Best Mattress for Back Pain (2020) – Do You Wake Up With A Sore Lower Back?

Best Mattress for Back Pain (2020) – Do You Wake Up With A Sore Lower Back?

[background music] Logan Block: What’s up, everybody. One of the main reasons that people are looking
to buy a new mattress is that they’re waking up with aches and pain in their lower back. Today, I’m going to talk about the top 10
mattresses for back pain in 2020. I’m going to give you some information on
the materials used and who I think each of these beds should fit best with. If you’re interested in the full reviews,
up-to-date pricing information and coupons, you can head over to You’ll be able to find the full reviews in
the navbar at the top of the screen where all that information will be held. For right now, let’s jump into the list and
talk about the top 10 mattresses for back pain. First up on the list is the Layla mattress. My choice is the best mattress for couples. Now if you share your bed with a partner,
you know that you have to take more than just your preferences into account when searching
for a new mattress. One of the biggest complaints we hear from
those that are sharing their bed is that their partner rolls around so much during the middle
of the night that it wakes them up on their side of the mattress. Memory foam is a great material for isolating
motion transfer. While the Layla is technically a flippable
mattress, both sides of it use high quality copper-infused memory foam for comfort. I mentioned the Layla is a flippable mattress,
meaning one side facing up is going to give you a firmer feel while the other side is
going to be softer comfort. I found that the firmer side had a medium
firmness to it, like a six-and-a-half out of ten. I really like it for the back sleepers out
there. The softer side, about a five, five-and-a-half
out of ten. Really great for the side sleepers. You’re going to sink in. Not going to have any pressure on the shoulder,
great for side sleeping spine alignment. While memory foam is great for pressure relief,
body contouring, side sleeping spinal alignment, many people can complain that it does trap
a bit of body heat causing you to overheat during a middle of the night. That’s where that copper infusion I mentioned
before comes in. It does a really nice job drawing heat away
from the sleeper, helping you sleep a bit cooler. If you’re a memory foam lover, that’s trying
to avoid back pain, and you also share your mattress, I think the Layla is a great choice. [background music] Logan: Next step is the Bear Mattress, my
choice as the best foam mattress for back pain. If you’re looking at bed-in-a-box mattresses
online, you’ll definitely notice that most of the offerings are of the all-foam variety. Some people out there might be a little bit
hesitant to try an all-foam mattress when trying to avoid back pain. The Bear has that nice firm support that I
really like to keep sleepers’ hips from sinking in a mattress, to promote healthy spinal alignment. It pairs that firmness with a nice memory
foam comfort layer. It has a really nice mix of support and pressure
relief. The Bear also uses a sealant cover which is
a pretty interesting material that there’s some evidence to suggest can help with athletic
recovery. Have you heard the memory foam portion before,
and you got a little bit worried about overheating in the middle of the night? I should note that Bear uses a graphite infusion
in their memory foam to help you sleep a little bit cooler. I normally recommend the Bear’s firmness to
the back sleepers out there for the proper support. If you’re a side sleeper looking at all-foam
mattresses, they also make the Bear Pro, which is a bit softer. You’ll have a little bit more space to sink
into the mattress. Overall, if you’re someone who’s looking at
all-foam mattresses to avoid back pain, Bear has you covered. The Nolah Signature is my choice as the best
mattress for hip pain. If you’re a strict side sleeper, something
you’ve probably noticed is that specific pressure points can form when you’re lying on a mattress
that’s a bit too firm because all of your weight is centered over a small surface area
when you’re in that position. Hip pain can be one of the most common complaints
we hear from side sleepers out there. To combat that, I suggest sleeping on a really
plush mattress like the Nolah Signature. It’s an all-foam bed that has a really soft
feel allowing you to sink deep into the mattress for great pressure relief. The Nolah Signature is technically a flippable
mattress, but I recommend those that are suffering from hip pain sleep on the softer side of
it. Regardless of which side of the Signature
you choose to sleep on, though, they use their proprietary memory foam substitute called
Air Foam. It allows people to sink into the mattress
for great pressure relief and body contouring like memory foam, but it’s a bit more open
cell so it’s going to sleep a bit cooler than traditional memory foam. If you are someone who’s suffering from back
and hip pain, I really recommend the Nolah Signature. [background music] Logan: The WinkBed is the best hybrid mattress
