Back Pain Treatment, Foot Care and Alternative Therapies in Reading, Berkshire

Visit Theale Wellbeing Centre for back pain treatment, foot care and a wide range of complementary therapies My name is Michael Palfrey and I’ve been an Osteopath for the last 20 years I qualified from the British school of Osteopathy in 1994 I was inspired to become an osteopath by my uncle who was also an osteopath practicing in South Wales I was visiting him and my cousins on one occasion and I damaged my ankle and he offered me some treatment which fixed the ankle very rapidly and that was the moment which I decided osteopathy was for me. Our vision for Theale Wellbeing Centre was to provide a broad range of complementary and
alternative therapies the idea being to encourage and improve people’s well-being as far as we can in a very caring friendly and professional way the main challenge was to raise the
awareness of the practice to get the word out on the street that we were here and that we were able to to help people
with a very broad range of conditions the number therapies we’ve got in the
practice allows us to treat a lot of different conditions and the key thing was to make local people, local GPs and the wider world aware of what we’re able to do. The general perception of osteopathy and other complementary therapies is steadily improving people have in the past been quite skeptical of the services we offer but more and more we’re being accepted into the mainstream The therapists we have here all
very very well-qualified some of them have twenty-plus years
experience in their field and therefore we practice evidence-based medicine as far as we possibly can and we aim to do so in a in a safe and caring environment where people can trust us to provide the best possible care. We’re very used to dealing with patients who are in pain or struggling with emotional and
psychological issues some people may be nervous of
consulting one of our therapists Our team have been chosen very carefully to provide friendly, trustworthy care you’ll be greeted by one of our reception team who will ask you to give us some contact
details your therapist will then take you to the
treatment room where the therapist will take a case history and will consider your problems on an
individual basis and will offer a treatment solution
designed entirely for you. The team here at Theale Wellbeing Centre are fully committed to improving your well-being and health as
far as we possibly can so whether you want to improve your
sporting performance improve your diet or have some concerns
and issues that you would like to discuss with us please feel free to come in for a chat and we’ll point you in the right direction

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