Back Pain Relief Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Back Pain Relief Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I’m gonna show
you some back extension exercises today in prone, or what you call “on your stomach.”
If you’re not comfortable lying on your stomach, I also have some videos with a swiss ball
and in quadruped, which is on all 4s. So if you think this is too uncomfortable for you,
you can go check those out. Let’s get started. So let’s roll on over get on to our stomachs.
You want to lay out as flat as you can. I’m gonna keep my head up while I’m talking to
you, but make sure you keep your head down in a neutral position so you don’t end up
stressing out your neck. The first one, the easy one is starting off with your arms. You’re
just going to raise it, slowly come back down, raise it, slowly come back down. So you can
just alternate back and forth and try about 10 of those. Then, if that’s pretty easy,
you can go down to your legs. Same thing, just raise it up, you don’t have to kick it
super high. Just enough to raise it off the ground. And alternate sides, back and forth.
Try about 10. If that get’s to be easy, then you can increase your repetitions and then
increase your sets. If those are easy, then you can start alternating sides. We call it
the swimmer cause it kind of looks like you’re swimming a little bit. So if the left arm
goes up, the right leg goes up. And then you just alternate back and forth. If you think
that’s easy. Then you can do what we call the Superman. And that’s lifting everything
up at the same time, just like this. Even though I’m a Wonder Woman girl, you can do
the Superman. Try and hold it for just a little bit if you can. And then come back down. And
then you can build up your time holding it up in the air. And then come back down. Those
were your back extension exercises in prone, on your stomach. If you have any questions,
leave them in the comments section. And if you’d like to check out some other videos,
like the quadruped or swiss ball exercises, go to Don’t forget to follow
me on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better

28 comments on “Back Pain Relief Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Kenny Liang Post author

    excellent guide – always consistent and easy to understand.
    your back and sciatic stretches are amazing, thanks Dr. Jo!

  2. DearJRenae Post author

    I am so lucky to have found you.I'm going to take the day and watch them all so I can get caught up!My back has been feeling "weak" for a while and I can't wait to give these exercises a go today!Thank you

  3. AskDoctorJo Post author

    You're welcome!! I always hated when our professors told us we would just learn them on our rotations!! I am glad they are helping. Good luck!!

  4. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Well I am glad you don't have to have surgery! Hopefully with consistent exercises and stretches you can find relief soon!!

  5. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Yes! The extension type exercises are actually good for a disc herniation. It helps "push it" back inwards. Hopefully they will help!!

  6. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Did he say if you had a curve in your spine, like scoliosis? That would explain the higher appearance. However, most of the time one side is higher than the other. Usually our dominant side is actually lower, but it doesn't always have to be that way.

  7. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Any doctor that says it's all in your head is not a good doctor! No one knows how you feel except you. No test or imaging can say otherwise. Sorry you are having to go through this.

  8. AskDoctorJo Post author

    If you want to message me the area where you are from privately, I might know someone in your area or at least help you find a caring healthcare professional. I don't skype or call only because it wouldn't be fair to me or you to try to diagnose you without actually getting to see you and do an evaluation 🙁

  9. AskDoctorJo Post author

    You can just send me a message instead of a comment!! Or you can go to my website and email me if you want!

  10. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Thanks! I would do the exercises every day, but no need to do more than about 15 minutes. I would also recommend changing it up some, and not doing the same exercises every day. Try these, then the ones in quadruped, and then the swiss ball if you have one. I would also recommend getting in a pool and getting some traction if you have access to one. I have a video for that as well. Good luck!!

  11. ganherngyih Post author

    Hei Dr.Jo
    All these exercises good for disc herniation? It cure or mainly prevent pain? Thanks Dr.Jo

  12. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Yes, they are good for a disc herniation. Nothing will cure a herniation except surgery, but it will prevent pain and flare ups if you keep your back and core strong! Good luck!

  13. KINESIOEDU Post author

    Hi , what's your take on Mc Gill's concept regarding the excessive loading or compression forces that the Superman exercise creates on the spine? any thoughts?

  14. Nitin Jain Post author

    I am from India and I go to gym. I am having back pain when I bench I hv search on net and find ur video… I am doing ur exercise and it helps me relieving back pain!!!…Thnx a lot DoctorJo

  15. Cocoa Renay Post author

    Thank you so much Dr. Jo stretching the body really feels fantastic, i practice all your stretches daily, also with sciatica nerve stretch, you so humorous i like that ?

  16. Con Artist Post author

    Hello Dr. Jo:   I have been hearing about having overstretched/hyperextended muscles as a child doing ballet and yoga…now I'm 68 and have been pulling my back several times.  I don't do stretching the way I did as a youngster, so my muscles probably are bunched up and no longer flexible.  I was told that if I did the exercise you are showing here called the Wonder Woman, but instead of trying to bring arms and legs up, concentrate on reaching forward and back to stretch the spine without putting strain on it.  What do you think?

  17. Kailyn Bernardino Post author

    +AskDoctorJo I know this is kind of a weird question, but is there a way that I can lay down flat on my stomach without my boobs hurting? I really want to do the Superman exercise, but my boobs start hurting every time I do so. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?

  18. Amy Burciaga Post author

    +AskDoctorJo How can I lay down flat on my stomach without my breasts hurting? I've already tried placing a pillow under my chest and it's still a bit uncomfortable for me. I have a weak lower back so I really want to use this exercise to strengthen it, but my breasts start hurting whenever I lay face down. Any tips?


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