so having addressed the importance of
movement in the last video I want to take this one step further and that is a
very beautiful thing called stretching similarly greatly feared or greatly
loved by back pain sufferers because I’m going to keep coming back to this back
pain muscular back pain is caused by tight weak muscles now those muscles are
tight now when muscles are muscles are made of fibers like this when they’re
relaxed the fibers are like this and when they’re tight the fibers come
together you let muscles get too tight they snap
together like that in a spasm so we don’t want that to happen to you and if
it’s happening to you we want to get rid of that so stretching essentially does
this to the muscles and when muscles are relaxed and stretched out they have a
lot further to go before they start hurting and before they start fatiguing
in before they start spasming so stretching on a daily basis if not twice
morning and evening is absolutely crucial to resolving back pain now the
thing is it’s really important to do the right stretches now this may be a bit of
a bugbear for you as I know it is for a lot of people that you say to me okay me
I’ve done stretching my entire life it doesn’t work it doesn’t get rid of the
back pain let me tell you it does stretching does obviously when it’s done
in combination with all of these seven points that we’re looking at right now
but what you’re going to do is you’ve got to get do the right exercises you’ve
got to target the muscles that are causing you pain this there’s only like
three or four muscles in your back that are causing your pain and if you’re
doing stretches that are not targeting those three or four muscles then of
course it’s not going to resolve your pain you have to do very specific
exercises to very specific muscles and then they can’t not stop hurting if you
stretch out a muscle that is tight and in pain your pain will reduce it’s that
simple it really is this is why I am really
gonna enjoy working with you because it’s Anatomy
we’re dealing with Anatomy here we’re not dealing with hit or miss shutting
shots in the dark I’m telling you I know which muscles cause pain in the back and
I know which stretches are going to resolve stretch those muscles out and
then you know the body has to comply it has to and so it’s kind of like you’re
putting your efforts in the right place now that’s what I’m that’s what I’m
trying to do in coming online and starting to work with people online is
I’m trying to remove that endless searching and stabbing in the dark for
something that works you’ve got the same back muscles as I have and the same ones
that cause your pain is I have and we are going to work with those specific
muscles you need to work with those specific muscles so there’s a little
video down below with a few stretches that I recommend for low back pain so
enjoy those give them a go and you should find if your muscles if your your
low back pain you should get very quick response to those stretches down below
alright my friends have a great day we’ll see you tomorrow

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  1. Kirsty Macfarlane Post author

    Great exercises, I already do a few of them every night so I'll had in the ones that are new, thanks Coby x


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