Back Pain Treatment: Spinal Decompression

my name is Martha Wiles as I was looking
for a different way of helping a back pain. A friend of mine had told me
that there was some kind of laser therapy or something that could be done
and I was slated for surgery now I do spinal
decompression and I have not had to have surgery. when I first came here I
was facing surgery because I couldn’t live a day without pain and so it had
limited my activities I had limited walking driving standing sitting
everything was limited because of pain so it’s nice not to take me pain
medications and it’s nice to be able to exercise it’s nice to be able to play
with the grandchildren it’s nice to be able to work I think being able to do
that without medication and surgery is a big deal a real big deal coming from a
medical background being a registered nurse chiropractic is we’re not taught
that to be the first choice and so since experiencing what chiropractic can do
and especially the decompression therapy spinal decompression I think I’ve told
all my friends to come here several of them have come they’ve watched me do
decompression they’ve tried different things so I would just always advocate
just to seek out other ways non-surgical ways first. Not that surgery’s always
unnecessary sometimes it’s very necessary and he would be the
first chiropractor to tell you when you actually need surgery so I respect him
for that and I have no qualms at all bringing my family and friends here so I
would just highly recommend it to everybody

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