books I love that no one cares about (cc)

books I love that no one cares about (cc)

Hello everybody welcome back to my
channel my name is Boston today we are talking about all of the books that I
really really love but nobody really cares about. So I got this idea a while
back actually when I first started my channel I can’t remember if I filmed the
video or not I think I did but it was like one of my first videos and probably
wasn’t very good but I did get this inspiration from Ariel Bisset but
let’s just start off with the nonfiction books. A couple of these are fairly
popular but I don’t think they’re talked about a lot on booktube and I just feel
like they’re topics that nobody really cares about except for me. The first
one is So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson this I read a couple years
ago and it ended up quickly becoming one of my favorites it talks about several
different instances where cancel culture has affected people online and
it talks about the lasting effects on those people and the not so lasting
effects on the Internet. I haven’t read it recently though so it
may not have aged well be forewarned about that. 2015 this was published in
2015 so it is not dated but it’s five years old so it may not be as relevant
as it could be obviously but I really like this one I think it’s really
interesting to take a look at cancel culture like this and the lasting
effects and it was really interesting to me so yeah I really, I
like this one. Next up is a really just weird weird-ass
book that I love and I’ll explain it a little bit more but that is the China
Study this is by T Colin Campbell and Thomas M Campell. This is a study, this is
a big, big study it is about 400 pages long talking about the effects of our diet
and meat and dairy and how that can lead to cancer in the future and how China
one of the you know places they don’t really- I don’t want to say they don’t
eat a lot of meat but they have a lot of like other food in their diet as
compared to Americans we eat exponentially more meat than China and
it talked about the correlations between the amount of cancer in China and the
amount of cancer in America and different countries it was really
interesting I have annotated this to hell him back and it was
really, really fascinating and it’s really fascinating to think about how
our diet could be linked to some of the worst diseases in the world and how we
can possibly turn that off the like the flick of a switch and it’s
really fascinating it is quite dense though, it’s a
study, it’s a scientific study it was hard to get through but I’ve loved every
moment of it. I’m just weird like that and I accept it. I’m into that stuff. I
don’t know I was curious. I read that back when I was vegan, too. I’m no
longer vegan I am a vegetarian now but I still think it’s pretty relevant
and I think it’s one of the most commonly read nutrition studies but
I think it’s just weird that like I don’t know I’m into that stuff.
Whatever but next up I have a book I read recently and I got it from Book of
the Month and this is The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the
Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel this was so good. I went into this with
nothing but curiosity this is about a man who lived in the woods, practically
unknown, completely off the grid for 27 years. 27 years. And the only human
contact he had in that 27 years was he passed one hiker in the woods and they
both said hi to each other that is it that is the only human contact he had in
27 years and he lived at this campsite that he had made in Maine-
was it Maine or was it Vermont? I think it was… yes it it was in Maine- so it can
get cold there and he lived in below freezing temperatures in the winter and
you know you hear this story and you think that’s impossible
but this man did it and he did the unthinkable and he lived off of this
campsite that was nearby and the people that would stay there would leave canned
goods behind and he would rob the houses and he was known as the… I think they
just called him The Hermit but that is eventually how he was found he was
arrested for thousands of burglaries over the 27 years and then he tells his
story. I just love this I don’t know what really about it but everybody has
those days where you just kind of want to just wander off and live in the
forest have no human contact for the rest of your days and just kind of hang
out and that’s what this man did he’s living all of our dreams and you know
some people may do that and think, yeah but would I really want to, like they
say you know I just want to go live in the woods, but you know some people,
like I really do be wanting to go live in the woods and just not talk to