or back pain. If you’re someone who’s been searching for
a new mattress online, but are a little afraid that all-foam beds won’t give you the support
and bounce you need, you should direct your search towards hybrids, using a combination
of foam and coil layers they can provide more of a traditional mattress feel out of a box. The WinkBed is a perfect example of this using
a pillow top structure with hyper-soft foams on top for comfort, all over a coil on coil
structure for a bit more bounce and support. The WinkBed comes in three different firmest
levels as well, as a plus version, which is designed to provide more support to the heavier
folks out there. Regardless of the support level that you go
with, The WinkBed uses a zone support system. Basically, you’re going to be able to sink
further in at the shoulders. Also going to provide more support at the
hips. It’s a really great feature for the side sleeping
spinal alignment. It’s going to help a lot with back pain if
you are a side sleeper. Another nice feature is that the WinkBed has
a tensile cover and uses gel infusions in the foam to help it sleep a bit cooler. If you’re searching for a new mattress online,
but don’t want an all-foam bed, then a hybrid like the WinkBed could be for you. [background music] Logan: Casper is my choice as the best mattress
for shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can often go hand in hand with
back pain. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s a
bit too firm, it can cause pressure build up and a jammed-up feeling at the shoulders,
which will lead to your back being out of alignment. One way to ease shoulder pain is by sleeping
on a really soft mattress. That can often mean your hips aren’t well-supported
enough to avoid back pain in general. The Casper uses a zone support system which
means softer at the shoulders, firmer at the hips to avoid the buildup of pressure at the
shoulders as well as promote natural spinal alignment. Along with the zone support system, the Casper
has a medium firm feel to it, which is great for the back and side combo sleepers out there. While there is a bit of memory foam in the
Casper for some nice pressure relief, it’s actually placed below an open-celled layer
of foam so it’s going to defend against the heat trap and the stuck feeling that some
people complain about with memory foam. I should note that the all-foam version of
the Casper is definitely our most popular mattress. It also comes in a hybrid build as well so
it’s supported by pocketed coils as opposed to the high density polyfoam, which gives
the bed a little bit more bounce. Regardless of which version of the Casper
you go with, if you’re someone who’s suffering from back and shoulder pain, Casper is a great
choice. [background music] Logan: Helix is the best mattress for lower
back pain. While not all back pain is the same, lower
back pain is probably the most common. We hear from a lot of people that they can’t
stand up straight in the morning because of their old and sagging mattress. The best way to combat that is by finding
the right feel for your specific sleep style. That’s where Helix steps in. They had a wide range of hybrid beds made
in different materials and support levels. Regardless of which position you sleep in,
you’ll be able to find the right feel to ensure comfort. The Helix line includes the softer feeling,
sunset and moonlight mattresses for the side sleepers out there. The medium-firm, midnight and dusk mattresses,
which are great for the combo sleepers out there. Finally, the firm twilight and dawn mattresses,
which are really nice for the back and stomach sleepers. They also make the Helix Plus mattress, which
has added support for the heavier folks out there. If you’re interested in more of a sturdier
build, all their standard models come in a Helix Luxe version, which has the added bonus
of a zone support system so regardless of which sleeping position you choose, you’ll
be able to find something in the Helix line. [background music] Logan: The Birch is the best organic mattress
for back pain. If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress,
but don’t like the idea of sleeping on polyurethane foams then you are in luck. There are a number of great options that use
natural materials for support and comfort. The Birch is a hybrid mattress that uses a
mixture of talalay latex and pocketed coils for some really great bounce and mobility. Along with the hybrid construction, it also
uses wool for comfort and cotton to really round out the organic credentials. Along with great bounce and mobility, the
standard version of the Birch has the strong support and firm feel that I really like for
the back and stomach sleepers out there. If you’ve been suffering from back pain because
of a sagging mattress, this could be a definite upgrade. I should note that Birch does offer a latex
mattress topper. If you’re someone who’s a side sleeper that
needs some softer pressure relief, but you don’t want to sacrifice natural materials,
Birch has you covered there. If you’re someone who’s been suffering from
