Back Pain Relief : Persistent Back Pain Danger Signs

Back Pain Relief : Persistent Back Pain Danger Signs

Hi! I’m Dr. Eric Sayer from Sayer Family Chiropractic.
I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, we’re just going to talk a little
bit about some of the risks, complications, or types of problems with a strained back
that require immediate attention. One of them that’s more common would be if we see pain,
tingling, weakness, anything of that sort that goes down either leg or even down either
arm. Also, if we see a change in the person’s bowel or bladder function. If they’re having
more trouble controlling their bowel or bladder, or difference in that type of aspect. Also,
if the pain is extremely intense, I require attention a lot sooner. If the pain changes
for one reason or other and just acts differently, it might require attention. Other complications
that may require immediate attention would be a change in sexual function, or also an
intense pain with coughing, sneezing, bearing down for bowel movements, or the pain just
intensifies. Any of these types of things of any thing that is of question, definitely
seek medical attention, which may require x-rays or other diagnostic test, but it’s
not worth living with. It definitely needs to be addressed.

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