Como se livrar das dores de reumatismo e artrite.

Como se livrar das dores de reumatismo e artrite.

How to get rid of rheumatism and the pain of arthritis. How to get rid of rheumatism and arthritis pain. hi guys how are you
first of all gives your suit our videos to help the team grow
staff shares and triggers our sinimbu there
today I’ll talk about a plant that well the beginning of the channel I talked about this plant
many questions arose where to find where buy this little plant you find her
in supermarket handling pharmacies and it’s also a grocery store
she’s not hard to find not in free fairs also at that place where
comes from medicinal plants from there you you can also find this little plant ok
let’s talk about the starry law we have many benefits to our health and
something else is no use sometimes you keep listening to the video but you don’t make a
use of the plant are you in pain are you feeling sick
are you network problem memory but you don’t use what is
past for you to watch the channel if the watch the other channel in october
see that we are often talking to same language for what that
plant but you don’t just use so it gets harder for you to have a
positive result then look if you have easily do not use you
getting addicted to that plant makes a week gives a rest another people
don’t drink coffee everyday I was looking every day we drink coffee but
has boring very good for our memory to activate our memory not to let
we are old from memory are tired memory that you no longer remember
things got it and we have the pharmacy left them for us to help but you just
if you go up you think it’s cool it gives a gem does not use and our interest is not
our interest is that you watch buy I use it back there comments look ok
using also improved i think this is the best payment this is the best
result that we have well let’s see what they are for
Nestlé side we already talked and we we are updating the information from
note anecy starry staff
he is a plant originating in china and from vietnam
the scientific name of this plant is Star Anise Silveiro Helps Treat
cold and congested nose flu in it we find properties
fungal antifungal antibacterial he is also rich in vitamin c calcium and
iron if you have trouble anemia
I make use of the tea we pulled help treat nose airways
congested the person is breathing evil will
help improve this picture the anise starry also the oil is rich in
volatile compounds that have anti septic and antibacterial that does a lot
well for our skin helps treat eliminate pimple and blackhead blemishes leaves
the most beautiful skin tea can be applied to the skin
cuts bruises spots the anise Starry is a great ally for the
brain mostly people who already I’m getting older because
we found a lot B complex vitamin that helps to
keep native brain cells all working in harmony the cells will
working all together had as if were some little soldiers working
together for the same cause that’s how tea makes tea helps
suppress homocysteine ​​level responsible for brain shrinkage
that will help prevent dementia and alzheimer’s disease and other problems
also the starry nes found in it we found the tholl ring for the
women who breastfeed the atom have estrogenic properties that help to
increase milk production too helps improve menstrual problems
how cramps aches and pains is going to help improve star anise is a soothing
very good for those who have is very angry anxious person person who is
in agony will also calm your dj’s he’s also a diuretic digestive
relaxing assists in proper functioning of sleep is analgesic the star anise
with ginger and common tea will help to treat gases 2 take gol gases
intestinal cramps diarrhea heartburn bloated stomach will help improve
this whole process you using tea tea also helps control pressure
artery strengthens the heart and helps the good
within your pressure the aniseed eye starry as we speak helps heal
the wound very fast stimulating too blood circulation helps relieve
rheumatism and arthritis pain and throat and other pain more but for
you know if it works you have to take a chance on the personal tab make a
tea and drink to make tea you will need six star alice
this one of mine here is all broken I had very little here but he’s more
or so this is a little star this here is a piece of the star right
is a little star is a format of a same little star you will find us
little package sometimes sell brittle but he has a smell of is lemongrass
sweet grass something like that is fine for make the chassis it takes more than 5 to
8 stars depending on size for half a liter of water and boil for
about three minutes muffle and drink you can dance with honey and boring good i use the
your like subscribe to our channel and share our videos a kiss and
until the next video bye God bless you

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