Breaking Addiction to Negative Thinking

Breaking Addiction to Negative Thinking

how can we break the addiction to negative thinking and is there a way we can present this to our use well negative thinking is a many egos love negative thinking because it strengthens the ego the pain body also is often involved in it because the pain body can either feed on other people’s reactions towards you which the ego the pain body tries to provoke when it needs to replenish itself then it feeds on the drama or it can feed if there’s nobody around on your thoughts negative every negative thought it gets you know ah my life is so retarded so God so how gradual can I get any worse or did what these people tell us so not this dreadful kind of just hate these people why is it always is always this stuff always happens to me doesn’t it’s just about to happen to me one quick and I can why can I never get things like why can they never get things right what he did to me I just don’t care forget that oh just don’t let me tell you about it well what I did was so horrible so horrible I’d love to never I did I did that 20 years ago I did that I did a terrible thing God what’s going to happen tomorrow I don’t know what’s what are we going to save he says that what are you gonna say then what if I lose if I lose that that that job he’s not thinking they might I might get to sex soon I’m sure I have a feeling that’s but I’ll be out in the street I can bump in a peg to make my mortgage we’re good what time is it 3:00 a.m. oh and then there’s that other thing I don’t think I can take any more of this okay on one level there is an addiction to that there is something in you that does not want to let go of that type of thinking so in order to do anything about it first if I say now mention what you can do about it it presupposes a at least a small degree of awareness while these thoughts happen there must be a small degree of awareness from which you are able to witness whatever is happening and notice that you are engaged in the stream of negative thinking and actually liking it not wanting to get out you can especially with anger which is another form of negative mental emotional state you can see how people if you’re trying to say to an angry person would you like me to help you let go of this anger see what response you get in other words the person does not want to let go of the anger it loves that anger while it’s while it’s on while the person is in its grasp it it loves it’s the ego the ego loves that anger because today in an angry State the ego gets inflated it usually in an even and insignificant person in the eyes of the world who has no power in the world can suddenly start shouting you and suddenly there the ego grows and everywhere goes like oh and the egos you see I am I’m all powerful sometimes you see people in the street they’re going around shouting at everybody that’s their ego trip because they have nothing else but for the ego Eve networks don’t approach that person and say what would you be them like to be in a peaceful state I can give you some advice so if I say that you what to do about it it presupposes that you know what’s happening to you at that moment at during that time so there needs to be some awareness and it’s likely that it is there if you ask that question you you are here so that means there is enough awareness in you while it happens too first of all notice that a part of you at least likes it not the awareness but if you’re aware you realize there’s something in me that does not want to get out of it that if it’s been going on for years even your sense of identity or an important part of your sense of identity is in that the negative mental emotional state some people have it in the background almost all the time but they are unaware of it it’s becomes part of their identity and these are people if you’re very sensitive and sometimes you don’t even need to be that sensitive when you meet a person like that you can sense in the background there is something waiting for the next thing to be angry about or as somebody once said a grievance looking for cause now the Internet is full of people like that they love going on there so the Internet has given the ego a new new way of expansion and anybody can go in there and express find a cause and then express their grievance so identity can be associated with that if there’s awareness then you can notice while it happens that there’s an enjoyment of that negative state then you can also be aware that the mind activity that’s happening in you is futile and fulfills no useful purpose whatsoever and then you go hmm well these thoughts isn’t that an interesting what is the purpose of these thoughts does it change the world do they change the world change anything or do they just drag me drag me into this hole more deeply there is a an unconscious belief in the mind also if I complain enough about something even even if it’s only mentally but especially out loud if I complain enough it’s going to change eventually that that somehow it works if I could just show how unhappy I am then God or the universe or somebody is going to do something about it so many adults believe what little children sometimes find when they become really unhappy and start screaming then they get attention by their parents they what’s wrong before they didn’t get any attention but when they go oh I want this and the mother father comes what’s wrong I want is no you can’t have it I want this No okay here it is and now they’ve learned a very important lesson their mind and that lesson is unhappiness works and if that is repeated many times in childhood the adult still has that unconscious belief in their mind and so they enter a periodically enter states of unhappiness in the unconscious belief that things are going to change I’m really unhappy now it might work while you are little child because your parents can’t stand the screaming anymore so they give you what you want the adult some I just never figure out that unhappy states do not work when they’re adults and they continue to practice what they learned as little children for the rest of their lives never realizing that it doesn’t work [Laughter] so the recognition that negative thinking and unhappy states actually do nothing to change anything if anything they make it worse so if you if there’s enough awareness and you can suddenly look at that and then you can ask yourself from the point of from the perspective a perspective of awareness do I want to continue to think these thoughts is that helpful or good you really want add is it what is it doing what would it be what why would I experience this situation without it so you can as awareness comes in choice comes in and then there are moments when you may be able to step out and just be present and the negative stream negative mental emotional stream subsides and you but it’s not gone yet because you don’t get rid of it that easily a few moments later another thought comes into your head and immediately a new train of negative thinking starts and you can feel the pull of it it’s from there it can be very very strongly especially if it’s been in your life for a long time you feel the pull of negative thinking come this way this is so familiar this is where you belong this is who you are and then you need the awareness so you can’t fight the negative states because that’s another negative state but you can be aware and see its utility and ultimately see or see also how that you are addicted to it but when you see it you’re not completely addicted anymore you’re only completely addicted when you don’t see it when you see it you are the awareness when you have when there’s no awareness you are it then you are the eagle then you are the addicted the ego that’s addicted to unhappiness so it’s important by the way as I just mentioned little children if you have a small child to give attention to the child not wait for the child to go into a screaming State or some other negative tantrum and then give the child attention but give the child attention at normal times and don’t give excessive attention when there’s the screaming and especially don’t give the child something after you’ve said no you can’t have that and even he or she just tries enough then finally you give it that’s not a good lesson to teach either you give it immediately or you don’t give it and if you think it’s bad for the child then of course it’s better not to give but of course the parent gives it because he wants he or she wants the crying to stop so you’re okay oh dear you’re teaching prepare a very wrong lesson [Music]

