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Radical Pain Relief Solution Video 2: Feel The Emotion, Deflate The Pain

Hi there, I’m jay uecker, doctor of chiropractic and director here at the network life center in Louisville, CO. And, last video I did we started a conversation about pain…. Read more »

Exercise in pregnancy with arthritis – Mary Grant

For people with inflammatory arthritis, they often find it hard to engage with exercise, and some of the barriers can be pain, and also fear of causing damage by exercising…. Read more »

Steroid vs. Saline Injection for Knee Pain in Arthritis

Steroid injections for osteoarthritis is like Snapchat. Everyone seems to be doing it, and no one is quite sure why. But a major blow to that most common – and… Read more »

Family Guy – Stewie Has A Concussion

What’s up Dude…Stewie what the hell is all this…Ahh only the most manly thing ever a little something called American football, is that a Michael Sam Jersey? Yep, – two… Read more »