Batwoman 1×12 Inside “Take Your Choice” (HD)

Batwoman 1×12 Inside “Take Your Choice” (HD)

– This universe is
literally not big enough for the both of us. – Episode 12 is called
“Take Your Choice”. (Alice groaning) It’s written by Ebony Gilbert
and directed by Tara Miele. (Beth groaning) Her sister, Beth, from another
universe and evil Alice both get these piercing
migraine headaches and collapse, leaving us to wonder what
the heck is going on. – [Kate] The Earth’s
balance can’t handle the existence of two Beth Kanes. – We discover very quickly
that this is an anomaly from the Crisis and one
of them cannot survive. – I want her dealt
with, for good! – Sophie, who has become
the commander of the Crows, gives an order to her team– – If you see Alice,
shoot to kill. – The Crows, not knowing there
is a good Beth out there, and we’re left
wondering, “Oh my gosh, “which one’s gonna live,
which one’s gonna die.” – You are not me. – It was important for me, as
the showrunner of “Batwoman” to have some take
away from Crisis that was grounded to
the reality of our show. – Feels like I’m
back on my Earth and it’s just a normal day,
I’m just chatting to my sister. – The whole series
thus far has been about Kate’s relationship with
her twin sister, Alice. – You still just feel
like the best friend I’ve had my whole life. – We’re best friends? – Yeah. – We thought it would
make perfect sense if there could be one
anomaly that happens as a result of this crazy event, what if she gets her sister back and what would that look like? And so that got us
thinking, you know, how could we turn
that into drama? – Here’s not making
up lost time. (glasses clinking) (pensive music)

20 comments on “Batwoman 1×12 Inside “Take Your Choice” (HD)

  1. Dewayne Armstrong Post author

    This episode was so good! Rachel Skarksten did a phenomenal job in this episode the emotions she showed as Alice and Beth felt so real. Alice is definitely the best female Arrowverse villain right now!

  2. Mostafa Farweez Post author

    It was a Great Episode and I loved it 🙂 No Spoilers cause there are still people who haven't seen it yet. What I really like about this show. Is the characters relationships and what their choices come out of it and how deep their connections are to each other, and how and what they went through to become like this 🙂 I really hope it gets a 2nd season 🙂

  3. Pierce Dolgener Post author

    Is anyone wondering what Is The aftermath of crisis and how the timeline And new heroes or villains are coming out of nowhere like what villains are back from the dead

  4. Cosmic Nava Post author

    I find this concept of a universe not being able to handle two of the same individuals from different earths to be bullshit. Barry had no issues meeting his past self, future self and his earth 2 self.

    And wouldn't this be a huge problem for Earth Prime now. Seeing how three different universe earths (that we know of so far), merged together. There has to be a shit tone of other doppelgangers on this earth now.

  5. Cytron1515 Post author

    Although I have issues with this show I do agree that Rachel Skarksten's Alice is the best part. She did an awesome job at portraying both Alice and Beth showcasing their different personalities.

  6. Kingfisher Post author

    I’m sorry but i need to watch this episode again right now. Rachel’s performance in this was amazing!!

  7. Andy H Post author

    There were a bunch of dopplegangers on Supergirl – are those poor people experiencing excruciating pain?

    I also wish they had hand waved a reason for them not to call Kara or Barry. If Kate can call Kara up to do an interview that outs her then she can inquire about her dying alternate sister.


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