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  1. Myau Post author

    I imagine the negative stream of thoughts as a tree growing and when I catch it happening I imagine the tree unraveling and plucking itself from its core, than I shift my attention to the present moment. It has worked very well for me hope this can help someone.

  2. Alja Žehelj Post author

    A true master is someone who has no need to show off as a master. And that's exactly what we can always without exeption see in your presence.
    And that's why I like you even more!

    Dear Eckhart, you are such a gift. Thank you for making you, what you are now!
    Listening to you helps a lot, to feel the inner peace and to keep the feeling. And to just be. 🙂

    Best regards and all the best, always!

  3. Mofromusic Post author

    The word "fuck" came out of Eckhart's lips!?! I'm beginning to think when Eckhart squats on the toilet, brown deposits of shit actually drops out of his ass-hole?! WTF!?!

  4. Sierra Rose Post author

    When working in retail and even the medical field, I have found that when people yell, complain and make a fool of themselves, they do get what they want. However, they wonder why everyone treats them like they're a bomb ready to explode when they enter the building. It's very hard not to get sucked into the negativity when you're around it all the time

  5. Peter Dykes Post author

    I love watching this character operate on his sad and desperate dupes while his bank account goes kaa-ching . Good acting ability and soothing voice can give you the ASMR tingles.

  6. brennan garnham Post author

    You can blame a person for being negative but like Eckhart said himself it’s conditioned behaviour from child hood learning to get what you want from negative behaviour. My question is if it’s bad for a child to cry and they get what they want why does a baby do it instinctively you cannot go against instinct.

  7. Sam, The Miracle Man Post author

    I made it my mission to help those with negative thought addiction. I formed Head Trash Anonymous. When I cleared my head trash, I reversed five incurable diseases that left me mentally and physically disabled. I'm healthy today, my doctors cannot explain me. I'm a medical miracle.

  8. Sandesh Gawai Post author

    After going through Vipassana course , Eckhart teachings seem so clear and relatable. ?? Love you Eckhart .

