Chronic Neck, Shoulder, Elbow Pain or Stiffness: Ulnar Nerve Flossing

This exercise is great for decreasing the
tightness in the medial aspect of your forearm, decreasing any tingling into your pinky fingers
and to increase the mobility of your forearms, shoulders and neck. Your stiff neck may have occurred from sleeping,
or whiplash from a minor car accident or a sports injury. Consult a Physiotherapist if you have a serious
neck injury or if you are unsure before doing this exercise. Begin in a seated position with tall posture
and shoulders down. Then create a circle with your thumb and index
finger and bring the elbow and forearm up while pointing the heel of the hand upwards
forming a mask over your eye with the circle. Hold this for a second and then return the
arm and hand back to the starting position. Repeat this for sixty seconds, doing five
sets three times per day. The progression of this exercise is to first
start with the head rotated away, then bringing the thumb and index finger over the eye . The
duration is also for sixty seconds for five sets, three times per day.

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