Chiropractic Adjustment: Neck and Shoulders Pain Fixed

Hey guys Dr Ray Marquez here local chiropractor here at Back Pain Relief Center. We’re here today with Alex, and she’s got a bit of neck and left shoulder pain along with lower back pain, so we’re going to muscle work on her and an overall body adjustment. To get her to function and feel better. We’re going to loosen the trapezius muscles up. I’m going to put some pressure on the tight muscles. We’re trying to break up some of these trigger points or muscle knots. Next is the cervical adjustment. In order to adjust the low back we’re going to do a bit of muscle work on her low back so we’ll move the leg in and out to stretch a little. We’re loosening the muscles to allow for better adjustments manipulation will go a little easier. Lot of tension can build up there from working or working out. Lumbar adjustment to decompress the joints. Finally check the leg length. A lot of patients who come in for back adjustment, their leg will appear a little shorter. The pelvis gets rotated, but it looks good. That’s it. Thanks for watching, if you have any questions make sure you message me. Shoot us an email or stop on in. Have a great day.

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