Best Sleeping Position for Back Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain Relief at Night by Chiropractor in Vaughan

Best Sleeping Position for Back Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain Relief at Night by Chiropractor in Vaughan

Having back pain, sciatica, or leg pain can
make it difficult to have a good night sleep or a comfortable sleep, and can cause a lot
of pain at night time as well. So in this video, I’m gonna give you two
tips that can help you increase comfort while you’re sleeping when you’re coping with
back pain, sciatica, or leg pain. Helping you relieve pain, conquer stress and
supercharge, your health the chiropractic way. Hi! And welcome to this video! I’m Dr. Walter Salubro. I’m a chiropractor in Vaughan and the author
of Back to Health by Choice: How to Relieve Pain, Conquer Stress, and Supercharge Your
Health the Chiropractic Way. And in this video, I’m not only going to
show you how to finally get relief with your sleep when you’re suffering a back pain,
leg pain or sciatica, but I’m gonna show you two key positions for you to sleep in
and a simple trick that you can do to finally relieve pain or ease pain in your back and
ease leg tension or leg pain with sciatica while you’re sleeping. So follow me and let’s take a look at these
two key tips that you can do. And I’m back. So let me show you what you’ll need to relieve
tension and pain from sciatica or leg pain or back pain while you’re sleeping. You only need one or even two pillows. Okay? If it’s a small pillow, two small pillows,
stack them up, one on top of each other, or big fluffy pillow. And this is how you’re gonna to use them. If you like to sleep on your back, if you
find comfort sleeping on your back, you place the pillows under your knees. Under your knees, it relieves tension on the
nerves of your legs and your sciatica nerve and tension on the buttock region. And also, eases up tension on the lower back
region. And then, if you’re a side sleeper, you’re
gonna put the pillows in between your knees. And what that does is it levels off your thighs
to the pelvis and release tension on the pelvic and low back region, provide comfort while
you’re sleeping. So let me show you what that looks like right
now. So you’re gonna take your pillows, whether
it’s two flat pillows or one big fluffy pillow and you’re gonna place it under your
knees. So you bend your knees right over the pillows
while you’re lying flat on your bed. And you’ll find how comfortable this will
be for your thighs, your glutes, your lower back, relieving tension on the muscles that
go into your thighs, and nerves and sciatic nerve that goes into your thigh and lower
back area as well. And if you could change to your side position,
you take the pillows and put them in between your knees. So now what that does is it keeps your leg,
your lower leg, knees, and thigh in level with your pillow, this will be reducing tension
on your hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, and lower back. Give that a try! And I’m back. So, I hope you enjoy those two tips, those
two key sleeping positions on your back or on your side. And how to use a pillow under your knees or
in between your knees to help relieve tension in your low back and tension in the leg, and
nerves that go into your leg that cause sciatica or leg pain. Hope you found that useful. Give it a try. If you have any questions, leave it in the
comments below. And of course, if you like this video, give
us some thumbs up and likes. And share it with a friend or family member
that you know is suffering of back pain, leg pain, and possibly having trouble with
their sleeping because of that pain. Hope you enjoy this video. And I’ll see you on the next video. To learn more about how corrective chiropractic
care at Back to Health Chiropractic Centre help you with your chronic pain problem, visit Back to Health Chiropractic Centre is located
at 20 Cranston Park Avenue #6 Vaughan Ontario L6A 2W2.

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  1. baacha zari Post author

    Hello sir I did sent u alots sms but u didn't response me yet I have ptoblom problom low back pain my ct scan resulting L4_5 foramina stenosis

  2. Taran Deep Post author

    hello sir…
    I m from Punjab India
    sir my mother has a sciatic pain in her left side…but she has too much pain from knee to foot …..
    plz tell me sir how she can get relief from this killer pain….
    plz help us sir

  3. Jenson C Post author

    Have a question?
    People with such pain can't stand or sit ..sleeping position is also difficult…
    Need some sitting chair which can be remotely changed as bed…

  4. Una Ciu Post author

    Hi Dr. Salubro! What should a person who shuffles during his/her sleep do? Changing positions all the time, unconscious – sleeping on left side, right side, on back…

  5. adeel muzaffar Post author

    Having sciatica pain should i sleep on mattress or on thin sheet? Which u recommend.