anybody ever again and just bring a Kindle. As long as I’ve got Wi-Fi
there I’m good I got on my Kindle I can read
whatever I want that’s how I want to spend the rest of
my days truly and I wish I could be this man but alas I cannot. This was just
really interesting it’s really short as well so this is about 170 pages I highly
recommend it you can get it for 10, if you already have a book of the month
subscription it would be 15, or 10 to add it on? I can’t remember. But it’d be
10 or 15 dollars if you know you want to get it. Or you can get it from Amazon
I don’t know how much it is but it was really interesting and yeah I don’t know I just
have like a weird curiosity about that stuff like I don’t know, I don’t know how
to explain it but… And finally for nonfiction we have
probably the weirdest fucking book I own and that is Dead Mountain: The Untold
True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. This I saw on Booksandlala’s
channel, I think. I saw I think last year her best books of the year or
whatever had this in the thumbnail and I never watched it so maybe you have
heard about this if you watch her channel. This is a curiosity and a
fascination that I have had since the age of like 13. When I was like 13 I
watched on Netflix, Devil’s Pass I’m not sure if it’s still there because again
this was seven years ago. I was horrified by it. I was scared out of my mind
it’s a mockumentary it’s not real it’s kind of a theory, an interesting theory,
but more of just a horror movie and I loved it for whatever reason it scared
the shit out of me but it was so fascinating and the Dyatlov pass is a
mountain pass in Russia. The hikers that went there, there were nine hikers and
these were all experienced hikers they knew what they were doing they all were
found mysteriously after days of searching, they were not all
found in the same spot, some were found in a ravine, some were found just in the
snow in the pass, and they were all practically unclothed. They were wearing
no jackets, no snow pants, they weren’t wearing shoes at all, they
weren’t wearing hats, and this was in like negative 40 degree weather and they
knew that. They knew that they should be, if they were leaving their tents that
they should be wearing shoes at least. So they were wearing next to no clothing
and some of their heads were smashed in tongues were missing and this was a huge
thing in Russia at the time there were government conspiracies that
the government murdered them and it was a cover-up of some sort, there were
theories of monsters and cryptids living in the pass or in the mountains and that
was probably my theory at the time just because I love cryptids and it’s just so
fascinating and I truly believe in some of them and I think my my best
theory was a cryptid of some sort and I found this book I was searching
specifically for a book on Dyatlov’s Pass and I found this and I read it. It was
great that’s all I’ll say about it. So I know I’ve gone on a long time about this
but this is one thing in my life that I have become so fixated on and just
haven’t stopped thinking about for years this is like my weird thing, like I
just I’m so fascinated by the story by how these people died and why they would
go out and negative 40 degree weather with no clothes on and how they got into
this ravine and how their skulls were smashed and their tongues were missing
and all of these different weird things and yeah just read the book it’s good. If
you’re interested in it, which how could you not be after all that, read the book
cuz it’s good. Next up we’re gonna go into three thrillers
that I have and the first one is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen
King. I know what you’re thinking Boston, why is there a Stephen King book in
here? Everybody knows who Stephen King is. Stephen King is relevant,
Stephen King is popular. And I would say to that… have you ever heard of this book?Probably not. Probably not, but this is one of my favorite Stephen King books I
have a very dear connection to it because this is one of the first ones
that I read and it was also like the first book that I read that had my name
in it because Tom Gordon is a Red Sox player and this girl in the story gets
lost in the woods and all she has is her Walkman and she just listens to Red Sox
games cuz her favorite player is Tom Gordon.
And when I was that young reading a Stephen King book and I saw my name in
it I was like hell yeah I love this book that’s my name, that’s me. And I just have
loved this book ever since, it’s really one of Stephen King’s most underrated
books cuz I never hear it talked about it’s never talked about but it is so