  9. Sam Wilson Post author

    I was watching a video on some channel of Eckhart Tolle, and the video got removed by YouTube due to Copyright Strike given by these money-hungry people of Eckhart. I'm sure all this is done without the knowledge of Eckhart. They say, spread the word, but every now and then they keep taking down videos from YouTube. You greedy people, don't you know everybody can't afford 1000$ for your retreats. If you are really ethical people then remove the subscription fee for watching Eckhart's content on his website. Sadhguru who is more popular than Eckhart, has himself allowed everyone to share words on social media including YouTube and he has in fact said that if people want to monetize his content, he has no problem whatsoever, because all he wants is to spread the teachings. I hope someday Eckhart comes to know what sort of sleazy b******s work for him!
    Let's all come together and unearth this scam, stop watching Eckhart's videos, stop going to his retreat, unsubscribe from his website, I am sure this will teach them a solid lesson!

  10. J J Post author

    How can 336 people dislike this content? A man who is trying to help the world realise there is more to life than negative thinking..weird

  11. Satya TV. Holistic Health Practitioner Post author

    Negative thinking is so hard for some people to break because it actually produces a dopamine affect in the brain, which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. As a Master Life Coach I see this a lot. I help them to replace every negative thought with ten positive to help re-wire the brains neuro pathways.

  12. Novidsbro Post author

    Exactly! The internet/social media has been dangerously inflating the values of our opinions and pumping our egos full of hot air.

  13. Frann Loffler Post author

    I really admire you Master Tolle. And I dream about the magic moment of accessing my inner peace just like when that happened with you. I have terrible anxieties and and I've been trying to meditate every day. Every time I have crises I remember when you told that in one of your many crises you accessed your REAL SELF and I also dream about this moment.

  14. Kathy Palma Post author

    Soul was brought into being with the Divine nature of God, soul's true nature, your true nature and my true nature is indeed the nature of God, Eckhart's reading of the scripture was to simply find the cause of his new condition, He breezed past the redemption of the physical body, what was once dead was made alive.
    The reason we clearly can know the Truth is present in His teaching is because who we are knows our True nature, and His teachings do reveal it, but because He has no understanding other then what His soul knows and knows nothing of redemption and glorification of the first born Son of the new creation, He would say what is this that your thoughts are saying and I would reply just as he has it is not a thought nor a feeling it is a knowing.
    You see Eckhart's passive way regarding the inner is the way of the soul yet it is not the way of the glorified Spirit, we are to be diligent to guard our hearts not passive not sitting with emotions created by fear and allowing them to lead us, it is good to realize they were created by false beliefs but it is better to realize that mercy created us to show mercy
    to ourselves and others and know with conviction that these thoughts that created false belief's that created emotions can not infact remain in us and we do not need to huff and buff to remove them because they hold no power over us and all we truly need to do is see them, and what he says is true regarding thoughts we are not our thought nor were we our thoughts before Christ, and his teaching disregards not that Christ was the first born son yet he disregarded the redemption of the physical body, lion and lamb, yes a metaphor, yet it does infact POINT to Truth, we are a new creation one that has never been before, our Lord spoke of the holy war indicating that we are not to be passive in regards to what comes against us in the inner since the thoughts our not our own nor should we passively sit and watch them pass by we simply need to speak Truth we are not to be emptied yet we are are to be filled with the fullness of Truth.
    Truth says who we are is who we are children yes children of the most high God and we are infact a new creation and we should embrace this gift of grace that redeemed our physical body, for Christ took dominion back from fleshy nature and caused it to be obedient to His Divine nature this is the Blessed Holy union and Jesus Christ was, is and will always be the first born of the new creation, and we are to follow and His presence that is who we are in and who is in us is the glorified SPIRIT of our Lord to teach us to lead us until Christ gloried is formed in us.

  15. QuaSyLaTic Andrew Post author

    As per totally integrated and holistic theory, mind cannot be separated from other parts of our being.

    Ancient Chinese Wisdom says, Heart stores consciousness, if the heart qi is deficiency, the consciousness goes hire wire, then we need to balance the Yin Yang of the heart.

