Crash Fever – [Deadly] Crazed Cat – Battle Cats Crossover Quest

Crash Fever – [Deadly] Crazed Cat – Battle Cats Crossover Quest

This one felt pretty difficult, definitely the hardest quest out of the three. Cannot have any balanced type units Target the side minions. The middle will lock out reds but that’s not an issue. Save skills until wave 3. Target right minion. He applies a shield on the middle unit and won’t disappear until he’s dead. Use all of your skills here. Wave 4 will be used for stalling to get them back. You can stall on this stage to get your skills back. He alternates between applying a 4 turn debuff (-atk/-rec) and attacks I decided not stall that much If you didn’t stall for skills last wave, do it here. You need to have your skills ready to burst down stage 5 in 1 shot You want to use the enter into stage 5 with the strongest unit if possible. This lets you do the most amount of damage Which means you gotta kill this guy with the unit before unit you want to kill stage 6 with. In my case I wanted Mura to kill stage 6 so I let Ame finish this stage. This guy is really tanky so you want to burst him down in 1 turn. Save Odin’s skill for stage 8 as it is the hardest part to survive. God gives you 5 c-panels of the lead unit and leaves Hardest part of the run. Refer to the guide on the attack patterns Goal here was to stall enough so that the skills are ready to be used for bar 2 I still have a -25% damage buff so I’m saving Odin’s skill Debating between using fever or Odin’s skill.. My plan was to use Odin and attack and stall while I have his defense buff The main 3 skills are ready, use them to burst down bar 2 Got scared here thinking that it wasn’t enough Plan around his attack pattern. Build up skills to kill and then move on. At 50% HP he uses a turn to change to green. 30% HP he announces a killing blow Use Odin to help stall for turns in between. Just stalling to plan out my move Fever here, then go all out with skills and hopefully get fever back for the last stage. Need to stall for skills to 1 shot this stage. Same process of stalling with Odin I want to prepare hearts so that I can survive until Ame’s skill is up. Used Mura to help me with that That’s his warning for a 1 hit KO move

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  1. 6_Black_Bird_6 Post author

    Wow, that was awesome!
    Also, on the final wave does the left enemy even do anything?
    There's just dialogue that comes from it, the right enemy does the things.


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