and
definitely share it share it on your social media share it via email and
share it on your YouTube channel if you have a youtube channel with that said
I’m gonna cover salvation more in depth next time but until then I’m out

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    “It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to bring back the preserved of Israel; I will make you as a light for the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”
    Isaiah 49:6

    "From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. Yahuah did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us."
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