Back Pain Relief : Back Pain Avoidance Through Stretching

Back Pain Relief : Back Pain Avoidance Through Stretching

Hi! I’m Dr. Eric Sayer from Sayer Family Chiropractic.
I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment of the video, we’re just going to
talk about certain stretches that definitely help with the low back. We want to get all
the muscle fibers. Some of the fibers of course, run across a lot or laterally and some run
up and down. Then there’s muscles on the front of the spine and also on the back of the spine.
We want to be able to get all different types of muscles. With the stretching, there’s different
types, very simple ones that most people are familiar with, are bringing their knees to
their chest and touching their toes. Things of that sort are going to stretch the hamstring,
but they’re also going to stretch the back muscles, the ones that are going up and down.
Another one that is very common for people is stretching of the low back, the fibers
going crosswise, and that is done with more of a type of a twist where a lot of people
will lay on their backs, let one leg come off to the side. In schools, they’ll call
the pretzel where they’ll put one leg over the top and they’ll do a twist type of thing
like this. Another stretch would be the stretch of the muscles on the front of the spine.
They’re done a couple of different ways. We call them a lunge. It’s just to try and lengthen
the muscle that runs along here and deep on the anterior spine. A couple of different
ways to do that. There’s also another stretch that works very well. It’s for the piriformis
muscle, which is a muscle that runs across from the hip to the tail bone along the rear
end. Stretching that muscle out causes the legs to stop flaring. Decreases back pain
quite a bit according to research.

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  1. sketchup73 Post author

    iv had sciatica and backpain for several years, and actually harmed my muscles by over stretching. so please , breathing is deeply connected to every exercise anyone does, the same exercise done with proper breathing will help, wrong breathing, the exact same exercise will hurt.
    good luck and take care


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