  6. Javeed Ghoghari Post author

    Sir I'm a student of physiotherapy but when i show your videos and tips it's very helpful for me at practical exam thank-you so much sir

  7. Salmina Salim Post author

    Much thanks for the best demonstration of position of sleeping of pt with problems of that kind may God bless you

  8. Sadiq Afroz Post author

    Sir it was very useful videos for over all world thnku so much sir….
    Sir I have problem in L3 plzzz give me some suggestions where I can better

  9. Beautiful Nepali Post author

    Hello Doctor! I am really suffering from this pain since last three months and I seriously didn't know about what's was wrong with my left back and the leg this is killing me specially at the bed time. How can I get rid of this pain. Pls help me?

  10. Monkey Videos Post author

    Hello Walter,
    Can I go to gym and boxing class after getting rid of lower backpain ? I've taken an lumbar epudrial steroid injection and now I don't have any pain. Many people say that, I should neither lift weights nor go to gym, which is really bothering me a lot. I've started practicing the exercise which you've shown in the videos and planning to continue the exercise for 3 months. Will this help me to lift weights and practise boxing ?

    Please help me sir. Any insight will be much appreciated.

  11. Mehran Dhamraho Post author

    Sir thanks for such a nice video, I fell some time very sever sudden pain at the l4 l5 , so what i should do? i take medicine Cap: Coril 4mg and tab:rotec 75mg , kindly help me

  12. Samiksha Salvi Post author

    Hey Dr Walter
    Nice to see your useful tips.
    I have one query, I do hv L4L5 disc bulge issue. I m under medication. I did first MRI ON 15th May'18. After that I consulted one bone setter who tried to fix the problem with pressure technique. My concern is I have some relief after this treatment but sometimes I do get the pain. I was asked for 1 month bed rest.
    Should I undergo next MRI to observe if any fix has been done. Or should I undergo physiotherapy.
    Kindly suggest.

  13. Florence King Post author

    Many thanks for the video, but my problem is i cant lie flat on my back to sleep,and i have this back pain,what do you sugest i do,

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  16. Cherrie Biglete Post author

    My orthopedic said the pain will go away in just 2 weeks. But until now I can't even stand. I feel so stress because I just gave birth last June 1 and since June 7 I can't even stand. I want to take care of my baby. I really want this pain to go away. What I need to do Sir? I really want to stand and walk now.

  17. Raman Deep Post author

    Hlo sir I am suffering from slip disc pain my physiotherapist said pain gone in 2 week but until my leg pain 80% gone but back pain is not stop and I malso take care 3 months baby with this pain

  18. Snehal Patil Post author

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    Doctor I have been suffering from Qamar since 15 years. Mana has been treated very well, no matter how disturbed I am … I am very old and old in 25 years. Pain can not be described as a pain…..

    I'm Nek Muhammad. Pakistan

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    Sir, I am suraj from manipur india and my mother suffering sciatia pain of l5 l4 herianated disc from last 4 yrs. She got the pain on right leg for 3 yrs but now got pain on left leg and unable to walk or seat the concern doctor advised for phisical therapy. Now after doing phisical therapy for 1 week still feeling pain on left leg while on sleeping position also. Pls help me…. for better position of sleeping and exercise for fast relief of pain.

  21. john ward Post author

    I have found that Chaga took away my siatic pain in just 8 days i have been taking it now for almost two yrs and have no pain

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    Hello Dr. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

    I live in Toronto, i have a bulging disc issue since 2012 on my right side. It goes and comes back. I would like to meet you and discuss my case with you. I can do my MRI and X-rays before coming to your office so that you can see my disc condition from the first appointment rather to wait till we have the MRI after the first appointment.

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    I have one dought.
    My disks are bulgeing L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 are also.
    I will doing daily 2 hours, excersices as it is following your's

    Mainly our dought is how many days agin i am come back with narmal disks


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