Can Chiropractic Help My Concussion?

Hey Dr. Ryan Hetland here. Welcome to today’s 3-minute chiropractic seminar. I wanted to answer a question and it’s “Can
chiropractic help my concussion?” I have some notes here to make sure I cover
some things. Can chiropractic help my concussion? There are several ways to get a concussion. You could be in any sort of head trauma
from a car accident, sports injuries. In Minnesota, here, you could fall on ice. I had a friend whose kid was leaning backwards
on a chair or in their place to sit where they eat as a younger kid and she kicked it
and she fell back and landed hard on her head and got a concussion–a little kid. The question is can chiropractic help that? And one thing that is important to note in
this topic is that when you get a concussion, the first thing to make sure is to make sure
the brain is okay. So, obviously, if it’s an emergency, run to
the emergency room and make sure the brain is taken care of first because that’s most
important there. Once you realize that’s kind of you got that
in order, the next step, which is oftentimes neglected, forgotten or didn’t no one knew
or told them that this was important was to have the cervical spine checked for ligament
injury and from the trauma. And I always tell patients it’s hard to get
a concussion and have such a hard hit to the head where you could have trauma to the brain
without traumatizing the cervical spine, having ligament injury damage. And so, I’m going to include a link with this
video that has some research written in my blog about the success of chiropractic care
with concussions, especially those where the concussion symptoms lasts longer than a month. And so, obviously, you don’t want to wait
until the symptoms last longer than a month before you start care, if at all possible,
or get the neck checked, but definitely, if you got concussion symptoms or not quite right
after a month, then, for sure, the neck would be something to look into. The studies are out there that talk about
the success of chiropractic in helping people with post-concussion like symptoms, headache,
dizziness, nausea or any number of the symptoms that it come from. And, sometimes, it might not even be neck pain. So, something to think about if you or a family
member who have gotten a concussion still having symptoms from that, bring him in, have
him checked and have them looked at by a good chiropractor in your area. Have a great day. See you back here tomorrow.

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