    Old people with aging, body organs deteriorate, .. hearts, liver, lungs etc. i.e Yin Yang looses balance, he or she will be out of his mind.

    It is then physiological problems which need to be addressed.


  16. Skyler Wolf Post author

    most important take away for my ego: I cannot fight the negativity because that itself is negativity. just Be [Aware of it] and let that make you happy.

  17. Ricardo Rodriguez Heredia Post author

    I'm curious to know, what is the purpose of Ego? Why does it exists? What is its function, reason for existing?

  18. Alpha Vector Post author

    It's sad there is an audience with their nervous laughter . They have to laugh for the relief of their inborn stress that they might possibly learn something and be faced with the fact they may actually have to use a teaching for their own benefit .
    They need to see Tolle as a comedian and not a teacher . The audience has been psychologically and emotionally conditioned throughout life to accept theatre in preference to an actual lesson .
    Pay your money and convince yourself you have learned something . Chatter like chickens on your way out of the auditorium . Convince yourselves you don't have the collective attention span of a gerbil .
    Be sure to buy more books and videos . You have no clue .

  19. SAR TRACKING Post author

    It's sad when students become an audience and so desperately need a comedian instead of a teacher . The dysfunction of this video is incredibly evident . The nervous laughter and chatter is a symptom .

  20. Nishan Abraham Post author

    Watching eckhart tolle imitating a negative mind is so funny. Don't even need to watch the rest.

  21. canttouchthis573 Post author

    Watching this before my interview. Thank you so much for making me feel better! I'm less nervous now.

  22. S S Post author

    i'm so stuck in my head negative thoughts. i can't get out of it. it's so hard to deal with daily life for me.

  23. Divya Sasidharan Post author

    Ugh !! My mum told me the one that creates a scene(crying) will get the milk(whatever it wants) I was heart broken coz I would even speak up about my needs.
    Now, my partner is extremely ignoring n dismissive unless I scream fight or put up a show… n I hate doing that but he only n only even look at me or listen to me is when I scream. I keep telling him why r u creating a monster out of me? Y r u training me to behave this way? To complain to others that m a crazy person n he’s a poor man? M scared scared of him the way he makes me horrible human being. It’s a exhaustive.

  24. Kyla Post author

    ?Eckhart ? Love Eckhart, he even cursed so spiritually… love you Eckhart. You’re a great great teacher.

  25. Mohamed Saad Post author

    Have been trying to stop the obsessive for seven consecutive years 😐 .. feels like eternity .. please wish me luck

  26. Jaikay1 Post author

    I loved how at the start everyone was laughing at his impressions of people that worry about different things, but then he ends it with 'I don't think I can take anymore of this' – that part hits home and makes you realise how serious those states are for some people.

  27. roy york Post author

    To be " That " what notices the Thoughts come and go, is Only Found when we ( Take No Thought ) The Wordless Mind. peace ????

  28. Lliioonn Heart Post author

    I always listen to eckhart tolle with my eyes closed…… until he said f**k. I don't know what to think! I guess that's the problem, I think to much! Lol

  29. Merry Graphix Post author

    I prefer to use the word , “ accustomed “ …I got accustomed to thinking & acting a certain way. ~ The word “ addiction “ is heavy & judgmental ..It’s good to be able to describe ( label ) these aspects of ourselves in the most open ended / neutral ways as possible …So that one may have an easier experience to navigate changes we choose to make. Thank you ?

  30. Anne James Post author

    I think he's from a different dimension…there is something extrodinary about him…i love when he laughs…its so playful…amazing person

  31. Ben H Post author

    Thank you for allowing me to see that it is only negative thinking that takes me to a place that is so deep into a hopeless pit. Its like coming up for air to listen to this.

  32. Alex Murphy Post author

    Holy shit. I never figured that I actually like my negative thinking and that my brain has been trained to enjoy it…. I have to change this

  33. roy york Post author

    The Trick is to Fall in Love with the silent spaces in between each thought. Because when we fall in Love with something, That is what Holds our Attention. Very quickly the silent spaces grow longer , and the negative thoughts in turn get fewer. Keep your attention on the silent Gaps , and you will fall in love with it. 90% of all suffering is thought based. peace ????

