Concussion (Starring Robin Weigert) Movie Review

Concussion (Starring Robin Weigert) Movie Review

ok why is a woman from my town sitting
waiting for me everybody look at what the flick that
make its Christy Romero Observer Raleigh Alonso concussion didn’t see it excited
about yes this was arguably my favorite movie attendance
this year are Robin weigert you recognize from our from from a Sons of Anarchy deadwood deadwood thank
you yes and owner Sean okay %uh plays a dissatisfied housewife and
after she gets hit in the head with a baseball I’m she decides to change your life and
so she goes back to work as an interior designer in GR redecorate an apartment
New York and not apartment becomes the base of operations
when she becomes a we are very high priced call girl and the PS she’s a lesbian check it out
Kong ground I’m not stopping US where you’ll
all this do mu see live style old K feel and let me for a lot of reasons one
of which is that I think you realize that there are lesbian couple at first okay I get it looks good I out there with parking whatever they
laid you see mom and mom you realize okay there a couple I okay better like that let out a big
black lesbian comedy it’s not yeah i know i mean and and the thing is like there they’re sort of suburban
discontent is portrayed as though they were to let me tell you there’s nothing
different about the same you sort of numbing kind of like that’s
acre the kids and what color we gonna paint the guest room and you know all I kinda crap so if you are the one
that it doesn’t matter there was built on the other hand I think it makes it
interesting when she does become a sex worker
because I think the dynamic there becomes different in terms of who our
clients are in you know she insist on meeting the mall
beforehand you know for coffee in the discussing them out before she wants to
go anywhere in um I think this is a really smart movie about female sexuality which
is a subject to the movies don’t usually like to pursue arm and is a bit too it’s a
really terrific film about arm kind have you know when
relationships get static and people get discontent in what
do they do when how do they work through that you get to the next
part of it um it is a writer director Stacey pass in its her
first film amazing and its yeah it is so perfect all the time absolutely a i mean this was it’s really
smart and sexy and it’s our he calls to mind you know last thing on
Paris builders you were I even you know John de la manana but I
N N A deserves to be discussed in the you know next to those
movies we’re talking after how is it a lot like the others are lesbian girls you are married to me as
well American beauty but with out some are for potential american you
sure no no phone bags & yeah and at No pretentious boys overlap
I things to us and either with that starts
with the MagSafe 2 yes she is what are their
women that she hopes up and who was the lead female character
software so there okay but the discussion these
women have to get like it did not know that a lesbian straight
or whatever right here related well as far as like they were in their early to
mid 40’s they’ve reached a stage a wanting
excitement warning rebirth which again sound like a total cliche like suburban overall class ever be a and you’re bored
sure yeah that defines such believable angst in
the routine in there said that self said dissatisfaction images costly striving for perfection with the dealy spinning
classes and right classes and everything I love there’s a scene where
although the good the parents all get together for dinner and it’s free
parents and a personal appearance and they all start sort of reminiscing
about when they used to go to limelight and then in New York tonight because now
they’re all in Connecticut New Jersey or whatever and
yet sure that they’re all like in the PTA and they’re all you know classroom
moms and and and you can just you just get that sensation I love holy shit is this really the rest of my
life have I become this person and how to why a maybe not become this
person if I don’t want to be you know Lucy machine where the potential I’m not
James I meet for coffee and they’re kinda
one-upping each other as far as like I’m on the board I said I got I the
class mom yeah i right I and the class I totally relate to a lot in the late the
day in day out grind of it yeah no I think it’s not intended it’s
it’s it’s it’s it’s a really did the civil rights era was the
year it’s definitely the best to all GBT films I’ve seen in awhile %uh this is a relief strong year for
them with which said COGO about to get to your darlings arm and I understand their people on the
internet who may not be lesbians themselves but are interested in lesbian material so this
might be a movie it might want to check out perhaps it is connected to the not like that
although there are deficient in sizes yes and it’s not at all the same defense
absolutely and it’s not filmed in that gross two straight guys idea of what
lesbians do well you know I as a if you did you were you watch Deadwood
now a novel since it’s so worth watching
you’d love it I need to my my friend Kim’s on the and
a I’ll who Kim Dickens up while she’s great um name to sounds
like also college classmate up but the she plays calamity jane rather earlier
doesn’t mean she’s gross like this whole thing doesn’t shower
peas ourself like and so now to be adjusted gross guy York a text
a regular guy Expo I got like getting seeing that she
is beautiful beautiful beautiful gee has
this great range in I don’t know it like it’s me I’m like
cool looking a little rough week I actress and I was out of the question
beautiful on the outside is like the whole point that she works
in our body really hard it is they’ve a very classy kinda woman but also any inside they
just the war she has for everybody she encounters is so love the mix read more this is
probably the only movie lover see where a sex worker presses a copy of Simone de
Beauvoir as the second sex onto one of the clients so I yeah go it’s a limited release i think
is on demand as well damn I don’t know but the outlook for concussions a great
great movie I give it a 9.5 given 8.3 thats 8.9 from us a disbelief
seventy-three percent what’s people are still hot lesbian
action one 5 go see it

33 comments on “Concussion (Starring Robin Weigert) Movie Review

  1. basquat76 Post author

    So Alonso doesn't think movies talk that much about female sexuality. Really? Do they ever not?

  2. IMortage Post author

    No they don't, they usually show the sexual side of woman as it affects men's sexuality. That isn't the same as talking about female sexuality, which is hardly ever relevant in movies (except for mirroring the desire of men).

  3. bigraviolees Post author

    Ill keep my lesbian movies limited to XXX and you save this 10 bux on something with aliens car chases or explosions

  4. Johnny Danger Post author

    the irony of a pretentious movie critic calling a movie pretentious seems lost on Christy and Alonso.

  5. Caramel Prisoner Post author

    Can't wait for the day when a movie about lesbians doesn't seem inherently exploitative. But we still have a long way to go… : /

  6. Grim R Post author

    Can we get one person of color to review movies with you guys. Yu guys all have the SAME perspective ALL of the time!!!!!! LAME!

  7. INatalkaI Post author

    Why do you think a "person of color" would necessarily have a different perspective? Because skin color gives you some special insight other races don't have? They don't have the same perspective all the time btw, is this the first review of theirs you've watched? Alonso is hispanic, but I'm sure that the only "color" that would count is black, right?

  8. IMortage Post author

    I'll correct myself: It is true for most mainstream movies with large audiences. Sure, there are good movies made all the time, but they usually don't open (or run) on many screens though.

  9. laug66 Post author

    if you want the beginnings of the film under discussion, this film,Swing – is it, Great and underrated, there is an English-subtitled version, but it is generally unknown in most of the west. This film was inspired by the writings of Sakutaro Hagiwara who was in turn inspired by European philosophical ideas especially Nihilism and, as a side-note – this piece of music was written by Hagiwara –


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