Chloroform test on human | Does it really knock you out? | Donate for Australia | GIVEAWAY WINNER

Chloroform test on human | Does it really knock you out? | Donate for Australia | GIVEAWAY WINNER

Don’t Panic, Okay? Cover your mouth for 3 minutes I welcome you all to the breaking news Watch in the next clip, How a cruel man knocks out other people by using a towel and a chemical and doing very wrong things I have a medicine which knocks out a person in a second We have got to know the name of the chemical from a source What is it??? The name of the chemical is Chloroform You might have seen in hollywood movies that how kidnappers use this chemical to knock others unconsious So, Today in this breaking news We will take a bottle of Chloroform will open its cap *TUCKK* Pour it on a towel and then call a subject and will press the cloth on his nose and you saw that the subject got unconscious He is fooling you *Abuse* Whatever this guy showed you was stupidity Because he is just making you a fool and that too a BIG one Chloroform is very old In 1845, A scientist used it on two subjects as an anesthesia. and later it was used in dental procedures And, later on It was banned in medical procedures, Why? Because if we take a small dose of Chloroform. it will be okay. But if we take a very high dose We can even die So two things come out of this First is your MYTH. You must have seen in a Bollywood or Hollywood movie that some people spread chloroform over a towel and press the towel against a subject and the subject gets unconscious in just 5 seconds So, This is a Myth, A lie and false statement To get unconscious with Chloroform A subject requires atleast 5-6 Minutes And the other thing is that if we spread Chloroform over a towel and wiggle it for 5 seconds Its action vanishes Because Chloroform is very Volatile and Evaporates quickly So, Today we’ll do a small experiment in front of you in which we’ll make a subject sniff chloroform for not 5-6 minutes because it may knock her unconscious So We ll Try it for 3 minutes It will Clear out your myth as well as you ll enjoy it. So, I have a bottle of Chloroform and a towel with me. Let’s Call our subject Surbhi What i am going to do is, I ll put Chloroform on this cloth and will make you sniff it it might hit you strongly at first okay? you can read it, Chloroform Now you can sniff it But, Don’t panic, Okay? Okay? for 3 minutes It will hit you strong is it hitting? Is it very strong? It is VERY STRONG It will for some seconds with a little nausea. So, As you saw that even after very long time more than 3 minutes -But you don’t have a watch
-HAHAHA, clock is running on camera We hope it may have cleared your myth and you enjoyed the video. If you liked the video, Please Like share and subscribe our channel, RanchoExperiments and don’t forget to press the bell icon After this Clip, We ll announce the winner of the giveaway He/She can contact us on the given email ID

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  1. Rancho Experiments Post author

    The chloroform used in this experiment was 100% original that is used in our labs for organic synthesis. We used a low dose for sniffing in the experiment in order to clear everyone’s myth. We request you not to try this in your home,labs or anywhere as a higher dose for a longer time can attack the nervous system and even cause cancer if in contact for a very long time.


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