Concussions in Children: Symptoms

>What are we looking at, what if we
wouldn’t say they’d be looking at signs of a concussion?>All right. So the first
time you’ll see of a concussion will be mom dad my I have a headache,
okay. So headache and dizziness. Dizziness, is one of the most common presenting
symptoms for concussion okay. A lot of times you’ll see parents in the
sidelines or at home say well I looked at them and their eyes looked fine I can
get them to focus on me, you know, that’s almost always gonna be the case because
you know unless you have a really severe head injury you’re not gonna have you
know kind of something wrong with it with the vision right but the dizziness
and headache and many times you’ll see this symptoms quite a time out quite a
know a period afterwards. So can make it injured on the field or at home and then
eventually say you know what it’s been a couple hours if I stopped a headache I’m
a little nauseous maybe dizzy with dizziness and headache or kind of the
two main symptoms. Certainly is any nausea, there’s a reasons you want to
take a closer look what’s going on a little bit more serious or I don’t
remember the event memory problems. So lack of recall what happened something
when someone comes in to the ER and says well so-and-so my son fell and in there
made 9 or 10 years old for example and you say well what happened a little
Johnny I said well “I don’t remember” Lee we don’t remember well you know “I was
running by the pool and I was swimming in the pool and next thing I know I’m
here” that’s lack of… that memory loss is
indication maybe something Thea traumatic brain injury of some sort.>I
had one of my best friend’s little ones fell off the top of the bunk bed and one
of the things that happened to her when she couldn’t see for a minute and I see
that’s one of the the symptoms, it’s of like a vision loss or blurriness…>It can
be there can be certainly some immediate you know kind of visual problems, you
know, but certainly it’s one of those things that you you know if you have a
media vision loss or headache those are the kind things you really want to watch
out for. The other thing is fatigue, you know, exceptionally tired. You know I go
back to the point where moms know their kids and if kids aren’t acting right you
know moms need to bring him in or daddy to bring him and say hey listen Mike
isn’t acting right they had a fall they had an injury on the field or I think
something happened and sometimes you may not even know. The community will recall
so they come from practice right and the kids are acting right and they’re
playing with a soccer lacrosse football basketball could be anything and you may
want to you know call the coach a coach there’s no we didn’t see anything happen
or one of his or her friend but you know something’s not right right
so you don’t really know if that’s a dehydration issue did they get hit in
the head so that’s a time when you want to maybe take him to the emergency room
with the urgent care and see what’s what’s going on.

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