Destroying Objects To Relieve Stress

Destroying Objects To Relieve Stress

Hello and Mike my biggest passion in life is breaking objects during my life I broke at least seven phones two computers a car and many other small objects Unfortunately, I cannot practice this activity really often mainly for two reasons. The first one is that I’m pretty broke So I’m trying to not break everything I have and the second reason is that probably this activity is not really accepted in the modern society you can go out with a friend and play football basketball But probably is not a good idea to destroy your friend’s apartment Recently I discovered that there is a place in Toronto where you can destroy absolutely everything in a room Before going there and unleashing the beast inside me. I would love to read a few reviews Whoa, a lot of fun! nice. It is better if you bring more than ten people. Nice Ten small items eight medium items six large items one printer, book now. Let’s go Basically you’re gonna be alone in this room for 45 minutes. These are your tools of destruction These are the victims and this is the room I’m gonna start with this This one is better we have this cup that was fun You know that I am an engineer I want to make sure that is in focus, yeah, and the camera is still not broken. This is beautiful. I want this room in my house I Mean I really have a lot of things here Now my friends it’s time for Feel like Heisenberg. by the way I still have 15 minutes and this I’m tired Probably this is the purpose of the room As you can see I’m tired and happy. Now I’m gonna show you the result. This is the printer Beautiful printer Beautiful it’s unbelievable. How good I feel right now? I mean a lot and I think the main reason is not because I broke a bunch of stuff I mean, it was extremely satisfying but is the fact that I am completely Extremely tired lesson of the day: if you wanna feel good move your ass do something and get tired it works I think I broke my shoulder

18 comments on “Destroying Objects To Relieve Stress

  1. F Post author

    Congratulations to 2000 subs! Been here for a while now and am still enjoying all of your vids 🙂

  2. DaviD Post author

    I tried it in my home Was fun!!

    Im looking for apartment Please contact me .


  3. Giorgia Chiesa Post author

    3:18 ecco cosa vorrei fare ogni volta che la mia simpatica stampante si blocca, stampa foto a caso, avvisi a caso e altre infinite varianti

  4. Angie Hidalgo Post author

    Holy moly 2k!!!!!! Congrats!!

    Awesome video. As always!

    Pdt: I want to break stuff too. Let's make this a social practice…
    Wanna break some stuff this friday?

  5. ObiDaSauceMan Post author

    It's crazy to think a shitty video I made a year ago has slightly more views than this when this video is so professional looking lol you definitely deserve way more views and I'll be subscribing to see that happen much love man


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