  34. Trying to learn Post author

    Help please.

    First, thank you for sharing your deep insight.
    I have identified, also with help from friends, that I'm often (as a default setting) negative thinking. Realizing this I saw your video three weeks ago and decided to change. Next morning when the negative thinking started again and I managed to let go of them. That day my wife and I had one of our best days together. Today almost three weeks after, believing that my track was broken, I suddenly realized that I have been having negative thinking and emotions almost the whole time since. I feel sad inside, but I'm so familiar with this, that it doesn't feel wrong to me in the situation. As if I'm unaware/ignoring of how I actually feel.
    I need some help in changing this, how can I speed up the development in the right direction?

  35. Mark Z Post author

    If you think POSITIVE, the Universe will work in your favour and give you what you wish.
    If you think NEGATIVE, the Universe will work against you and give you SHIT.
    I have experienced that all those people who died due to incurable disease were NEGATIVE people.
    Dr. Mo

  36. Castles Post author

    I had a breakthrough after many years, where I feel I was living in awareness for a period of about 6 weeks. I didn't think, I just did whatever came naturally. I was so much happier for it. Happier and more peaceful than I'd ever been. I've since relapsed into overthinking and worry, and cannot get back there.
    Hopefully this will assist. Thank you Eckhart.

  37. desertcruisin Post author

    I'm not so sure about the whole idea of pushing away or accepting any negative thoughts, or thoughts about a past person. What if the negative thought is your unconscious telling you, you should be with that person? C. G. Jung interpretation of negative thought is exactly that. A hint of the unconscious or even deeper the collective unconscious. My current opinion is, that the more self-honest solution is to dive in the shadow/negativity and try to find a solution to it's cause than just accepting every thing that comes along the way. There's too much potential for the good left on the way otherwise. Or let's take it a step further: What if all good people just accept and repress what's done to them? The cold blooded would rule the world exclusively, cause they will act out there will. I like many ideas of Tolle, but some are only theoretically useful, in a case where all people acted that insightful and empathic. Unfortunately that's not the case.

  38. Uphold Sanity Post author

    Great talks. What's very funny imo 600 something people gave the thumbs down. Considering the content of this, dealing with letting go of negativity, that made me laugh hard. Don't let go. Hang onto that negativity!! Take the time to come to this teachers positive page, to say No!!. Too funny. Idle hands. Busy minds. LMAO. Cheers

  39. Tom Smith Post author

    It's gotta to truth.

    Because I came to this conclusion without knowing who this great man is.

    What he's saying is universal.

    There's set paths there's got to be

  40. Harry Beavers Post author

    This really helped me s to learn to live with the 5G Kill-grid and the constant chemtrailing. Thank you Mr Eckhart.

  41. Simone solas Post author

    I was raised by an abusive, cruel mother who constantly displayed this negative way of thinking, it's taken a lifetime to heal but I've always, even as a young child had the inner belief the world was a good place and full of wonder. My father had many similar beliefs to Eckhart so im guessing this helped immensely although I often wonder why he married such a woman. I do however at times still struggle with negative thinking. This amazing man heals me he is such a gift to our world. ????

  42. romeas10 Post author

    Could you explain why people are so easily manipulated by media and the elites behind Greta? Sweden want to sell technology but what the UN want from us? UN always use children to manipulate us for their agenda

  43. Clio Duczyk Post author

    This was verry helpfull, slowly starting to expierience eckharts lessons.
    Thank you verry much for beiing here in my life to guidence ??☀️?

  44. The Time Is Nigh Post author

    1. Become aware of your negative thoughts.
    2. Realize that you are addicted to this way of thinking. Try to understand why you are addicted to this way of thinking (usually ego based)
    3. Understand that this way of thinking is futile and serves no purpose. Unhappiness does not work and does not change things.
    4. Remain aware of your thoughts. When you are aware you are in control; when you are unaware you are helpless.


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