Chicken Soup for Arthritis Pain Relief : Home Remedies by Dr Berg

hey guys in this video I’m going to talk
about something that’s very very important I’m going to talk about
arthritis both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis so you if you have
either one of these watch this entire video it’s going to change your life now
you maybe you’ve heard of like maybe your grandmother recommending chicken
soup or some folklore that chicken soup actually helps your arthritis well it
actually does and it’s been scientifically proven but not from the
vegetables and I’m going to go through like why it works here’s the thing let’s
let’s just say there’s a chain of events that occur in someone’s life and
sometimes you see people in their 50s or 60s or 70s all of a sudden out of the
blue they lose their joint like their hip joint or their knee joint like just
bone on bone for no reason they’re not jogging they didn’t really have a major
injury maybe they did as a child but not as an adult why does that joint
disappear and it can happen in the shoulder as well well here’s how it
works let’s say you’re a kid and you fall on your knee or your hip and you
Jam the joint and you create a little bit of a micro tear well what happens
small tiny pieces of that joint can leak into the joint it’s the space the
synovial fluid in there and your own body’s immune system will recognize that
as a foreign material and start to build up things that are going to attack it
because it thinks it’s a foreign body so it’s going to build up antibodies which
is against the body to attack these particles and let’s say you but it
doesn’t necessarily get activated until you get maybe in your 40s or 30s when
you have maybe some stress or I’ll loss and bam the whole thing kicks in there
the whole cascade of things occurs because you have this chain reaction
where you have tissue your own body’s tissue leaking into the joint maybe even
the bloodstream the immune system building up anybody’s
towards it and now you develop what’s called an auto autoimmune disease
or autoimmune condition I like to call it where your that means your body is
attacking itself so your own immune system is attacking because now it not
only thinks this is bad it thinks the whole joint is bad so you have constant
inflammation right that’s why people take steroids prednisone because those
are anti-inflammatories but behind it underneath it there’s an autoimmune
thing going on and so over time your immune system will literally destroy
that joint and that’s how it works so many people have that condition they
don’t even know what’s going on all right now what do you do about it
why does chicken soup help that well it’s not the vegetables what is in
chicken soup you actually have collagen you have
cartilage in the chicken soup small amounts and it’s not that you have to
eat that collagen to build up your own collagen that will never ever work it
has to do with several research studies they’ve done recently and in the past in
fact this guy named Royal Lee back in 1940 found out how to do this well
before you see the current researchers making these different studies and
showing the same principle they found that if you ingest cartilage from a
chicken it goes through the body and it acts as a decoy so very simply I’m going
to try to make this really simple you could actually take a piece a small
amount of a chicken cartilage which is basically identical to your cartilage so
there’s no difference between the College of a chicken and the cartilage
of your body okay your joints so you take this little piece of collagen okay
or cartilage it goes in your stomach and it gets digested and it goes through
your lymphatic system which is immigration so it gets the stamp of
approval through immigration that’s how it works and so what happens is your
antibodies are going to sense that there’s
cartilage in your stomach so these antibodies are going to be redirected to
the stomach and this solution is very very amazing strategic-wise because by
adding this decoy allows the joint inflammation to go way down to the point
where this can start to heal now if you have bone and bone it’s probably too
late but if it’s starting to wear out I’m highly recommending you do this you
can find this collagen or cartilage online or any health food store has it
it’s called undie natured type 2 collagen or you see – that’s what you
want to get I don’t recommend any brand I don’t sell it you can just find it
anywhere ok so you start taking this in your stomach it’ll start to over time
slowly deplete your antibody Reserve that has been attacking your joints and
when you start to deplete all these antibodies you have a lot less
inflammation your joints and you can start to heal so it’s an amazing
strategy but I want to explain why it works because it’s acting as a decoy now
if you notice when they recommend to take this it’s always before bed why
because if you take a little too much you can create a little bit of an immune
reaction but it’s really only some fatigue or some achiness okay that’s the
worst case scenario and that’s why if you take before you go to bed you
probably just sleep it off in your sleep deeper and you won’t even know it okay
but if you don’t understand what’s happening you might say wow I might be
allergic to those pills and that may be worse where I feel more achy after
taking it I better avoid that no it’s working it’s just working too fast does
it make sense so if you have an immune reaction when you take this take the
capsule in half and only take half and take it right before bed an empty
stomach so you don’t confuse all these different proteins especially protein
and you take one of these before bed and within about if you have like a mile
Teague you’ll sleep better and you maybe a little bit more tired the next day but
you just keep doing that keep doing it every day for about a week or two and
you’ll adjust to that you won’t have any more reactions to that and then you want
to continue to take this until all the inflammation is gone from your joints
it’s an amazing simple safe solution I love the strategy because there’s no
side effects and it’s been totally substantiated by numerous studies and
I’m going to put the links below but this is the relationship so yes you can
do chicken soup but the under natured type two collagen under natured means
completely undestroyed so it’s not cooked it’s not heated so you get the
exact collagen that you need that goes in there and I think it’s going to work
better than chicken soup but apparently this is going to give you some collagen
or cartilage and that’s why that works to reduce inflammation all right so go
ahead and try it and let me know how it works I’ll see you the next video

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