Butt Exercises (Gluteus Maximus) – Ask Doctor Jo

Butt Exercises (Gluteus Maximus) – Ask Doctor Jo

Are you planning on going twerking this weekend?
Do you want those booty muscles stronger? This video’s for you. Hey everybody it’s Doctor
Jo. I’m going to show you some simple strengthening exercises to get those gluteus maximus muscles
stronger. Let’s get started. The first exercise is going to be a simple squat. Squats are
very important in the fact that you need proper technique. A lot of people when they squat
down they bring their knees way in front of their toes, and all their weight is shifted
to their knees instead of these gluteus maximus muscles which are nice and strong. So to make
them stronger, for a squat you want to spread your feet out about shoulder width apart.
Keep your feet nice and flat on the ground, keeping the weight shift equal on the front
and the back, and stick the booty back and bring your chest forward. So your knees are
always staying behind your toes. You can use your arms as balancers if you need to. You
can go down just a little bit for a mini squat or you can go way down into a deep squat and
come back up. You can start with just ten or fifteen, do two to three sets of those.
If that is easy, then you can do a one legged squat. Now for me, I might have to hold onto
the couch a little bit for balance because you want to keep the same technique. So if
your squatting down and your knee is going way over your toes, then you don’t want to
do it that way because that is going to damage the knee. So same thing, try to keep your
foot flat, keep your knee behind your toes, and stick your booty back. So your going back
this way, almost like your going into a runner’s position, and then coming back up. Try and
keep it smooth. If your all over the place, or if your dropping down quick and trying
to come back up, your probably not ready for a single leg squat. But if you can go down,
and come up, and maybe just use a little bit of balance to start off with, then try to
get to about ten to fifteen with two or three sets. The next one is just going to be a lunge.
Same thing with the lunges, you want to have proper technique. If you’re bringing your
knee way in front of your toes, if you’re coming down wiggling, then your going to end
up damaging something. Keep your front foot forward, and keep your back foot forward too.
So not turned out, but going forward. Now for me, I like to do the lunge going straight
down. Bringing this knee down in the back so that knee doesn’t go down in front of the
toes. If that’s too deep for you, you can always put a book or something there as a
target, so you won’t go down as far. But try not to go this way, go straight down keeping
your upper body in a vertical position. For this one, go ahead and get in to what we call
quadruped or all fours. You want to make sure that your shoulders and your hands are directly
in alignment. So you don’t want to be way out here or and you don’t want to be way under
here. You want to be fairly straight up and down. Now to get the gluteus maximus, you
can do two different ways. You can either bring your leg straight out, and come up.
Try not to arch your back, you want it to be nice and straight. You can do 10-15 of
those, and then bend your knee, and lift your foot towards the ceiling, so you can isolate
out that muscle. So again 10-15, 2-3 sets. And the last one is going to be down on your
back. Basically, it’s a bridge, but on one leg. So stick one leg out, and lift up. If
you can, hold it for about 2-3 seconds, and slowly come back down. You probably saw my
leg shaking a little bit, your leg will probably shake a little bit, but if you can, hold it
for a little bit, and don’t just plop back down. Bring it nice and controlled coming
back down. Those were some booty burning strengthening exercises to get the gluteus maximus stronger.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments sections, and if you would like to
check out some other videos, go to askdoctorjo.com. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and
Twitter. Remember, be safe, have fun, watch my fanny Bailey, and I hope you feel better

33 comments on “Butt Exercises (Gluteus Maximus) – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Jeannine Shingler Post author

    YES!!  You are inspiring me to keep going on my physical wellness!!  Thank you Dr. Jo!

  2. u03pes Post author

    A wee question… I get terrible sore backs and usually it come from my Gultes. Will these exercises help ease the cramp/nagging pain do you think?

  3. Steve Taylor Post author

    Great new video Dr. Jo. Still digging those funky socks. Looking forward to more posts from you 🙂

  4. Maria Thompson Post author

    Hi. My right hamstrings are extremely tight especially when walking or stepping into a kerb, please help.

  5. Maria Thompson Post author

    Hi. My right hamstrings are extremely tight especially when walking or stepping into a kerb, please help.

  6. Sumit Patel Post author

    Dear Dr. Jo, 
    Thanks a lot for these amazing videos. 
    You are my fittness guru from today. 🙂

  7. Paulo Kaneto Post author

    Was searching a lot of docs to find about my piriformis síndrome treatment caused by sedentary life. Found around nothing. After studying about my butt anatomy, I thought I would try strength my gluteus maximus to help the excess work on my piriformis, and is working!!!. Do you have any tips for piriformis syndrome? Any plan for a video about it?

  8. Lannette Nelson Post author

    Hello Dr jo I have bad what I think is called patellofemoral pain bit I want to lift my buttocks can or do any of these exercises or do you recommend something else ..thank you

  9. Hetty and Betty Post author

    Hi I was doing a dance show about 6 weeks ago now and I had a little bit of bum pain but I thought it was nothing during rehersals in my dance i have to jump into splits and it was fine until the actuall performance i went down into splits and my leg stiffened up and it hurt like hell this is on my right leg so whenever i do splits now or try to left my right leg up and straighten it it won't straighten it just bends, I've been trying to go down into splits and i can but when i stand up it hurts a lot and is hard to do splits on my right leg however if i do splits on my left leg forward and put my right leg back its fine, do you have any idea as to what I've pulled, torn, strained etc.. its been like this for 6 weeks now and I'm really into dance, would be so grateful if you could get back to me, might have torn my gluteus maximus if so what could i do in order for it to get better, I'm 14, please reply

  10. Kath Kelley Post author

    knocked knees, knee really hurts walking fine upstairs a nightmare which exercises would help. Many thanks

  11. vishal singh Post author

    hi JO how to correct knock knee in 30 days please upload a video on knock knee …please

  12. nischaya tomar Post author

    Hello Dr. Jo..i have a personal question can u plss provide me your email address where i can send you my message..with a great hope.

  13. Holli D Post author

    Thank you. My knee is still sore from my meniscus repair so I didn't want to get on my knees.

  14. weezahriah Post author

    WAIT!!! you play Guitar, Banjo, and ukulele?? I want to listen to you play me some songs or stuff

  15. hazen Post author

    Hello dr joe.i recently went to the orthopedic doctor and he told me i have muscular spasm in my back thats why whenever i sit i get buttock pain and its been a year.Eventhough i have great flexibilty.the pt told me to do single leg raise 20 times and.pelvic roll side to side.knee to chest stretch and pirformis side stretch.but i am worried that the single leg raise would tighten my hip flexors and aggravate my buttock pain.My mri and x ray is well clear and its been 2 days ive started these exericses.By the way when doing the single leg raise it becomes a bit difficult when i cross 12th rep.Is that natural.

  16. Philustrator Prendergast Post author

    Hi great video. Is it ok if my left side butt is tingling after that one leg squat on my left leg?


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