Concussions | PEMF Therapy??

Concussions | PEMF Therapy??

this is Dr. William Pawluk this video is
about concussions well we’ve been hearing a lot about concussions and
professional athletes there’s a silent epidemic of concussions that you’re not
hearing about these are the average bangs to the head that happened in our
daily lives most often people do not have obvious or true concussion symptoms
with these kinds of bangs of the head medicine generally says that people
recover from concussions without any long-term problems and that’s typically
what is seen however science is now showing that this is not the case even
milder banks to the head or many concussions as I call them leave
footprints in the brain I’ve seen many individuals with memory issues emotional
or cognitive changes and even headaches following these many concussions
conventional medical care has nothing to offer to heal the brain for concussions
most only treat symptoms with medications or cognitive therapy because
research shows that PEMFs have the possibility for healing the brain I did
a pilot study in my medical practice on 10 individuals with various levels of
concussion or brain injury all of them had continuing symptoms or problems as a
result of their concussions one woman only hit her head on a cabinet without
even passing out I used an objective scientific measure of brain function at
a hip and a head injury questionnaire the study patients used a 10 Hertz 200
cows portable PEMF system to the head 2 hours a day for 3 months they were
tested regularly at the end they went off treatment for a month and were
retested again the results were dramatic everybody had obviously improved
measures some improved within days and some took several weeks all had some
regression of symptoms when they stopped treatment but no one reverted to
baseline this study provides hope and the possibility for actual brain healing
and function improvement in people with both many concussions and more
significant brain injuries there’s Dr. Pawluk thank you

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  1. Dawn Harris Post author

    Is there a specific machine you have found that is best for healing concussions. My daughter suffers from frequent headaches i.e. Post-Concussion Syndrome for 2 years now…MRI shows no damage


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