Concussion Awareness | Hello humankindness

Concussion Awareness | Hello humankindness

Most of the time we think about
concussions in football, but believe it or not, 37% of
injuries that occur to surfers occur to the head or neck. Many of those are concussions. A concussion occurs when
there is an impact to the brain. They can happen when your
head hits the board, when your head hits the ground
underneath the water, or when your head hits the
water itself. Other signs of a concussion
include: headaches, dizziness,
not feeling right, being off-balance, or
having a gap in memory. When it comes to a concussion,
it’s not just the hit. It’s what happens after the hit. If we can avoid the injury
altogether, that’s the best thing. Additionally, when someone has
sustained a concussion the most dangerous thing is
suffering another concussion before they have
completely recovered. If we can indentify the signs
and symptoms of a concussion and keeps kids from suffering
a second injury, we will keep everybody

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  1. Bob K Post author

    Use to be that a concussion was a bump on the head and beyond that little was known about it. Now a concussion is classified as a traumatic brain injury and there are three stages of TBI. Even the lowest TBI, a concussion, can be life altering.


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