Best Cordless Neck & Back Massager (50% OFF) – Fix back pain!

Best Cordless Neck & Back Massager (50% OFF) – Fix back pain!

– Do you have shoulder,
neck, or back pain? I’ve got the ultimate
massage deal for you. (cash register dings)
(pleasant music) Yeah, we’re all gonna get
massaged together today for half price and usually
that means something completely different, but
today I’m really excited because I’ve heard from a lot
of the amazing subscribers that keep this channel going and you’ve intimated that you’ve got back or neck pain or shoulder issues and actually our intern, Cody,
one of my favorite people was in a very severe, near fatal car crash and this is something that
he’s now benefiting from that hopefully many of you can. In my quest to save you time and cash, I am not only going to be
saving you money on this deal which is located right
under the video screen, but I’m gonna hook up a subscriber with a free massage system. – Hi, Matt. – [Matt] (chuckles) So to be honest, we love this thing. – I adore this thing. I’m obsessed. It’s a spa on your body. It feels so good and normally sometimes you
sit in those massage chairs, you know, if you’re
getting your nails done and it’s kinda harsh and you have to, this is just beautiful. (Matt chuckles) It’s a walking spa. – [Matt] And it’s cordless so you can walk wherever you want. – Yes! I mean, my tense neck
muscles and shoulder, oh. This is wonderful! Am I in Heaven or in a studio right now? – [Matt] Both! – Okay. – And the fact that this is rechargeable and can massage your neck and your back and bringing portability for travel, I think this might actually be one of the best systems we’ve tested. Comes out of the box ready to rock, kinda odd looking, but wait till you see how this performs. My awesome job shadow this month, Ashley, is also gonna weigh in and
tell us if this massage passes her test. – Who needs a boyfriend when you have this awesome back massager? It does everything. It’s comfortable. It heats. You can get massaged all night long. You have these arm rests here and it’s also rechargeable. You can’t beat that, right? – Hey everyone, intern Cody here. Many of you might know I
was in a head on collision with a drunk driver three years
ago going 50 miles an hour. Nearly lost my life. Yet this product right here just takes all the aches and pains away. You can use it on your neck, your back, anywhere that you have aches and pains. – [Matt] I’m gonna compare this item to another one we purchased at almost double the price. This one, louder. I don’t know if our camera
microphone is making this out but for really the same coverage
and very similar pressure, this one is louder. This one is not rechargeable. This one not only completely wireless, but if you even want to
charge it in your car, you have a DC adapter that’s included and you get almost four or five hours of on and off use with this. The controls, which are on the side of this particular device
allow you to control the circulation, the
target areas and the heat and I will tell you, a lot easier to use and a lot more comfortable than many of the competing products. New to market, already
getting rave reviews, has that heat mode. If you want to take
advantage of this deal, you do need a coupon code to
lower the price to 75 bucks. That coupon code is located
right under the video screen. You just add it and the price drops. Just expand the description box and you can buy this, I
think with the coupon code I found this is not gonna be around long ’cause this really is a fraction of what it would regularly sell for. Now, for my favorite
point of the entire video other than reading your comments and getting to save money together, the giveaway! Using Tube Buddy’s random pick a winner, we will find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. Congratulations Dean. Just email support at with the address where you
want your freebie delivered. Yes! Awesome! You’re gonna get massaged and not by me which is what actually makes
this a great day for you. Now, if you want to get hooked
up with huge, awesome deals and upcoming freebies, very simple process which includes the smart
thermostats that so many of you been asking for. All you need to do is subscribe with your notifications turned on. – If you’re not yet subscribed and you want to follow
Matt’s deals and his life, click about right here. – Look, I’m massaging my face. It’s fun. How do you feel, Cody? – Excellent. – And if you want to feel
like Cody, excellent, very easy process. To subscribe with your
notifications turned on or if you need help leaving a comment, just click right over here and for our last huge deal,
in case you missed it, just click right over there.

100 comments on “Best Cordless Neck & Back Massager (50% OFF) – Fix back pain!

  1. Becky Moses-Suarez Post author

    This is awesome! Wow, Kody, I am so very grateful that you recovered from the accident. Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Melinda Angel Post author

    This looks so relaxing! I have back, neck and shoulder issues and after a long day at the computer, it can be a "pain" to deal with. This would be great!

  3. Sandra Dillinger Post author

    That is awesome I will have to tell my hubby we need one of these for sure. Both in head on car accident 18 years ago and I am still feeling the affects. Cody I know your pain I hope you are doing better. Any kind of pain is hard to deal with sometimes but life goes on 😉

  4. Denise Clark Post author

    Who massages the massager? I am a massage therapist and a big fan of these Shiatsu-type products! I am getting one for myself for some self-care. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Dee Hannum Post author

    Ashley you have a smile that lights up the world around you! Keep smiling the world needs more light in it.

  6. Joe Scot Schroeder Post author

    Maestro, this massager has a weird look but who cares, as long as it does the job.
    "This is wonderful! Am I in Heaven or in a studio right now?" Hollie seemed to have really enjoyed this item! 😀
    Hello Job Shadow, Ashley!
    Ashley and Cody seemed to give their full endorsement of this product. I think you need to give one to Cody, not only because of his accident three years ago but for all those times he was stuffed into a suitcase and pushed off a table. 😀
    Thank you for the coupon code. You're not only easing our physical aches and pains but our financial aches as well. Peace…

  7. Kari Wendel Post author

    I bought the type that is red in the video on sale for $20 from Amazon & I love it!! It really helps after a stressful day.

  8. TekReviews Post author

    Another seller on Amazon claims to have these Naipo Kneading massager for 49.95, it looks nearly identical and similar photos. It doesn't list neck and back in the description. Hard to figure out if the cheaper one is the same exact item at a lower price?

  9. Chillvibeszz Marii Post author

    I love this dude he has the best deals but I was wondering if he could find greatest deals on a rose gold iPad pro 9.7 128gb cellular, wifi

  10. Jennifer Karre Robertson Post author

    So I ordered this for my husband just 2 days ago and received it today…he loves it and asked where I found this and I told him my friend The Deal Guy, Matt!

  11. Renee Fitzgibbon Post author

    hey Matt, I purchased two of the iwownfit bands and one is defective. I reached out to customer service and they have put me through the ringer downloading, deleting the app, repeat…over the past three weeks. Do you have an address to make a complaint or request a new device? They refuse to provide the information. The watch disconnects and will not reconnect to my phone.

  12. Richie Chlopecki Post author

    Ugh I just saw this and now the price went back up a little. Looks like an amazing massager. Will wait to see if it comes back down.

  13. Lisa Hill Post author

    awesome deal, wish I had seen this before, Christmas, I bought one on a shopping NtWk, for my Husband, paid a lot more for it , But Thanks Matt & Cody, and all the interns, y'all ROCK !!!!!

  14. The Reviews Dude Post author

    I'm so happy to see that your really getting up there, matt! Almost a quarter of a million subscribers!

  15. Scentsable Susan Post author

    Darn you Matt Granite! You got me again with another neat gadget. I can't wait to try this!

  16. Cynthia Rousan Post author

    I have major problems with my neck and back. This is a must have for me. Thank you Matt. I'm glad this helps Cody too.

  17. Sarah Faber Post author

    I'm going for spinal injections today for the 4th time in a year. I need this! Help please!


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