phenomenal it’s super short if you want to check it out but it is about a girl
who gets lost in the woods and weird things happen, we’ll leave it at that.
Next up I have After the Fire by Will Hill. This is kind of… this is probably,
I would consider it a historical fiction book that more or less follows the… I can’t
remember the name of it but that compound in Waco Texas with the cult? You remember the one, that one. And it follows not necessarily one of the girls
who was in there but in this book it’s like a hypothetical Waco Texas
it’s like Waco Texas but we’re not calling it that
and it follows one of the girls in the cult who lived through the fire
the whole shebang and her relationship with the other kids and her living in
this cult and what it was like and it talks a lot about like PTSD and grief
and kind of being in a cult your whole life and then suddenly getting
introduced to the real world, the outside world, and I want to
reiterate this is not a nonfiction so this doesn’t actually, this isn’t
actually a girl who lived through this moment in time but it is very similar so
yeah it was really fascinating I have a very odd fascination with cults
so I just ate this up honestly I really liked the discussions in here and the- I
don’t want to call it action because like it’s based on true events, but it
really kept you on your toes and it was just so fascinating.And next up in the
thriller category we have If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio. I know a lot of people have heard about this but it doesn’t nearly
get enough hype on booktube or book twitter as I would like it to. If you
liked The Secret History which is one of the- arguably one of the biggest books at
least that I’ve seen most people have read it or want to read it at some point
or at least have heard about it and this is exactly like that except instead of
English like Latin majors it’s Shakespearean play majors. Is that
a thing? You major in being an actor in a Shakespearean play? I don’t know, but
that’s what the main characters are and I promise you if you like The Secret
History, you will love this or if you thought The Secret History was a little
too much you’ll probably like this one, it’s a little bit shorter
it’s a lot easier to get through in my opinion and it’s arguably better than
The Secret History so I highly recommend you check it out but again I have a
weird fascination with cults so you know I loved it obviously. And finally we have
a book that probably shouldn’t be on here cuz everybody’s heard of it but
nobody talks about it and that’s the thing and that is Lifelike by Jay
Kristoff. Y’all need to read this I’m begging you please
you’ve heard of Nevernight you’ve heard of Illuminae please pick up Lifelike I am on I’m on my knees I’m begging you. This is a sci-fi novel, this
is about a girl, in the beginning it starts off with her being a- she programs
this Android gladiator thing and she’s having a gladiator fight, it’s badass,
it’s amazing, we love it, and it goes on there’s more to it, it’s
in the like the second chapter but I don’t want to spoil it, but it gets good there are a lot of biblical references in here which isn’t
necessarily my thing but I am into it in this series it is so good,
love it. I am NOT a big Bible person but I grew up going to Sunday school so ya
girl knows the stories and it does take a little bit of Wikipedia use, if you see
something you’re like, that might have connections, just google it
real quick. Truly Jay Kristoff
is a genius in this book and the second book Deviate and I just love this series
so much it’s just so underrated and I know it’s by a really popular author but
nobody ever talks about this series and it’s phenomenal
it’s so good even if you don’t like biblical references or your
into that I highly recommend you check it out if you at least know
some of the stories, because you- it kind of clicks in your
head and you’re like, oh I get it I get it. And just that
feeling is so nice in a book. I love that. I love that. I was way too
enthusiastic about that book. I just I need y’all to read it, it’s good it’s
really good I promise. You might not like it. I don’t promise you’ll like it
but I promise I think it’s good. So that is going to be it for this video, I hope
you guys enjoyed, if you have any recommendations like any of these books
then I highly suggest you put them down below in the comments especially if
they’re like Dead Mountain because your girl wants some more conspiracy theory
books please I’m beggin ya. Yeah so thank you so much for watching and yeah let me know
what you thought down below I might make more of these in the future
if you like them but yeah thank you so much for watching and I will see you in
the next one bye bye!

