Back Pain Relief | Best Morning Exercise | GruiShui

Back Pain Relief | Best Morning Exercise | GruiShui

Hey Guys! Paula, the GruiShui Gal, back
again to show you today the VERY FIRST PART of GruiShui. This is what I do
every morning, even if I’m not able to do the full routine until later. I pop down
on all fours and start off with the CAMEL CAT or the CAT COW, which is
arching your back up to the ceiling and arching it down. You’re gonna do
seven to ten of these. No more than ten is all you need. Now it’s not going to be a stretch. It’s just the movement of moving the spine nice and gentle. That’s super important! Then the GruiShui TWIST is what I call the WIGGLE WAGGLE.
So after you’re done with with the first seven to ten then you’re going to
flex your right shoulder towards your right hip, back to the middle, bend your left shoulder toward your left hip and back
to the middle. Why I call it a WIGGLE WAGGLE. So you’re gonna go to
the right, wiggle, to the middle and to the left, waggle. Okay you’re gonna do seven to ten of those also. The reason why this is so
important is while we sleep at night the discs in between our vertebra fill up
with fluid and they kind of overfill. So once you wake up in the morning if you
make sure to mobilize your spine it helps to normalize that fluid, which
decreases your risk for pain and injury throughout the day. You will notice a
difference between your back and your neck. You’ll feel a little bit less stiff
and less likely to have pain. So again, GruiShui™ baby! See you soon! GruiShui™! Do you GruiShui™?

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  2. GruiShui Post author

    Hey, Y'all! In this video, I share the very first exercise I do when I awaken each morning, the cat-cow wiggle-waggle from my official GruiShui Workout. I also explain why it’s so very important and so effective for reducing back pain throughout your day. I GruiShui every day for a better day and can’t wait to share it with you so you can too!
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