back pain, but wants more of a natural mattress, the Birch is the one for you. [background music] Logan: The Brooklyn bedding Aurora mattress
is the best cooling mattress for back pain. Now we’ve covered different types of pain
and mattress constructions, but what if you’re most concerned about sleeping cool through
the night? If you’re someone who tends to overheat in
bed, the materials in your mattress could be part of the problem. The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid mattress that
was specifically designed to sleep cool, using things like a phase change material cover,
which is cool to the touch and Brooklyn beddings proprietary tight and flex foam, which provides
great pressure relief without trapping body heat. Along with the great cooling properties, the
Brooklyn Aurora has the softer feel that I like for side sleepers. The combination of these softer foams and
pocketed coils is really great for side sleeping spinal alignment. Along with that, the Brooklyn Aurora has really
great edge support, as well as impressive motion isolation without sacrificing mobility. I really like it for the couples. If you’re a side sleeper that’s trying to
sleep cool through the night, check out the Brooklyn Aurora. [background music] Logan: The Saatva is the best innerspring
mattress for back pain. I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I think
it’s important to reiterate that the most important thing when trying to avoid back
pain is proper spinal alignment. While there are many great bed-in-a-box options
out there, some people just prefer the classic feel of a traditional innerspring mattress. The Saatva is a classic example of this. It does not come out of a box and uses a coil
on coil structure for impressive bounce and support. I found that the Saatva did a great job of
keeping my spine in good alignment as well as keeping me on top of the mattress, so I
never felt stuck in its layers. The Saatva comes in three different firmest
levels so the soft, which is great for side sleepers. The luxury firm or medium version that I like
for the combo sleepers out there and a firm Saatva is really nice for the back and stomach
sleepers. They also make these Saatva HD, which is specifically
designed for heavier folks. If you want some serious support and durability,
that’s a great option. All in all, if you’re shopping online and
want to avoid bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Saatva is the way to go. It’s a great choice for those that want an
innerspring mattress to defend against back pain. [background music] Logan: Last but not least is the Nectar mattress. My choice as the best memory foam mattress
for back pain. Memory foam has been around for decades. It’s one of the most common materials found
in bedding today. The reason for that is that it is great in
allowing sleepers to sink deep into bed for really nice pressure relief. The Nectar is an all-foam bed-in-a-box mattress
that uses five inches of memory foam for comfort, really allowing sleepers to sink in providing
that classic memory foam body contouring feel. The memory foam build is great for side sleepers
who, as I’ve mentioned, need to be conscious of pressure points at the shoulders and the
hips. I found that the Nectar was great for side
sleeping spinal alignment, which is really important when trying to avoid back pain. Along with all of that, the memory foam is
great at isolating motion transfer. If you’re in the market for a memory foam
mattress, check out the Nectar. [background music] Logan: Along with my top picks for best mattresses
for back pain, I also wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions when it comes to
shopping for a new mattress. The first one is, are memory foam mattresses
good for back pain? That depends on a few things. Chief among them is sleep position. If you are a side sleeper, a mattress with
a thick layer of memory foam can really allow you to sink you in the mattress and help facilitate
natural spinal alignment, which is the most important thing when it comes to avoiding
back pain. Next up is a firm mattress better for a bad
back? The answer is that it can be but it’s not
necessarily true that a firm mattress is better for everyone with a bad back. In general, I recommend that most people go
with a medium firm feel so you get a nice mix of support and comfort. Finally, and maybe most importantly, how do
I know if my mattress is causing my bad back? The first clue is going to be when your back
pain is occurring. If you wake up, and can’t stand up straight,
but you can stretch out, and then feel pain free throughout the rest of the day, it’s
time for a new mattress. That’s it for my top 10 mattresses for back
pain of 2020. If there’s anything, I didn’t cover, just
leave a comment below. Again, those were some really quick hits on
all of these beds. If you’re interested in reading the full reviews,
head over to Also, be sure to follow us on social media
so you don’t miss any of our sleep news or giveaway announcements and head to Sleepopolis
for all of your sleep needs.

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