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  1. Shaylee -bookswithshayydeniece Post author

    Yes! The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is my second favorite King book! Needful Things is my all time favorite and it's also soooooo underrated!

  2. Batty Books Post author

    The China study sounds amazing! I am also vegetarian and so glad to see there are studies like this out and hopefully more people read it now that you have mentioned it! 🙃🖤

  3. SomeBunny Reads Post author

    Wow I am so glad I found your channel! These books sound very interesting ! Subscribed 🙂

    edit: o m g the girl who loved Tom Gordon I remember reading that book in high school I love it so much! No one ever talks about it but it really stayed in my mind since then !

  4. Court Garris Post author

    I am waiting for After the Fire right now from my interlibrary loan, and I am currently reading Dead Mountain, I loved Devil's Pass, the full movie isn't on Netflix anymore, but I too watched it there and it scared the shit out of me, lol😁

  5. Сергей Максимов Post author

    Hai, Boston.
    vas ist das, 14.02.20💝???
    … E-e-e-e, pereval Djtlava, 9 pipl kreisi. Momento mori, Ural. Rassha. 1959.
    …Stiven King👌👌👌
    Boston bebe💋
    Moskay🇷🇺 Rassha.

  6. lilacchocolate Post author

    First heard about The Dyatlov Pass Incident when mentioned by Ask A Mortician (here on YouTube) super interesting! Bedtime Stories also did a great video series about the subject
    For your interest in cults, I would highly recommend the Parcast Network Podcasts "Cults". Anything produced by that network is really awesome, I personally love their Serial Killers podcast the best! 💕

  7. Lijstje Storm Post author

    The stranger in the woods annoyed me to hell and back because of how Finkel treated the family.
    Dead Mountain sounds awesome though !

  8. Sara Post author

    Not so sure about meat and dairy causing cancer.
    Everything in moderation. But I will look ibto the book.☺
    The Stranger in the Woods sounds fascinating.

  9. Kennedy Gifford Post author

    I read so you've been publically shamed last year and imo in held up really well, because jon Ronson really predicted the way internet culture was heading re: cancel / public shaming culture

  10. sonatajessica Post author

    lol, I love your videos. But maybe you need to get out of the YA-series obsessed corner of youtube? And I mean that in the nicest way, but a lot of people have read and loved these books, when you venture a little bit further around you might see that (just check goodreads). I have heard of all of these books and have read about 50% of them, and I don't think that is so unusual. They are great books! . "Dead Mountain" was so amazing, "The Girl Who Loved TG" is in my top King books! I am glad you are reading these books, but please, don't say no one cares about them!

  11. Charlotte Wilson-Smith Post author

    Can you recommend any books about food in general? I don't get the major hype about being vegan and why eating meat is so bad? It's not something I've really looked into and would like to understand it better??

  12. boston reads books Post author

    Quick disclaimer: The books I talk about reflect what I personally see on mainstream booktube. Obviously people elsewhere love these books, but they aren’t “mainstream booktube books”

  13. Rebekah Post author

    this isn't particularly conspiracy related but i loved learning everything about the west memphis 3. they have a few documentaries (paradise lost) and west of memphis but i would highly highly recommend life after death by damien echols.

  14. em likes books Post author

    Omg the Maine Hermit!!! I grew up in Maine and my uncle was actually his lawyer after he was arrested 😂😂 it was such a big deal back when it happened, I remember being floored to hear about it. I didn’t know there was a book of his story—I’m definitely intrigued.

    Also ugh love If We Were Villains, deserves so much love.

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    Umm hellooooo…👀.. looking super cute 😏… also , Dead Mountain , reading it! 💪🏻📚 thank you!

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    If we were villains!! 😍😍😍 That book has an ability to shake me and just randomly pop into my mind every now and then. I’m currently reading The Secret History and I’m also falling in love with it.

  17. bailey b Post author

    if you're into podcasts this one is amazing!! they talked about the dyatlov pass incident, here's the link if you want to watch 🙂

  18. evil queen reads Post author

    I read The Stranger in the Woods a few months ago with my book club- it was such an interesting story!

    And thank you for the very interesting recommendations in this video 👀

  19. Jena Reads Books Post author

    Enjoyed The China Study. How Not To Die is also very informative. 5 years vegan over here and I have lost 200 pounds and feel great! Food can help us thrive or kill us- we each hold the key! 🌱

  20. Marianne O Post author

    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is soooooooo underrated. One of my favourite Stephen King books. I've been asking people to read it but they're so focused on his more mainstream works and it frustrates me so much 🙄💖

  21. The Bookish Mom Post author

    This is such a fun concept! Stranger in the Woods sounds SO interesting! I really need to pick that one up. I couldn't imagine 27 years with NO human contact.

  22. crescentpages Post author

    This is such a fun video idea!
    Unfortunately I didn't like If We Were Villains too much, but I know lots of people do!
    Lovely video!

  23. Paperback Jedi Post author

    I'm actually reading Lif3lik3 right now and I was so excited to see it pop up, haha. I actually really love it so far. Kay Kristoff always works for me. I heard really great things about If We Were Villains– it's actually on my tbr, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Bumping it up now, obviously. I love your hair and your bangs and I wish I could pull that off. <3

  24. eileen e Post author

    If we were villains was one of my favourite books of 2018. I'm still thinking about it constantly and the audiobook will haunt me for forever. The narrator is a Shakespeare actor himself, so his pronunciations and the way he talks just creates this amazing atmosphere. Totally recommend it!

  25. I don't know what to put here Post author

    I read If We Were Villians recently and I loved it so much. There’s really only one thing that I didn’t like about it 😀


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